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I am a Libra - born on the 23rd September. It seems that there is such a tremendous amount happening in my personal life at the moment. I am in the process of leaving my partner of six years and I suppose I just want to know if things will be ok and if there is some lesson I need to learn from this difficult time?

A Libra Having Relationship Break Up Indicated By Uranus

A Libra Having Relationship Break Up Indicated By Uranus

I didn't have time to look at your full horoscope but just by knowing your bday I can see that right now your Sun(major male figures, goals on life, the male creative energy) is being activated by Uranus in a challenging way. This happens once every 25 years, so it is of a very special and significant meaning. Uranus is the planet that upsets established order and overturns the tables, in your case is is pointing to the break of your long term relationship with a male partner( Sun) but it does disrupt one's life only because your Higher Self wants to liberate you from limiting conditions which are no longer productive for your soul growth. Uranus transits last for about a year when everything we have known can be destabilized but it is only so that we get back on the right track. It symbolizes moments in our life when we have outgrown the circumstances and is time to let go of the past, if we stick to tightly to it, we will suffer more than if we embrace it as a new, better stage of our soul evolution which will eventually take us one step closer to authentic happiness. Often resistance leads to more disruptions coming from without.

Kind regards Astrolada

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