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I my moon sign is Pisces and my ascendant Aries. I am planning to do Higher Education. Will I be successful in doing so? Am I taking the right decision?

HIgher Education Question

HIgher Education Question

If your ascendant is Aries, it means that from the end of next summer'12 Jupiter will be passing through your 3rd astrological house. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and joyful wisdom, wherever it passes it helps us breeze through the areas of this house. Jupiter takes approximately one year to pass through each house. So for the first time in 12 years it will be back in your 3rd house which rules the mind and learning. It is about acquiring new skills and expanding your knowledge. Jupiter will help you will all these and give you positive results. Jupiter gives not always what we want but what we need for the higher purpose of the soul, so whatever results come your way you should welcome them and you will see that they are good because even if they are not exactly what you wanted they will bring you joy. You are likely to prosper in the field of education and learning from the period 2012, 2013. So yes, go for it, Jupiter will help you.

Kind regards Astrolada

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