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If my moon is in Virgo in my 12th house and Venus in Taurus in the 8th house, that means thay are both very weak?? 8th and 12th houses tend to have very bad rep....

Benefic Planets In Difficult Positions In The Horoscope

Benefic Planets In Difficult Positions In The Horoscope

Moon in Virgo is a good position for it as the sign is compatible with the Moon's nature. Venus is Taurus is very good, because it is her own sign. But the house position of the Moon and Venus are somehow troublesome but Venus will give its positive results in the matters of 8th house: which is money from a partner, inheritances from someone, hidden relationships, ability to work with hidden resources and multiply them(like bankers who deal with private financial accounts of others), ability to transform beauty-8th house is about tranformation: taking something old and ugly, or dying and stale and giving back beauty to it, making it feel better(if a human) about its value and self worth. Appreciating the resources and valuables of others, hence the ability to attract resources from others. On the negative side, Venus is prone to secrecy about her relationships and in this house as Venus is love and 8th house of something hidden and taboo, you might have very intense manipulative relationships, with strong passions and sexual extremes. But very explosive as well. On the upside, from a more advanced point of view all your love partnerships will be highly transformative albeit dramatic and extreme in some way. If you Venus is in Taurus in the 8th, it means that your Ascendant is in Libra, and that Venus rules your whole chart, therefore all the traits I mentioned above will be very valid in your life and can even determine your life purpose. (heal, transformer of beauty, dealing with other ppl's hidden resources, love of secrecy and confidentiality,etc) 8th house is also the house of death and rebirth and you can have a facination with life after death or death itself. It brings love of darker and more scary things in life.

You will dare to tread there where Angels fear! If your Ascendant is not Libra then you are using some other house system--maybe placidus, but I prefer the house=sign, as it is the oldest and most tested system It its highest expressions you can help others in their passing away and fascilitate the transition. Often this position is seen in people who work in healing, emergency, crisis management situations, psychology or other therapies that bring total transformaton by purging away the toxic elements. Moon in your 12th house is a sign of living abroad, as 12th house is faraway lands. It is a very sensitive position which makes you very intuitive and psychic. You can easily connect to the astral and spiritual dimentions(12th house=the invisible world) you can even have or easily develop access and ability to hear your spirit guides and to gain insights from your dreams. This is the most mystical positions in a horoscope. Often you will be hiding your feelings and not making them visible to others as 12th house is a blind spot in the chart, but it is only as your inner world feels so private and vulnerable, and even though you might look insensitive to others, you are actually profoundly emotional.

Having the most important planet in the horoscope: the Moon in your 12th house is a sign that you need to spend time is isolation to recuperate--meditation, long contemplations and withdrawal from the world, going far away to escape from it all for a while, other escapist methods, like readings, film watching, long sleeps, even alcohol and drugs can be very tempting for you. Actually 12th house can give the worst and best effects. The worst: addictions and tendency for introversion and self undoing, long stays in hospitals or even imprisonment; the best--mystical union with the Divine and strong connection to inspirational channels of creativity, strong spirituality and ability to be psychic, work with the underdogs, unbalanced and ill, mission in charity and service to humanity of the highest order. Often such people have a calling in the medical, healing or charity/service professions.

This service in a secluded institution(hospitals, mental institutions, prisons, faraway lands from home, charity missions) gives the best outlet for the need to isolate of the 12th house Moon. Both positions are hard on the emotional and pesonal level because they induce plenty of deep, powerful urges and subcoscious feelings, so the mundane manifestations of these planets(love, emotonal relationships, comforts, nurturing from others etc) can be somewhat dramatic and not the easiest, but then again they offer great spirtual rewards and chance for the soul to get involved with the post powerful and mystical powers of healing, service to humanity and helping transformation after crsis. Extremely mystical and intuitive positions. Kind regards Astrolada

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