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the 32 types of Aspects

Aspects in Astrology and their Deep Meaning

Aspects in Astrology and their Deep Meaning

Did you know that each aspect in astrology has the nature of one of the 12 signs! The more of one type of aspect you have the more you will exhibit the qualities of that sign! You always count the aspect starting with the slower moving planet

For example:

a right trine (120 degrees counterclockwise) will give the qualities of Leo (the 5th sign which is 120 from Aries).

 A Left trine (120 degrees clockwise) will give the qualities of Sagittarius.

 For example Moon at 5 Virgo, and Neptune at 8 Capricorn is a left trine and carried the nature of Sagittarius (we count from Neptune to the Moon).

Lets look at all the aspects.

Someone who has mostly conjunctions will carry the nature of Aries

Right or left semi-sextiles – Taurus or Pisces

Right or left sextiles: Gemini or Aquarius

Right or left squares: Cancer or Capricorn

Right or left Trines: Leo or Sagittarius

Right or left Quncunx: Virgo or Scorpio

Opposition: Libra


It is amazing how much one’s character reflecst the sign ascociated with the predominant aspect in the chart. For example I have mostly right trines in my chart so the Leo quality of creativity, easy goingness, child like nature, having fun and standing out are the main driving qualities in all my endeavours. You cannot make do something for long if it will not be fun/ a game, bring joy or create something unique (Leo). Scare tactics or the need for stability would never make me get out of bed or make an effort. Even stopping a bad habit for good will only happen if I feel excited and inspired(Leo). But for someone with many right semi-sextiles(30 degrees-Taurus energy) the main motivating force for any big change or move in life would be material security, stability, the need for comfort. Or for another person with mostly oppositions, only another or other people’s opinion can motivate them to make a change (Libra).

They will be best to make partnerships or take a motivational coach etc. Someone might be all made of the gentle water or air signs, but be super ambitious and achieve top positions, because they have a predominant left square (270 degree square) which carries the energy of Capricorn, and they are born executives with a strong wordly drive. But of course this predominant energy will bring a lot of Capricorn qualities to their life- like more self doubts, obstacles, the need to work hard and climb the ladder and compete with others. I know people with predominant right Qincunxes (150 degrees) whose life only flourshied when they adopted the Virgo like qualities of this aspect: cleanliness and purity of habits, food, environment, order, purification, etc. As you can see each aspect has its requirements and can overpower the other chart indicatons if you have more of it in your horoscope than any other aspect. Aspects between planets actually become more important than the predominant elements in the horoscope. This amazing insight about the aspects is part of the Russian school of astrology.

The Russian school of astrology also speak about 2 other types of aspects: Karmic ones (40, 80 degrees) and creative ones (172 degrees). The Karmic one bind you to events which are fated and pre-determined from past lives, leaving less free will in your destiny. While the creative ones give you more freedom of expression, plus a great dollop of natural talent, but it is up to you how you will use these talents and if you make nothing constructive with them in this life, they will turn into an opposition in next one.

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