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I am Sun sign Aries born April 18th, Moon sign Aries and Ascendant Scorpio...i'm a little confused which sign in the end is mine. What can you tell me about this combo?

Aries and Scorpio In a Horoscope-Warriors

Aries and Scorpio In a Horoscope-Warriors

If both your Sun and Moon are in Aries then make sure you listen to the Aries horoscope as that energy is very strong in you. Make sure you mark down the exact degree of your Moon in Aries and if you hear your date of birth or the degree of your Moon mentioned in my prognosis then pay very close attention to what is being said as it will be especially relevant to you. You should also listen to Scorpio horoscope because the Ascendant is the most important point in the horoscope of every person-this is the point of the soul's incarnation into your present body, so the prediction will describe very physical and material circumstances happening in your life. When a professional astrologer makes a horoscope they always base their predictions on the Ascendant sign. It might sound confusing listening to both predictions but we are all multi layered creatures and quite complex. The Ascendant will describe the outer /fated events you don't have much control over, while the Moon and Sun the inner, emotional states, which will eventually also affect the outer life circumstances. You have a lot of Martial energy in your life-because Scorpio and Aries both are ruled by Mars: the warrior, the planet with strong opinions which goes after what it believes and overcomes any enemies in life.

You have your Moon and Sun in the 6th house(sign) from your ascendant in Scorpio(see how the whole chart's components are considered in respect to the ascendant sign) 6th house will make you very service oriented, very conscientiuous in your approach to work, detailed and perfectionist, often can be connected to helping professions(medical, drugs, healers, nurses, social services) or other conflict resolution environments(police, criminal law, litigation, debt loaning companies, bankruptcy consulting business) etc--anything in which there is involvement with imbalanced systems or persons. In early age it can be you whose life was much imbalanced or somehow marginalized: maybe through conflict, addictions, poverty, emotional exploitation etc, but later, you can be in service helping those in the same positions and really making a difference out there. One of the key topics in your life will be Service for others, otherwise the negative side of 6th house comes out and brings its trying energy into your personal life under the form of illness, lower society involvement, imbalanced behaviors, etc. Not an easy position, this strong 6th house, but handled with awareness, it can bring you peace and inner balance through Service to others. Even if you are a millionaire with this position in your horoscope, if you do not contribute your time and talents to those less fortunate, your life will be quite messy and trouble ridden. So if you want to sort out your own conflicts and hardships in life, you will have to help and service those who are less aware and fortunate. Then your fate will change and bring you satisfaction and improvements.

Key lesson: Fortune and respect in life through Service Make sure you have the time calculated correctly as it can change your Horoscope.

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