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Where in your horoscope is shown your more obsessive and darker nature? Where do we suffer from more toxicity physically and emotionally? Find out how to see this in your horoscope with this article. 

Poisonous and Obsessive Influence in Your Horoscope. North Node in Houses

Poisonous and Obsessive Influence in Your Horoscope. North Node in Houses

Rahu- or the North node of the horoscope is the Demon planet where we meet our more insatiable and darker side. It rules foreign unusual elements, poisons, toxic things, addictions and obsessions. These are just some of the more negative influence of Rahu, which rules also many positive things like medicinal drugs Great leaps of success in life (questionably positive some may say) for the purpose of this article we will take a look only at the more toxic and foreign manifestations of Rahu. First you need to find what house your Rahu is in. Click here for the birth chart calculator- for this you need to know your correct time of birth. For example in the Chart below Rahu (Ra) is showing as being in the same square as the roman numericals IV and V, which means it is affecting the 4th and 5th house cusps. See which roman numerical number your Rahu is with and read below.


Rahu(North Node) House - I First house is your physical body and the person himself. When Rahu is with the 1st house cusp, then you can be very susceptible to any poisons from your environment and even attracted to such things like smoking, drinking, drugs or medicines. You will feel their effect more powerful than others and that is the reason you should watch out for addictions because these substances give you more of a kick than they do to other people (Charlie Sheen has Rahu in 1st house). Also you can be more self obsessive person- focusing a lot on self to the extent of switching off when something or someone does not concern you personally. Most importantly you need to learn how to live a healthy balanced life (which can be quite hard for Rahu 1st house people), or else your body will become toxic faster and attract decay. You might have pretty powerful inner demons and obsessive nature that you have to learn to control.

You can be ruthless ambitious and desirous of worldly privileges and success, which feel never enough. Your image can be highly sexualized too, as Rahu gives off powerful lustful impulses, he is the Devil after all and is in your house of the Body and Image! Rahu / North Node House - II Second house is the food we ingest to sustain our body: so we might be drawn to more poisonous foods and drinks: junk. Or more exotic, foreign and unusual such, which often the body can consider for poisons too even if they are nutritious otherwise, just because it needs to adapt to the new compounds and elements in it. Learn to eat more simple, local foods. Rahu in 2nd house can sometimes overdo sensual pleasures, and these become a source of polluting the body and senses.


Second house is also one’s financial resources and valuable possessions, so one can become pretty obsessed and desirous of such matters to the extent of making oneself very rich, a hoarder or sick with desire. 2nd house also rules the speech and languages: such people can soak foreign languages and learn them fast. Some of them might have had language differences with other in their environments or even a speech imperfection (Rahu) which was later resolved. Many Rahu 2nd house people can manifest the more mesmerizing and seductive qualities of Rahu which give unusual and unique voice, which can have very sensual deep overtones. Rahu / North Node House - III 3rd house rules relatives and siblings, and when Rahu is affecting often you can see in the life of such a person, that there are poisonous relationships with some of these people. 3rd house is also work groups, associates (not friends), team-mates, collaborators, so there can also be at periods in life more toxic relationships with these. Upper Lungs and breathing is 3rd house too, so such people more susceptible to poisons from smoking, gasses and pollutants in the air. Make sure that if you have this position you spend a few weeks a year near mountains and fir forests or near seas, where the air is more oxidized and can flush the toxins from these organs. Regular long walks and gentle cardio is another must for you. And last but not least, 3rd house rules all communications and information systems: Media, TV, Internet, magazines, telephones. With Rahu in the 3rd house you are like a sponge for information so be careful that you do not allow too many pollutant into your mind-information can also be toxic and poisonous! Too much information and mental over-stimulation can also create a clogging of the system with junk. Gossip and consequences from this are another likely manifestation of this position.

