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Do you have am Emotionally Conservative, authority-oriented personality?Do you feel like you are to bound by social rules, structures and regulations? Do you find emotional comfort and safety in these?Do you project to others feelings of worry, scarcity, poverty or lack of trust and emotional abandonment?In Intimate relationships, do you tend to parent the partner? Do you feel the need to put space, time and protection between you and others?

Saturn conjunct Moon in the Horoscope. II

Saturn conjunct Moon in the Horoscope. II

Often Saturn Moon people might have an emotional reality of lack of support, heavy guilt, feelings of being overburdened etc. Their main caretaker in early age(usually mother) gave them somewhat conditional love dependant on the level of performance of the child or its abidance of rules and not on the intrinsic spiritual worth of the child. This conditional type of love continues to affect them in adult years and they feel they need to overdo, over compensate or tick certain boxes, in order to deserve love. Great frustration in the attempt to gain pure and unconditional love. One holds a core emotional expectation, based on early life experience, that one cannot realistically expect deep, unconditional support from others and that the world is a tough place. This attitude makes them be self reliant and sustaining in later age(the positive side) but also to withhold spontaneous expressions of affection to others as they consider these a sign of weakness or vulnerability(the negative side). The deprivation of unconditional love may shape a materially productive citizen who seeks approval through material performance.

Saturn Moon people are usually overachievers and hard worker whose hunger for approval sharpens their perceptions, and this can be a positive thing for a public figure who will be extremely sensitive to the oppressed emotional need of the people. May give excellent public service results! These people feel comfortable and capable in work routines that produce socially approved, professionalized, dependable, reliable, predictable, and lawful outcomes. They responds mainly and often exclusively to the voice of Necessity and whatever moral or practical qualities and behaviours are needed to achieve this, they will do it! If loyalty or perseverance is required they will practice it! The more spiritually mature Moon Saturn natives, the necessity of rendering lawful service to society(saturn) feels (moon) absolute, while personal needs seem secondary or indeed irrelevant to the larger system. This is the highest expression of this conjunction--humble service to others....

The native is usually comfortable in strictly lawful socially regulated organizations and environments, but does not partner well on an emotional basis with peers. It is emotionally natural for the native to ally oneself with large, highly ordered, top-down regulated institutional organizations such as government and other hierarchical bureaucracies. They seek emotional identity validation through enforcing rules and regulations, strengthening social conformity systems etc. (the "you should or shouldn't" types). But at least, strict Saturn gives them a good moral character in re: human law (not divine law). Natives are rule-bound emotionally- usually from having survived major childhood trauma. But this last one is a matter of another post...

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