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The last 3 or 4 years have been very tension filled and I know it was all worthless worry as I am still here and everything is still seemingly ok... but I have to say that the aspects that have been causing me concern are still very active and still may bring tremendous change which seems quite daunting... will this ever end? I know life is change but Lada, I'm so tired of living scared

Constant Changes

Constant Changes

I erected your chart and noticed that you have many planets(3 out of 7) in one of most difficult houses in astrology:the 8th which is associated with reversals, constant ups and downs, instability and fears because of these changing, insecure tendencies of life. Luckily, these topics will be only activated when one of these three planets is the ruler of a perio d in your life--not all your life. For the past almost 20 years one of these three planets(Venus) has been in charge so even though you might have had plenty of positive and productive events during that time, overallthere would have been a feeling of emotional insecurity due to life's vissitudes(8th house rules reversals). Right now in the summer of 2012 you will be changing from one planet--the one that lasted for 20 years-Venus to another-The Sun. The Sun period will last for 6 years and will shift considerably the energy in your life and the focus. For the next 6 years your direction in life and whole vibration or lifestyle will shift. But the Sun in your chart is situated also in the 8th house so this tendency for reversals and changes will carry on for another 6 years.

The Sun rules your career and obligations(tenth house) so your focus in the next 6 years will be primarily there, and if your career(it does not have to be a career, it can be also social involvement) is not connected to 8th house things like emergency, surgery, occultism, taboo subjects, secret affairs, crisis management, corporations, other people's finances, banking or psychology, then this position of the planetary ruler in the 8th house will bringbig career changes and reversals. Maybe you will pass from one career to a totally different. But in 2018 you will start a ten year period of a much easier planet! It will be the period of your Moon which is situated in your 10th house-which is career so your social obligations and career will get way more prominent and stable. Life will start running smoothly and with ease. You will be able to progress fast in your chosen field of work or in your life in general--these disruptions and uncertainties will disappear. They can stop even sooner--from next summer, but only if your career involves 8th house activities that I mentioned.

Kind regards Astrolada

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