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Hi Lada, I have been married for 17 years but have cheated on my husband a few times as I do not feel connected to him. Now I feel very fond of another man, and feel such a strong bond. What should I do? I am so confused?

Husband or Lover?

Husband or Lover?

What a difficult situation! I made a horary chart:for the moment I read your question. I am seeing in the charts the situation: your Husband is the Moon, you are Saturn, Saturn is indifferent to the Moon and the Moon is feeling bad about Saturn(Moon is in a sign that does not like Saturn-Cancer, Saturn is in a sign that is indifferent to the Moon-Libra. So there is not much connecting you indeed. While you r indifferent, your husband is becoming resentful towards your behaviour. Saturn(you) is in a sign that is strong--so you are strong, you do not feel weakened by the situation much, and Saturn is in a sign of Venus--so you love someonewho is Venus is the chart. And this Venus person loves you back as well! Venus is in a sign of Saturn: so the connection and bond is mutual and really strong between you two! But you--Saturn, first connect to your Husband's planet-the Moon: so you still have some distance to go with him and to confront him. The aspect between your both planets is a hard one--it will be more of a confrontation that bonding and staying together. And after that: within around 6 units of time you connect to Venus--the other man: so you will be united with him eventually! Maybe within 6 months or weeks.I do believe you should not carry on with your husband as long as you do not bond with him: it is not healthy for you or him, his being is feeling it subconsciously that you are not his with your heart and this hurts his pride, self love and can even damage his ability to love. I do believe, judging from the chart that you will unite with the other man after confronting your husband and letting him now: within 3 units of time most probably.

Kind regards Astrolada

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