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In the past 15-16 years my life has been a constant test. I have worked hard with little rewards, the rug has been pulled out from under my feel countless times, whenever I have been close to making it, something would go wrong in all speres of life:relationships, career, family. I am a very spiritual and good person and I work as a healer helping others but with little material fulfilment. Why is everything going wrong for me? I am not hurting anyone consciously. Can you please give me some insight, if it is my fault, or if it is some karmic fee I am paying off and if it will change.

40 Years Overview

40 Years Overview

I looked at your chart and I saw that since 1995 you have gone into a Rahu(north node) period for almost 18 years. It means that the whole period will give the effects of Rahu. In your chart Rahu(north node) is in your 6th house which is one of the hardest houses-probably the hardest in astrology. It rules troubles,"slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" that we have to bear, all things that come to us from outside-that makes us say--this is not fair, all imbalanced situations-like one giving more than receiving, being abused, gettting into toxic situations, all illnesses--they are imbalances too, all conflicts and enemies. It is almost like someone out there has it bad for you and is out to get you! It is indeed a most challenging position and all these issues will have been a constant background and agenda in your life since 1995 and will carry on a bit longer till the end of 2012 when a whole new cycle is starting for you. The 6th house is the house of suffering and delays, of putting a lot of effort into something and getting back close to nothing! How correct has this been!? But it is also called the house of the apprentice/the disciple--and like one you have been put under a lot of testing, hard work without payback, demands of high performance while no equal accolades or remunerations have come back. But you have almost passed the apprenticeship and are ready to become a master!

Sixth house is the house of medicine and healing (together with 8th house)as well, so you are aboutto graduate(when this period ends in the beginning of 2012) as a master healer! Now from February 2012 you will be passing into the ninth and last subsection of the hard Rahu period which will be concluding the period and bringing certain endings in your life, which you will be fully prepared to get rid of--finally get rid of the toxic influences of the 6th house which have brought to the surface a lot of karmic pay off. 6th house agenda is to pay off old debts- so you are paying off old debts from past lives! Actually the last phase of the Rahu period has a strong relationships agenda, and can bring to your life a new relationships which is quite powerfu-so watch out for this man from 2012l!! From beginning of 2013 starts a complete new phase in your life which will be under the rulership of Jupiter--and it will last till 2026! Your whole energy patter and luck in life will be changing, big time! You will be moving from a 6th house energy(debt, delays, troubles, being an apprentice, doing hard work, enemies) into the energy of Jupiter which is a Teacher. You will have graduated the school of hard knocks and discipleship and will be becoming a Master--this is what Jupiter is--he is a Guru, so will you be. In your chart Jupiter is the strongest planet because it is in its best sign--Cancer and is retrograde, which means that it is closest to Earth making its light stronger than all the other planets in your chart, it is also the ruler of your chart--which means Jupiter shows the direction of your life and it will be finally activated from 2013. You will be coming into your own power, becoming master of your own life and directing it without the delays of the Rahu period! As you know Jupiter is the planet of Luck so your luck should also be activated and things should start coming much easier for you than ever. Jupiter brings blessings from God, so everything that you have been working hard towards will start bearing fruits and because it rules you--(first house-the Ascendant is Saggie), you will be taking control and shaping your mission in life--and you do have a mission of a healer! How wonderful will that be! I am excited about you!

Also in your chart Jupiter has the highest score of points for fulfillment and satisfaction. Any planet's period which has above 5 points brings strong inner satisfaction and happiness in life. In your case-the Rahu period had 2.2 points only, making you unhappy and however much you might have achieved in the past years, this did not bring you real inner fulfilment, but Jupiter has 11.5 points! It is super high and very rare! It means that from 2013 till 2026, the general, all around inner happiness and level of fulfillment the period will bring, will be extremely strong and you will experience what real joy feels like on a regular basis! Jupiter also rules the 4th house in your horoscope which means family, home--this will be a period when you will acquire your own property and create your own family--and your focus will be in this direction. Jupiter is also the natural significator of husband and due to its high points it will be able to give one which makes you happy. In your marriage chart(special chart calculated by dividing your natal one into 9) Jupiter also rules your 7th house of marriage and partnerships and is in a great state--in its own sign of Pisces-which gives a very strong ability to bring good karma in love! I am very certain about this because Jupiter is the strongest planet in your chart and the strongest planet always gives the things it rules during its big period! All these things will be activated during your Jupiter period. I also see that your Jupiter is in the 8th house--which will bring the agenda of the 8th house into your life--it is the other house of the healer so you will be able to fully dedicate your life to healing others. It is the house of crisis too, so the circumstanceswill allow you to finally use your ability to help others in crisis.

It is the house of sudden reversal of Fortune so your fate will turn at 180 degrees almost over night! It is also the house of other ppl's money or your partner's money. Which means that other people's money or your spouse's money will be there available to you because Jupiter will be finally activated properly and everything it promises in the horoscope will unfold one by one. They will not all come at once, at the beginning of the cycle, but will unfold one by one during the different subperiods.Only the promise of the happy relationship/marriage is very strongly activated from the very beginning. Because this Jupiter is in your 8th house of sudden chages, you will still have quite an interesting life full of changes, but there will be no longer any delays, unbalanced situations, hard work without rewards, conflicts and things or ppl that feel like they are out to get you. This sense of unfairness will not be there anymore and the sudden changes I talked about are often for good because Jupiter is really positive in your chart. I hope I managed to give you some insight into your life so far and the big planetary changes happening to you!

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