Rahu/ North Node House - IV 4th house rules the liquids in the body. Your blood will become toxic/acidic faster than for other people, so try and eat more leafy great vegetables which are the best for purifying and flushing blood. If some such people get drunk, for example, alcohol can stay longer in the blood stream and create longer hangover, so sweating and drinking water is also a great remedy for them overall. If anything drinking warm or hot water is a must to keep the blood thinner and less clamped with dirt. Breast are also rules by the 4th house, so some women might have foreign bodies (breast implants) inserted in their breasts. For us this is a source of beauty but for the body it is still a contaminant. When you have this position and are a woman, make sure you check your breast for lumps from early on. 4th house is also the mother or one of the parents, so there can be poisonous or obsessive/controlling relationship with one of them. 4th house is the home, -people could have grown in contaminated environment- tension between the parents on in the literal sense: their house was near a factory or there were some gas emissions close to the home or some poisonous materials in the house. It is good to check careful the house and around it for such contaminants every time you buy property or move to a new place. 4th house is your own emotions, so for such people the biggest source of pollution comes from their own inner states and how they feel about things. They first and foremost, need to learn to feel good about life, or else they will shorten their life with poisonous emotions and from there body too. Rahu / North Node House - V 5th house is the most glamorous house: the rich, the famous, the artists and the regal ones of society are identified here: Rahu in the 5th person may take whatever risks are necessary to achieve membership in this class of persons. But hey, there is nothing wrong in wanting to be famous and recognized for your charisma or creative gifts, as long as you are sticking to the rules of the game and do not use underhanded or immoral methods to get there, which some with this position might do. All they care is that they get there.


5th house also indicates children and Rahu there can give ambitious desire to be recognized for the exceptional qualities of one's children. Nevertheless such people tend to create very unique and sometimes exceptional children indeed. One problem is that the relationship with some of the children can be more poisonous and manipulative- from the parent or the child. Also 5th house shows the life of the child itself, so it can be more addictive, obsessive personality or someone who is more drawn to toxic impure environments, or lifestyles in extreme cases. In most cases these are just children which are worldly ambitious and hungry for life and success. Also the circumstances around the first child's birth can be somehow unusual or unclear or the child can be impure (now we say diverse) cultural background--mixed race, mixed culture, adopted, step child, etc. 5th house rules the vital organs like the heart and liver , which are more easily susceptible to toxic or polluting elements. Rahu / North Node House - VI 6th house rules the digestive system, so you should watch out for the food and substances you ingest because they can first hit your digestion and damage it: intestines will have the tendency to absorb and get negatively impacted from junk foods or other pollutants. Almost 97% of all diseases originate in the digestive system, so such people will much more susceptible to infirmities or health problems than others. Keep your guts clean by fasting intermittently: skipping a day of solid foods or at least half a day. 6th house rules your relatives on the mother’s side, so there can be some hostility and toxicity in the relationships there. Your enemies, adversaries and hostile encounters (6th house) will also be more multiple and poisonous than for the normal person, but that is part of your current karma and you need to learn to handle these without giving yourself a nervous breakdown. 6th house rules obstacles and worries in life, and Rahu there will give you a fair share of these to learn to deal with. Teaching you to confront situations and resolve problems fast.

Great position for lawyers, police officers, doctors, fix-it men, and social workers. Rahu /North node - House VII 7th house is our relationships and Rahu here can make us a bit obsessive when it comes to these- partnerships will always be the foremost interest and even a compulsion for you. Actually Rahu in the 7th can bring you a spouse/partner who is very obsessive or compulsive too, even in worse case someone who has addictive character but also someone very worldly and ambitious who can be a big stepping stone for social climb in your life (Jacky Kenedy, Kate Middleton). Rahu indicates foreign elements, so in most cases such people are drawn to foreigners for partners. There can be more than average toxicity in the relationship with the partner due to Rahu. Cheating coming from the native or the partners is not a rare occurrence for this position, or some kind of unusual taboo breaking relationship which does not conform to society’s expectations. But when you see a person with this position you can expect some impure or more sexually explicit relationship history at periods of their life. I can hear some people cheering! But in the past it used to be considered a great malefic influence which made you impure in you desires and a deviant, especially if you were a woman with such appetites.


