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The sign of one's Ascendant show what is the best way for the person to do in the morning when they wake up. Find out what is the best start for you!

How to Start the Day According to Your Rsing Sign

How to Start the Day According to Your Rsing Sign

Astrological practice has proved that following the activities typical of one's Ascendant sign, will get the person getting on the right foot and help him be more fulfilled. Why is the ascendant sign looked at- because it is the Eastern Horizon, the point where the Sun rises and the day begins, it indicates how we approach everything new--respectively every new day, every new beginning. If we follow and do the indications of our Ascendant sign, first thing in the morning then, we will flow with our ingrained nature and biological cycles and thus be happier and more productive. Remember check your Ascendant sign only--not the Sun.... This energy will be active for you when you first wake up and a bit after.



Aries Ascendant people fare best if they start the day with a jump a vigour--lingering in bed will give the wrong tone for the rest of their day and disrupt the flow. The activities best suited for them in the early morning are lonely, proactive and more invigorating--a brisk walk, working out, cleaning the flat, fixing sth--anything to get their blood going. It is very important for Aries Ascendant people to wake up earlier in the morning with the crack of dawn, as if possible to catch with their eyes the first ray of the Sun. This will energetically kick start their day on a high vibration and they will be way more productive and joyful. Aries have a special affinity with the Sun, being a fire sign, so Sun Gazing first thing in the morning is wonderful.... Aries is all about passion, so many Aries Ascendants will just jump into doing sth they feel passionate about--like a hobby, etc, even if they are running late for work.



Taurus Ascendant people fare best with a slow start. They should not to rush and give themselves ample time on awakening to regroup themselves, do their routines safely and without pressure. Taurus is a sign of tradition, so it is best to have a comforting but fixed morning routine which they repeat. Being an Earthy and psychical sign, Taurus needs to nurture some of the 5 senses on awakening. Have a nice back-rub, maybe even sex, savour slowly a delicious morning beverage, have a good breakfast, etc Anything to pamper and indulge yourself a little. This will really set you off on the right start! But Taurus is a practical sign like all earth signs, I have seen Taurus ascendant people, start the day with doing such tasks as well.



Gemini Ascendant people will fare best if they start the day with some mental stimulation. I have seen many of them, check up their phones, emails or facebook accounts first thing. And this is just fine and good for them! Some will call someone, do some mental work or check the news to see what is happening. If you suggest such a hectic mental activity in the morning to a Cancer they might be horrified, but not Gemini Ascendant. They social and curious first thing in the morning. Multi tasking can be another ritual they do in the morning--like listening to Radio, while taking a shower or checking their emails. :)



Cancer Ascendant people should start the day in a more soothing a calmer way--like water--going with the flow, reacting to what life brings them rather than trying to make organise things and events. Jumping out of bed and forcing themselves to be "on the ball" will be harmful and stressful for them in the long run! They usually pick up the pace towards midday- I have seen them very active and initiative later, when their Midheaven (midday time) in Aries (action) is triggered. Cancer is a nurturing, maternal sign, so many times I have seen Cancer rising people start taking care of their loved ones when they wake up--check up on them, cook them breakfast, help them get ready or at just cuddle to them--I should know, my father is a Cancer Ascendant and every morning he would wake me up with a breakfast in bed-even now when I am 33! Cancer is a water sign, so having a nice long bath or doing ablutions in the morning is a must!



Leo Ascendant people are noticed to start their day a bit slowly (fixed sign) but with joy and inner glow (fire sign). They are some of the few signs which can actually make you laugh in the morning or bring a smile to you with their positivity. If they are not waking up in a happy state, they can be very grumpy the rest of the it is best for them to do some activities which bring them fun and make them excited. It might be a few minutes of your favourite hobby or show, or starting with the music which puts you in the right sunny state of mind. Don't forget that Leos are just big cats after all. A cat wake up slowly, doing luxurious stretches and preferring to cuddle up to loved ones for a back rub or caress. My little brother is a Leo Asc and he would start each morning by caressing his hand with the other--how cute, even though he is a huge man now. Leo is the most creative sign of all, so many Leo Ascendant get their most creative ideas or get a lot of inspiration for creative work in morning--like my client who is writer and can only write at the crack of dawn, as her creative juices flow best then!



