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Me and my bf are going through a horrible break up. Will we get back together?

Break up!!

Break up!!

Dear G,

I erected a chart for the moment I received your question, this is the only way to answer such specific questions. I say that yours(Jupiter-ruler of first house) and his planet(Mercury ruler of 7th house) are making an immediate aspect to each other, meaning you will be in contact again, but the aspect is a really hard one (90 degree square) so it will be quite hard to come to term to reach agreement, and the next most exact aspect the Moon(you) makes is with Mars-the planet of separations. So for awhile or very soon you might decide to try and work it out but it will not really last. It is is showing me more confrontation and separative energy. I also drew a card for your relationship and I got the Death, which is a symbol of endings. These endings liberate you from an situation which is no longer productive for growth or happiness in your life. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is what I see and deliver. I am not psychic I only interpret symbols to the best of my ability but of course I am not infalible in my judgement

Kind regards Astrolada

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