The body organs to watch are of course the reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus, testis) and the kidneys- they can be much more sensitive to contamination and pollutants- creating kidney stones etc. The acidity of the vaginal tract can also be high which can kill sperm and create an environment for thrush infections. Rahu / North Node - House VIII 8th house rules the outer sex organs and the elimination system. These will be much more vulnerable to infections and pollutions so it is of high importance to keep your private parts hygiene impeccable! Also the elimination of waste material can be slower and more burdensome and due to this fact the body can be slowly being poisoned through the retention of the waste for longer. Full enemas are good for such people. 8th house also rules hidden secrets, so such people can become obsessed with occultism or conspiracies, unveiling mysteries, etc, but these can be a source of trouble also in their life—like attracting poisonous obsessive discarnate spirits and influences which stick to the person and make him more obsessive, fearful, addictive, paranoid etc. There can also be a fascinating with the dark or more taboo side of life: death, crime, forbidden love, occult. Such people can keep secrets for long or retaining all kinds of emotional weaknesses within which can slowly poison them and create inner hell. They need to learn how to release old emotions, resentment, hurts, sins or else these will contaminate and even paralyze their life. Enemas will help with such emotional release too! Rahu / North Node - House IX 9th house rules the father or other teacher/ guru figures in your life.

Since Rahu is an indication of foreign elements, it is likely that one of these could have been from an exotic or foreign background different than the rest. It is not necessary that he was a foreign either, he/she (teacher with a great influence in your life, your Guru) could have had a different or more radical religious, political or philosophical views, which have left a deep mark in your own views and believes. You will be very likely to foreign, exotic cultures and especially their religious and belief systems. It the past this was considered like a poisoning of the mind and religious outlook of the person making him a heretic, nowadays we are much more open minded and tolerant, and indeed this position makes the person very much interested in spiritual, cultural or political matters of intellectual importance, but this has usually created a medley of such believes and outlooks or a very different new one, which can bring genius mind qualities or threaten the social quo.

Such people should be more careful about what and whom they believe, because there is with this position a possibility of impostor teachers/philosophical or political ideologies which poison the mind and life of the person or manipulate him. Such people are bound to pass through such controlling or impure belief systems, but will eventual find their way. Rahu/ North Node House - X Rahu tends to give really strong career ambitions for achievements and climbing the social and business latter, and can even make the person obsessive in that direction willing to use impure or not very moral ways to get there (not always of course) For some such people the end goal can justify the means, therefore be careful if you have this position that you do not allow this, because this cannot be sustained for long and there is always a karmic retribution, with Rahu in the X house it comes faster and more suddenly than you can expect. Otherwise if you follow the right path Rahu in 10th will bring you the worldly success, sometimes way beyond your initial status.

Rahu in the house of Actions and ambitious can make your deeds less pure. 10th house also rules authority figures in one’s life: father figures, bosses, the government, when Rahu is there, the relationship with such can be more poisonous, controlling or manipulative, sometimes even obsessive—from the side of the native or the other person(s) Rahu / North Node - House XI People with Rahu affecting 11th house of gains, social circles and friendships, craves and even can obsess over a privileged income and the social network that goes with it - striving for friends in high places and social approval. This in self is nothing bad, as long as the person stays honorable and fair in their achieving those goals, then they will indeed reach their goals and most likely be associated in the circles mentioned above and having considerably higher income than other. But many people with such position can use underhanded or some impure ways for gain and getting their goals fulfilled. Rahu tends to give the person the feeling of entitlement in this areas and the person can become willing to take short cuts in order to get it.


Friends, social connections and benefactors can be with foreign origin or coming from culturally different background than the native and can really forward the ambitious of a person, but in worst cases, the relationships with such can be opportunistic, fake, posing, glamorous but superficial or manipulative and poisonous in some way. Rahu / North Node - House XII 12th house rules foreign lands, and Rahu rules foreign elements, so for such people often these places will become a source of Big leap in fortunes but getting this can happen in some impure, not very moral or somehow clandestine, secretive ways. Of course this is not always the case, and many people with this position, achieve success outside of their homeland. What a person needs to guard from is connections with foreigners or people from different cultural backgrounds who can become a source of lies, deceptions or some sneaky underhanded attack to the native. 12th house rules one’s hidden or invisible enemies, so Rahu, the Impure demon, there makes these more cunning and sneaky so the person should be watch out for betrayals and cheating happening behind their back, often from people they never even find out about. 12th house is the boundary between the material and spiritual worlds, hence due to the poisonous nature of Rahu, invisible astral entities or even just others’ negative thoughts can have a poisonous or obsessive influence over the native, because they are like psychic sponges. If you have this position watch out for black magic done on you and staying in the company of negative people. Learn to psychically protect yourself and close yourself for intrusive psychic influences by prayer and visualization. It is very likely that you have very vivid dreams, strong intuition and powerful imagination which you need to keep pure by those dark, obsessive psychic energies which you can pick up so easily.

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