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Dear Lada, I have to do an arranged marriage. I am not sure if this guy will be the right one, can you please advice me!

Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage

Dear X.,

I do not have your full astrology info, so I asked your Higher Self for guidance had a quick look at my tarot cards. They showed me the following: First card was Death, which is card showing big transformations in life. It is always something dreaded and fear but in reality it takes us to a higher stage of development once the threshold is passed. It is like a death for the caterpillar but a birth for the butterfly. But of course the final meaning of this card very much depends on the accompanying cards. The following card was 8 of coins, which is the card of work. Your higher self is telling you that you will have to work hard on this relationships. It might be love from first sight but there will be plenty of room for improvement. It is not an aggressive card, just the opposite-it shows that calm and persistent efforts bring very good rewards. And finally the most important card is the last one--the final outcome-well it is quiet a good card--King of Cups. in relationship, it signals a peaceful time for the two lovers. In other words, they know how to solve relationship issues easily with each other and because of this, no argument takes place between them. You will reach diplomatic and peaceful state of life where there is mutual affection. This king will also describe the person you are asking about. He is kind, gentle, affectionate, sensitive and very loving. You will eventually develop a state of harmony, compassion, love and care. This card shows also faithfulness and strong bonds of love and loyalty. So do not worry, even if the start is scary and a bit shattering(Death card) for you, eventually, with some work(8 of pentacles) on this relationship, real love and affection will be achieved (Kind of Cups)

Kind regards Astrolada

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