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I want to know more about my career this year 2011. I was born in Karbala-Iraq on January 18 1975 around 10 PM.

How Will My Career Do This Year

How Will My Career Do This Year
First of all I would like to say that I rarely answer such personal questions as I prefer to put here more general answers that everyone can be interested in, but I occasionally give quick answers to some of you in order to demostrate how astrology in action works. If you were born born within 5-10 mins of ten o'clock then this month(june) there will be a solar and lunar eclipse on your career axis, which can give sudden changes of job, the old goes away the new comes in. It can be also quite disruptive, as eclipses stop the light of the Sun and Moon, hence a bit like walking blind, loosing your mind or having a dark moment/crisis in your life regarding career. Its influence is around 5 months: most potent around June 2011. So be careful what job decisions you take so you do not overturn the tables too dramatically. Generally eclipses put a focus on the part of life that they affect , in your case career. I see some testing period for your goals and career from this winter too finishing the end of next summer 2012, if you are employed already you might be having some difficulties with the boss, authority figures, or with accomplishing your projects. It gives delays and many responsibilities at work, basically a time of hard, persistent effort with slow returns. But then things will be getting better and better for you, as Jupiter will go into your 10 house of career and give you opportunities and growth(2013)

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