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Mars in Aries. Your Energy and Sex Style

Mars in Aries. Your Energy and Sex Style

The power of Mars is expressed in its purest vibration in this sign. Life is seen as a battle, the overcoming of difficulties and solving problems is one of the favorite activities of these people (unless Mars is with the Sun or Saturn, which will make one frustrated when dealing with Mars situations). One is always ready for tackling challenges and thrives on these. The physical energy is strong and powerful, which can give a wonderful health and ability to overcome illness. The sex drive is strong and burning and is displayed in a really direct manner in front of the world and the love interest. Everything is perceived in black and white- there is no half tones- one is either friend of enemy. They assess situations from the point of view of power: whoever is the stronger one, wins. The owner of a Mars in Aries, is very honest and sincere in love, without backside thoughts, but whatever he/she desires, he/she needs to receive now! Such a person cannot tolerate long love games or foreplays, they need to get to the core of the matter fast! These people consider the physical side of the relationship a necessity and a main criterion for its health and longevity.

The person is courageous, active and is not afraid to gain experience through trial and error. One can handle great physical exertion and activity, but shorter in duration. This person acts impulsively and thinks only after that. There is a bit of the knight in shining armor about these people and they will fight for a cause they consider honorable and meaningful, and especially in the face of unfairness or for the downtrodden. Most problems or challenges you give them, they will tackle fearlessly, with logic and directness.

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