Virgo Ascendant people should start their days in a productive way--being an earth sign, which is practical. Unless they are useful, first thing in the morning, they might consider it a loss of time. Some of them will straight away do domestic chores (Virgo rules cleaning), others- health routines like juicing or fitness, third will try and get ahead with work tasks! All of these options and variations are perfect! Virgo rules all daily routines and health habits, so they feel great when they have a planned programme for the start of the day--they don't have to do the same thing every morning, but they need to have a preplanned routine for the week, which can vary daily. If they wake up with no plan, they might feel stressed and self-critical. Virgo should always start the day with a hygiene and health regime to feel best! LIBRA: Libra is an air sign, so those with the Ascendant, can be very social in the morning. If they are in a relationship they should spend time with the partner on waking up--talk to him/her, discuss their plans for the day, doing something together etc. It is best to kick start their day with some mental engagement---reading a bit, checking emails, talking to someone, social media. etc. Libra is a Venus ruled sign- any routine of beauty, harmony and aesthetics will help them kick start the day in the right state of mind--for example- classical music, make up and beauty regime, taking care of their flowers, watching some attractive scenery, reading a fashion or art magazine, etc.

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This is a more reflective sign- people with this ascendant should give themselves a few moment of introspection about their feelings or state on waking up. They can have some amazing insights and presentiments for the day if they start like that. Directing the mind towards their goals for the day will also give them a powerful focus. Scorpio is an intimate and private sign, so activities which are in keeping with this are suitable...even if it is a work out regime at the crack of dawn, they need to do it more privately- not in large groups. Scorpio is a sex sign too, so morning sex is something they can benefit from, or at least some intimate moments of being with a close partner, but these should not be social times for chatting or discussions.



The fiery nature of Sagittarius Ascendant will benefit from some more vigorous or exciting activities in the morning. Sagittarius is also a philosophical sign and I know many of them who read an inspiration book, listen to spiritual tapes, do affirmations, positive visualisation or contemplate the meaning of life--the ones who start like that--report best results for the rest of the day. Routines which connect them to Source/God first this on awakening are extremely energising for them. If a Sagittarius Ascendant person starts the morning in a negative state of mind, he should immediately do something which brings his vibes up and infuses in him a sense of purpose and joy, or else the whole day can be disappointing. For those who are less philosophically inclined, the best this to do on waking up is to visualise their big plans, ideals or objectives. With this bigger picture in mind they will have more positive energy to get through any hurdles in the day.



Cappy Ascendant people can be very productive once they wake up! They can deep dive into work, responsibilities and practical duties straight away, and this will be the best thing for them anyway. If they lazy around in bed, stay idle or procrastinate, they can feel very self conscious or self judgemental for the rest of the day. They should be ready to first tick away their most important or difficult responsibilities and then later in the day have personal or downtime. If this is impossible to do in the first 2 hours after waking up then, they should at least focus mentally in those tasks and prepare. Capricorn is a sign of repetitions, so they benefit the best from a predictable routine on waking up, which does not vary much.



Being an intellectual sign, Aquarius rising people can be very productive with mental tasks and activities on waking up--I have this Ascendant and the first thing I did on waking up was think about this article and write it up for you! You can check your social media, do emails, communicate with people. But Aquarius is a fixed sign, so you do not have to yank yourself out of bed too fast. Ruminate a bit in bed, and you will get some flashes of great ideas for the day/future ahead. Some of my best more ingenious work ideas have always come while I am waking pay attention to these! Aquarius is a progressive and future looking sign, hence the time after waking up, will be the best for forming such long term goals. Aquarius rules friendships, you can really benefit if you write to friends then, call them or even go for a coffee within the first couple of hours.



You are allowed to lazy in bed longer, take it easy and go with the flow in the first 2 hours of waking up. Pisces is a water sign- water does not like to be restricted or directed, it just wants to flow. On waking up, give yourself time to reflect on your dreams to day dream, to visualise, come in and out of sleep, commune with God. In this state of in between sleep and waking up, Pisces Ascendant people can have amazing insights from their higher self/the invisible worlds, as they are naturally more attuned to these. You will benefit from a nice soak in the bath or a longer shower on waking up, during which you can carry on self-reflective thoughts or daydreams. Do not feel bad if it takes you longer to come out of the sleep zone--your day will naturally pick up its speed later, as long as you give yourself the needed Pisces treatment in the morning. This is a spiritual period for you, when you can be your true self---in between 2 worlds! P.S: any planets close to your ascendant will modify the energy of your Ascendant sign and respectively the best way to start your day. For example someone with Pisces Ascendant but with Mars close it will be way more proactive and initiative on waking up, or someone with Mercury on the Scorpio Ascendant will be way more communicative and social than introspective.

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