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Combust and Invisible planets: gateways to Heaven. Mission in your Life

Combust and Invisible planets: gateways to Heaven. Mission in your Life

Combust and Invisible planets: gateways to Heaven. Mission in your Life

One of the most often asked question I hear is what does having a combust planet mean? Am I DOOMED?


A combust or invisible planet is when it is too close to the natal Sun, so it not visible with the naked eye. Old texts had little good to say about such positions, they would call it a planet weak, unable to manifest.


But it is truly so? Actually a combust planet can still function but not independently. It has to do the agenda of the Sun. It is like being in the presence of the King, you can be brilliant at something on your own but you have to offer your talents to the King’s bidding.


The Sun represents our Highest goals, often personified in our career and goals.

For example: if you have Venus combust, it can mean that at some point you decide to sacrifice a relationship for your career or your bigger life goals. The stronger the sun is by sign (thing Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) the biggest the sacrifice is, but usually when the sun is in such a good dignity, it is for a truly higher and noble goal.


You can look at what house the Sun and the combusted planet rule and are in for more details.


Let’s take sun conjunct Saturn: if the Saturn rules your 5th house and The sun rules your 12th, you might give up on having children(5th house) so you can pursue a spiritual or healing calling(12 house) Or you might not be able to have children because of a health condition which pushes you towards a healing goal. Or you might sacrifice spending time with your children because of spiritual or consciousness raising endeavors and so on.


The combust planet gets purified and humbled in the fire of the Sun, its material and more superficial manifestation might indeed be weakened but its spiritual manifestation is strengthened. It gets ennobled.


Like a Combust Venus which can give problems with marriage/ long term relationships (often can indicate hidden such-Venus is invisible after all, lack of harmony, divorce etc) so that the person can purify Venus and unfold its higher vibrations: internal harmony and peace, appreciation of the beauty of the world, the beauty of virtue and kindness: all soul qualities which build treasures for heaven (our eternal life) and not on just this temporary incarnation.


Combust Venus can give problems with money too, if one is focused just on the external goal of acquisition of material things. These will persist until the person purifies this Venusian desire and sacrifices it for a higher goal. For example: letting go of a comfortably paying job to pursue their mission. Then they make Venus serve the Sun(higher goals). Venus (money, comfort) is temporarily sacrificed, transformed into soul love for something bigger (the Sun) and then a moment comes when the Sun rewards Venus. God blesses the person with all the luxuries they might want, but not before they give them up first(transform the desire for these) and when they receive them, they no longer become attached to these Venusian joys.


How beautiful is this?!

Actually ancient Vedic astrology says that when there are 3 or more planets close to the Sun (conjunct or close enough to be invisible, and in the case of Saturn Jupiter and Mars this might be up to 30 degrees on either side of the Sun) then the person is a Sanyasi: meaning someone who will gain spiritual liberation. So they would send them to a monastery.


No wonder, because in such cases so many areas of life will be externally hard to manifest for their their own sake( for example: hard to achieve fame and wealth for its own sake (Jupiter), hard to achieve stability and security (Saturn) for its own sake, hard to achieve normal family life (Moon) etc) so the person has no option but to turn to Higher source to unfold the inner blessings of these planets.


Then Jupiter’s love for high social honors turns to searching for inner wisdom and joy, Saturn’s love for external control and authority turns to inner self regulation and integrity, the Moon’s love for family rhythmic cycles turns to search for emotional balance within, Venus’ search for external validation and love, turns into fostering self love and inner beauty, etc


And that is the path to enlightenment....blessed are the last, for they will be first...


Of course nowadays we don’t go to a monastery but often people with a few invisible planets can dedicate themselves to serving the Higher goals of the Sun (the sun gives and creates without reservation) in some area of life and thus purify and sacrifice the invisible planet’s external selfish agenda.


Once they are at peace with these planets, I have seen, they can receive all the external blessings too. Believe me, I am the queen of invisible planets(I have 3). When I tried to get anything of these things (children, family, property, social standing, worldly achievements, stability) for their own sake, it never worked for long. When I threw myself and the talents of these planets into the Sun energy(my calling) in the 3rd: media, teaching, writing, sharing information, the external things all came one by one.


I hope this gave you some food for thought, and if you would like to find out the meanings of all combust, invisible and cazimi planet you have, how to make the BEST of them, how to PURIFY and TRANSFORM them, join our exceptional teacher Victor, on his new webinar:


Combustion and Cazimi - How do they affect your life mission?

webinar with Viktor

Date: 6th December 2020 

From 8 PM Budapest Time (or 9 PM EEST - they are the same)


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