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Do you have 4 or more planets in the same sign of your birth horoscope? Then you have a tough and steep mission of service and innovation before you! But the rewards can be outstanding! 

Stellium of 4 or More Planets. The Pioneers

Stellium of 4 or More Planets. The Pioneers

You can find out if you have this by checking your birth chart here, and noticing if there are 4 or more planets in the same sign, like below. (excluding Rahu/Ketu—which are not planets, but points. 

This is a very rare and unique phenomenon when a few planetary bodies come together in the sky! Astrologers and prophets from times immemorial have given such configurations huge importance! When so many planets congregate together, usually this is a sign of big changes in the world, which will unfold over the following years. These are caused by a quantum shift of the mass consciousness of humans and within months or years it triggers the ensuing outer events as well! What happens when we have a person born during such a powerful stellium of planets? Such people carry the potential of revolutionary change. Sooner or later they will have the chance to totally transform and infuse a new energy into some field of activity. Stelliums indicate the end of big cycles and the start of new such-it is as if the planets group together for a G8 conference and decide the future paths of actions and events ahead!!

Such people come on Earth with a mission to end the old, and be the generators of new ideas, beginnings and impulses! You can see what area of life these people will rejuvenate or totally transform by checking in what whole sign house from the Ascendant, the stellium falls in and also which house cusp is there. Often, people with stelliums are born into families that need a new lease of life, a new, different and revitalizing soul to end the old patterns, break away with conventions of the past and start a new karmic cycle for the whole clan or even participate in social/global new innovations and ideas. It is as if these people are starting a new cycle of incarnations with totally different lessons to learn. Due to this, the first part of life, might be very challenging for them! As they are learning to stay on their own feet, in this totally new environment(unfamiliar to their soul), they initially lack confidence and self belief.

But little by little, with trial and error and after falling down many times, they start to realize the uniqueness of their ideas and talents -- confidence starts to blossom! A stellium of planets correspond energetically to the number 1 and the sign Aries. From Numerology, we know that the number 1 is about learning to be independent and confident in this life and generating new ideas. The biggest challenge for stellium people, as we already said, is developing enough confidence and trust in their own strength and uniqueness to start doing.

Once they gain it(usually after 30 or sometimes 40 years of age) these people start to STAND OUT! They can become inspirational figures, innovators, mold breakers, etc—the creative ideas become unstoppable! They turn into receivers of God’s thoughts(they connect to the invisible fields of information criss- crossing the Universe multi-dimensionally). But the path to there is painful! Not all Stellium people can reach it, even though this is the final goal for them! Some get lost in addictions, especially common for Stellium people, as they are an easiest way for releasing the tension of the urgent creative energy of stelliums, pushing for manifestation. Having so many planets in one place, is not easy psychologically, at first or sometimes till the end. It is like having 4 or more radio stations playing simultaneously! A person gets easily frustrated, agitated, aggravated. Inner peace and contentment do not come easily. The mind is restless, so is the soul. Often depressions or a sense of emptiness can settle in, as all the energy of the person is bundled at one place, so the receptivity and pleasure from other good things in life is lessened.

Ancient astrologers would see such a horoscope and say that the person should become a “sanyasi”-renounce worldly life and dedicate his/her life to God in an ashram/monastery from where the person would have to focus on one particular activity which he excelled at and serve God with it. (usually connected to the house the planets fall in). The predictions for worldly and personal happiness were grim for a stellium person. The astrologers of the past knew that such individuals would not find their sense of fulfillment in the ordinary things in life like family, love, etc. The spiritual hunger and pain would be too consuming, one would need to fully dedicate their life only to the area of focus of the Stellium in order to fill it in. Hence they would send such children to ashrams for focused serviced to God. Then they could finally get some sort of peace of mind! So 4 or more planets in one sign is an indication for spirituality.

Actually it is an indication for the need of spirituality and an intense service to a Higher cause in the field of the stellium. If the person does not recognize this nor do it, he can feel like an empty shell, full of frustration and discontent. Nowadays we do not go to ashrams or monasteries but we dedicate out lives to service in one sphere, it is what monks used to do. And we do not need to renounce having family or the world—we can do this, as long as we do the hard work of the stellium too! Usually stellium people have intense focus and obsessive qualities, and fully giving themselves away to one sphere of life is sth that comes more naturally to them, mind you, if they do not they tend to suffer emotionally!

Connection to a Higher Power and service to It/Humanity is the only saving grace for Stellium people if they do not want to be doomed to a life of low self confidence or futility. The first and foremost aim of the stellium people is to discover their unique gift and the sphere, which they have to transform. The house of the stellium can help a lot in this. For example someone with a stellium in the 2nd house, might have to develop a way of earning wealth which is very unique or different from everything the family has done so far, or will totally change the financial fortunes of the clan. On a biggest scale, this might be someone who is called to change the financial system of the country or to introduce new ways of handling the resources of planet of Earth.

Someone with a stellium in 3rd house, might be called to make innovations or bring new ideas in teaching some skills/subjects, in social media or information spreading. Maybe they are called to be at the forefront of new media source users, etc. Someone with many planets in the 10th house might have to reorganize authority positions and the way one leads and manages others, the possibilities are multiple. You need to play around with the meanings of the houses and the signs involved. But the bottom line to remember is that stellium people have unique but difficult paths in life—they are called to be pioneers, idea-originators and mold breaker at some specific area by also fully committing themselves to service in this area! The new ideas will start coming on their own, when you have given your undivided attention to an activity for awhile!

The path to there is very rough as it requires tremendous courage and initiative, which these ppl initially feel as if they lack! Once they overcome the biggest hurdle in their life—lack of confidence, they come into their role of Inspired Creators and start making Miracles! The tarot cards which corresponds to the stellium is the Magician-making Miracles happen! From pained, agitated and overwhelmed individuals, the stellium adult, turns into a power house of self confidence, creativity and trend setting! The key word is: obsessive service and dedication in the area of life indicated by the stellium in the name of a higher purpose, because purely egoistical/materialistic goals, are never allowed to blossom for the stellium person!

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