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Are you born on a New Moon, when the Moon and Sun are together in the sky? These is a class of very interesting people. In this article we look at what it means to have the Sun and Moon in the same sign and how this will develop in life.  

Sun with Moon in the Horoscope. Born on a New Moon!

Sun with Moon in the Horoscope. Born on a New Moon!

In order to find out if you have the Sun and Moon conjunct, go to my birth chart calculator here and check if you have Su and Mo together in the same sign (if they are together in the same square or traingle, it means they are in the same sign). When the Moon is in the same sign as the Sun, the person is born during a New Moon. This position has positive and negative sides. Every planet which is with the Sun is called combust. This planets becomes agitated and weakened by the powerful rays of the Sun. In case of the Moon, which rules one’s ability to feel emotionally content and safe, this comforting quality of the Moon is affected, so often such a person feels agitated, restless and more hyped up. The calming and soothing effect of the Yin energy of the Moon is overpowered by the strong, active, initiative and competitive qualities of the Yang energy of the Sun. Such people will flare up more easily and get angry, will find it hard to just rest and be(what the Moon likes) and will have higher levels of anxiety. There is often a nervous, sparkly energy around them, which can be very exciting and magnetic but also stressful. It is important for such people to learn to relax and calm themselves down in ways which awaken the yin energies of the water element(the Moon) –through saunas, swimming, living close to water, drinking more water, meditating, eating cooling foods like cucumbers, watermelons etc.

The good side of the combination is that these people are usually very focused and driven and succeed in their goals and career. Why is that? The Moon is one’s mind—-what is most predominant in the mind of the person-any planet conjunct the Moon will be a major focus for him. The Sun is the planet of success, ambition, achievement, greatness, goals, career, positions of authority, being number One. Therefore Moon conjunct Sun people are intensely focused in their mind of the affairs above to the exclusion of many other things. The moon reflects and adopts the qualities of any planet it is with, just like the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, so the Sun/Moon people will totally identified with their goals and projects and follow these with single minded obsession! This can be great for career and success(most Moon/Sun people become highly successful), but can hurt the flexibility and softness of the person who is charging like a bull and not willing to adapt.


The Moon is one’s ability to adapt to new environments just like water (the Moon element) takes the shape of everything it flows into. When the Sun combusts it, the Moon’s natural flexibility and flow is interrupted so the person feels more agitated and tense when they have to change things or when unplanned circumstances block their projects. They will resist or trash about in the face of this new environment for awhile and eventually adapt but not without torturing and stressing themselves and those around before. The Moon is also one’s self image-it is like a mirror, whatever planets aspects it the most, is how the person thinks of themselves, therefore it is very showing of the main personality and vibration of the native. When with the Sun—the planet of the King and high Achievement, the native usually has high expectations of himself and will eventfully make his way to the top, and this is usually due to the fact that in the childhood of the person there was a powerful authority figure or a very successful individual (usually a father figure, symbolized by the Sun) who overshadowed the native(the Moon) and made them feel inconspicuous. Or usually the person is really feeling belittled by some powerful and successful person from early age and feels the desire to live up to this high ideal and show they can make it too. Often such people are driven through this desire to prove they can make it too and become like the Sun(powerful person), who overshadows their self image(Moon).

Power struggle

The Moon also indicates one’s female, gentle side. When it is combust, the person tends to come across as a more active go getter(the Sun). This can be especially noticeable for women with the Sun and Moon together-they have more masculine energy and no matter how sensual and feminine they might look, their behaviour and personality is typically more masculine—ambitious, independent, driven, active, goal oriented. Such a woman will avoid asking for help and showing her emotional, sweet and sentimental nature and often men would treat her as a pal or think she is not as sensitive as other women, while just the opposite is true but these women try to present a powerful, self-sufficient and strong (Sun) image and persona(Moon).

Power Girl

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