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I feel like I am never sure of myself and I do not trust myself in decision making ever!!!!!!!
I always think I do everything wrong in life. I constantly compare myself to others. I have Sun and Moon in Gemini and Ascendant in Cancer! Can you help me understand my self?!

12th House Sun,Moon Person at a Loss

12th House Sun,Moon Person at a Loss

You have your Sun and Moon in the 12th house of your Horoscope(houses are counted from the Ascendant) 12th house is the house of uncertainty and confusion-it has similar effect like the sign Pisces, so you have Piscean traits. But it does not mean that you will always be confused and lost! This is usually just in the younger years, till about your 30-ties when a person starts to outgrow the horoscope patters, and learn how to work with the energies in their life. Usually ppl with Sun and Moon in the 12th house, need more time to find themselves, longer periods of withdrawal from the world, periods of solitude and introspection/introversion and a strong connection to a Higher Power--developing a faith in the Universe and the bigger picture that everything is as it should be. Usually 12th house ppl find it hard to say no, or to decide what they want, but this works it self out with age. This uncertainty comes from the fact that 12th house is the house of karma so even when you want to start sth, it is like life is pushing you against your will in another direction, as if life is somehow fated and you do not have much say. You just have to learn to operate like a fish-going down the stream and trusting your Higher self/God/Spirit of Life/Christ within you/fate. In your case your life is more predetermined than for other people, so what is the point to fight it!? Rather than trying to impose your own will and how things should be-because these will not work in your favor(I am not saying you should be weak willed, but very flexible and responsive to the circumstances as they come).

This uncertainty you have now is actually good for you because it will eventually lead you to act in the way your stars want from you: to go with the flow and trust its stream because it will take you where you are supposed to be. It is a less analytical and planned way of living, but that is in your best interest in this life--somehow more of a receptive and intuitive kind of living, than action and logic oriented. Now you will have Jupiter passing your 12th house and over your Sun and Moon for the next 11 months, so Jupiter will help you trust this process of letting go that you have to follow to find your path(12th house way of acting). It will give you a feeling of more clarity and faith in the Higher plan, without having to fully grasp it and map it out! As 12th house is house of letting go, you will often have to let go of things in your life, and it is to some extend better that you are not so overconfident and set on things and certain achievements in your life, becausethe 12th house positions in your chart would make you let go of these and then it be more painful.

Because 12th house ppl are more at a loss(12th house) about their identity(Sun) they tend to be more easily swayed by others and their opinions or desired while younger, but as I said, if you learn to trust that your path is not one of an action figure of initiation, you will discover your truer self, which is more delicate, ephemeral and mystical than the average person. Your gifts are ones of sacrifices, devotion,love, sensitivity, deeper mystical understanding, feeling and giving nature, imagination, and boy, do we need such people nowadays! 12th house give also intuitive and psychic abilities and often such people(especially these born after 1985) are the so called Crystal Children. You can read some about the Crystal children online and I am sure you will identify with them. People like you are here not to become ruthless capitalists or businessmen, but to usher in the principles of love, tolerance, kindness, charity and other Christian principles for the coming of the New Age of brotherhood. Your mission will be big, but for now it is dormant. If you keep trying to follow the material paths of worldly success only, you will keep feeling hurt, confused and lacking. Your mission is more mystical, selfless and charity oriented, more feelings and love centered, more imaginatively and artistically inclined.

Very soon the old paradigms of power of the stronger over the weaker will start to collapse, the whole system will start to change, and by that time you will be in your 30-ties, 40-ties, 50-ties when qualities like yours will be preferred and appreciated for the building of the new Earth(I might sound crazy to you, but it is already slowly happening and all esoteric traditions and schools have been preparing humanity for this transition for thousand of years) Even if you now you are feeling down, lost and weak, life will reveal its plan for you, and you will find your strengths(which now you probably consider weaknesses).For now just learn to trust the process of letting go and allowing things to be as they are, while continuing to work on your self-improvement and being responsive to what comes to you because the important things and people in your life will come on their own accord. Kind regards Astrolada

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