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I am a Libra with moon in Cancer & Virgo Rising. What success do you see with someone who is an Aries with moon in Aquarius & Aries rising? Can this match work?

A Quick Compatibility Analysis

A Quick Compatibility Analysis

There are some strong atttaction points between you! He is Aries Asc which puts his house of marriage and partnerships in the opposite sign of Libra, where your Sun is. So he will be attracted to you as an ideal partner. You will attract his attention. Your Sun in air is receiving a wonderful aspect from his Moon is air, which is very harmonious(the harmonious aspects from the Moon of one partner to the sun of the other is one of the strongest compatibility pointers), meaning he will emotionally support (Moon) your goals in life and ego projections(Sun). Also his strong Aries influence falls into your 8th house which is the house of sexual, tantric energy--he will stir your deep passions in you :) What worries me is that for long time partnerships, the Moons(nurturing, comfort, how you react and what you need emotionally to feel happy) should be compatible but yours are in very different signs.

You will need caring,security,deep entwining with the partner, a strong affectionate sharing ,family basis(Cancer Moon) while his Moon in Aqua need space, independence, to have a wide group of friends ans social interest, so yocan often feel ingnored. He rationalizes feelings while you feel feelings. Aqua is not nurturing or emotional, In the long run he might feel overwhelmed by your constant change of moods and emotional reaction to things, indirect approach(expecting him to suss out your feelings without your telling him the problem) and you can become infuriated with his detached and calm approach to all intimate situations. At the beginning of a relationship this can be very attractive to both of you as you seem to be very different, but after awhile it can be source of trouble. But with awareness and deep love for each other everything can be overcome. But you will need to make sacrifices of your needs for the relationship to work smoothly.

Kind regards Astrolada

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