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A different  perspective on Retrograde Planets

Retrograde Planets in the Birth Chart. Curse or Something else?

Retrograde Planets in the Birth Chart. Curse or Something else?

Do you have retrograde planets in your birth chart? Many people bemoan their retrograde planets, that they are stumbling blocks in their life, they blame these for their slow progress and delays, but let me give you a deeper perspective about them!

A retrograde planet was moving backwards in the sky in relationship to other planets when you were born( it is an optical illusion but visible with the eye). This implies that the planet would be carrying something from the past with it! And it does, whatever qualities and talents this planet represents, the soul has been using and honing in past lives already and intend to do so again in this life. When they incarnate again they bring precocious talents of that planet with them. It usually manifests like the child displaying a special talent and ability represented by this planet from very young, since they have past lives experience with it. But right at the time when others start taking their place in the social ladder, it is as if the special talent(s)of that person with the retrograde planet(s) is put on hold.

Challenges appear, delays, distractions... the retrograde planet person starts feeling like his life is put on hold or not going anywhere, after a promising start, it is as if everything(that this planet rules by houses or natural meaning) slows down or needs extra efforts. This is so since, when that soul volunteered to enter this life it wanted to develop the skills and life manifestations of this planet extra, to take them to the next level, to perfect them! So such a person gets given extra hard lessons, the need for reiteration and increased resistance in regards to that part of their life. Since they are trying to pass to the next grade, the exams are tougher. But this is not just by some sadistic Higher plan to test the better students. It is b cause the soul volunteered to develop higher and more potent and unique manifestations of the same planet. The only way to get to this is by having to "study harder" and by passing exams of Higher difficulty rate! It can feel like your plans for the future connected to that area of life are being thwarted or not going according to plan(just like during transiting retrograde planets mess up our plans)

Therefore for a part of the person's life this planet feels like it stops giving manifestations or any positive results. This way the person is forced to slow down, go within, start trying harder, analyzing, researching, investigating, reading, trying over and over, ruminating, regurgitating and repeating similar patterns until mastership is achieved and more importantly until a newer, more potent and unique expression of this planet is reached! Retrograde planets require 3 times more efforts but give 3 times more powerful, lasting and fulfilling results!

Then, after this less promising middle period in a person's life in regards to the retro planet, it is as if the Universe "gives" a second chance to him! He might not get it on the first attempt, but after a few, li and behold, they create a masterpiece! And this is not just to tickle your ego! This is an observed fact. For example someone with Mars retrograde, might have been very good at spots and initiatives early in life(as a child) then it is as if they totally stall in such areas of life making them even look very indecisive and slow to take action, and then later in life, they come back more competitive than most, with a perfect winning strategy for action (mars) which is on an entirely different level! So retro babies and grown ups, despair not if you feel parts of life are too hard, or stuck at the current moment, these retro planets in your horoscope surely challenge you, but so that you are prepared to burst through later on with a ingenuous revised and improved manifestation! Building up on old talents and upgrading to a higher level! You are destined for "second chances" in life!

If you would like to learn in depth what each retrograde planet means in your personal horoscope, what it's gifts and challenges are, what you can hope for, the check out my 4 hour course on RETROGRADE PLANETS in the BIRTH CHART!

Imagine how much more you can learn! :

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