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Question: If Ascendant sign describes you more than the sun sign then to calculate your compatibility to your potential mate, will you match your ascendants?

Compatibility question

Compatibility question

Dear friend, It is best that you find out your Ascendant sign, Moon sign and Sun sign, then find those for your partner and compare if any of your three signs(they might be just two or one-this is what we call double or triple Virgo, for example) get along well with any of the three signs of the person you are interested in. Keep in mind that fire(Aries, Leo Sag) signs go well with other fire and air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) and vice versa. And Earth signs go well with other earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and water signs ( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and vice versa. If any of the signs of one person is the same as the sign of the partner, this is a big exclamation mark as you will feel each other instinctively, on a gut level--there is energetic resonance. For example: You Moon in Aries, His Sun in Aries. Your Ascendant in Virgo, His Moon in Virgo. One of these correspondences is enough to guarantee you a very deep bond and attraction. Often observed in long marriages. Then we have signs that attract each other instinctively on a very deep level as they sit opposite each other in the skies and as you know opposites attract. They create too much spark and often tension but in the initial stages this energy is very sexual and hard to resist. Here are the pairs of opposing signs: Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sag Cancer-Capricorn Leo-Aqua Virgo-Pisces If you have for example a Moon, Ascendant or Sun in dramatic Leo you might find yourself often attracted to the more level headed Aquarius--someone who has any of his three signs(Sun, Moon, Ascendant) will be a magnet for you and you for him.

As I said if you have any opposing signs between the two, get ready to have electricity between you! Highly exciting! If you are not lovers though and do not exhaust the electricity with sex, this opposing energy can turn into a tug-of-war and often end up in arguments. If any of your Ascendant, Moon or Sun is from the same group of matching signs (Fire/Air or Earth/Water) as any of the partner's, then you have good harmony too. But if you have none of these, then there is too much tension in the relationships and lack of easy flow of energy which can be very exhausting in the long run.At the beginning this can be very stimulating and exciting because the energy of the other is so different than ours but in the long run it takes its toll. You will need at least one harmonious relationships between you Moon, Ascendant and Sun sign and the partner's ones. If all are harmonious, you can be so easy together that you almost have no excitement and challenge. You can become great friends and such relationships can go on comfortably for years but not be very stimulation as all flows too smoothly-like the old couple that sit quietly and contently in the room and do not say a word to each other. You will need a mixture for best results.

For a marriage, though the harmonious should be more than the inharmonious. For a sexually charged up union, look for one opposing or same sign relationship. (some other inharmonious can have similar effect) As you can see it is not simple, and we always have to be aware that the people who challenge us most are the ones that end up being our biggest teachers on the path to emotional maturity. Also do not forget that any disharmony can be handled successfully by unselfish and patient attitude from the participants.

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