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I am a complete failure in my life. I am 34 single and very poor, but I want to be rich in the future. Is that possible? How can I become rich?

I Want to be Rich! What Should I Do?

I Want to be Rich! What Should I Do?

Richness comes easiest when your are doing something you love and are not trying to get rich for the sake of money: if you have a higher ideal that you are working for and follow your inspirations, money will come naturally, but if you go only after money, then it is the hardest thing in the world to make it rich! The moment you start to follow your divine vocation: doing the things you came to manifest on earth: doing your soul call, then God/your Higher Self will provide all thenecessary resources for you: it is a divine Law! So it is not the money you should be focusing on developing now but your connection with your Higher purpose in this life: what is your passion, what are you good at and inspired about, how can you contribute to the world and people around you! Once you figure this out and start doing it without a thought about how to profit from this, then God will make sure financial opportunities come your way in abundance, while doing what you love! The other way to get rich is through the easy way: illegal, ruthless, criminal, lying scheming, conniving way, but such wealth never brings happiness or is lasting. The price and effort for it is too high!

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