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When reading one's natal chart report how come there's so many discrepancies and contradictions? I feel like one aspect may say that I am supposed to be one way and then a different aspect will say the complete opposite personality traits which one is the right one or how does that work?

Contradictions in The Horoscope

Contradictions in The Horoscope

Hello Jessica,

indeed this was what would worry me at the start when I was studying astrology! That is why only after a period of time of working with astrology and many horoscopes and people's lives, you start to feel intuitively the chart--usually after the 7th year, this begins to happen. You are able to notice if a aspect is helpd by other positions. For example someone with Moon Opposition Saturn and Moon trine Venus. Are they more the sweet kind Moon Venus person, or the emotionally reserved, judgmental Saturn person. Well, they will be both, and you will see this playing out in different moments. You can be sweet at some moments and very calculating and distant at another. Actually Venus trine Moon will help the person with their Moon opposition Saturn. Always look at the positive aspect and advice a person, who gets into trouble with the difficult one, how to deal with it through the gentle aspect. For example judgement/problems from older women or mother(Saturn opposition Moon).

How can the client improve this trend? By starting to play out the Moon trine Venus aspect-which they are natural at--to be diplomatic, kind, engage their charming and sweet persona, or maybe this Venus is sending the trine to the Moon from the 7th house, so then a close partnership or your husband can help you solve the issue with the mom or the older woman. With time they will stop manifesting the negative side of Moon/Saturn and it will turn into a wiser and mature attitude towards women, after having experienced problems with such an overcome them. Or the Moon Saturn hard aspect might indicate self criticism and poor self image. Then you tell clients that Venus will help them with this--maybe they should see an image counsellor (Venus aspects from 7th-advisors, therapists) or maybe when they find their partner, their self image will improve, the husband/wife will help them with this. Or maybe a female friend(Venus) will help with (Trine) their poor image (Moon/Saturn). Or maybe starting to pamper themselves(massages, beauty therapies, nice clothes--all these things ruled by Venus) will help them.

You can also see, which characteristic will be more predominant for the person by looking at the whole horoscope. If the person has a few planets in Taurus or Libra or the Ascendant there, plus other planets make nice aspect to Venus or there are planets in 2nd or 7th house(all of these are connected to Venus) or Venus is conjunct an Angle in the horoscope, then the Venus aspect will manifest way more prominently in the horoscope of the person. Or if the person has a few planets in Capricorn or Aquarius, planets in 10th house or other important aspects towards Saturn, or Saturn is on an angle, then the Saturn opposition Moon will be more prominent. Then you can advice them how this difficult position can be transformed into a useful one, and what a transformed Saturn opposition Moon can bring! (discernment in regards to relationships with women, emotional control and stability, realistic outlook on life, etc etc)

Kind Regards Astrolada

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