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Hear the Call of your Venus and Moon!

How to Be the Woman You are Meant to Be and Attract Well Being

How to Be the Woman You are Meant to Be and Attract Well Being

Hear the Call of your Venus and Moon! The media, our idols, social circle, family-they all bombard us with different suggestions of what the ideal woman should be, no wonder so many women are insecure and neurotic with their own femininity this day and age. You cannot be all-he perfect house wife, independent career woman, amazing mother, sizzling lover, etc. But each woman has a few roles in which she would feel more natural and blossom her feminine radiance! When a woman tries to stifle this inherent inner Goddess, and instead attempts to play a role which is not innate to her, a resonance appears, due to the clash of her feminine vibration and the imposed unnatural one. Instead of feeling more empowered as a woman, she starts feeling drained, less desirable, less in touch with feminine needs. This reflects on her ability to attract and keep the attention of the opposite sex and have a fulfilling personal life.

Some women have a natural intuition about the feminine roles which are most authentic to them and make them so desirable. Usually age and experience can help in this direction (this is the reason, older women are not a target of serious philanderers, because they know themselves better and cannot be manipulated into fitting a role to satisfy the temporary needs of someone else). But many women are so out of touch with themselves (due to the stressful life we have) that they need to look for the inner goddess for years. But there is a fast way to identify these qualities and roles which are most inherent and natural to a woman. Her horoscope-the positions of the planets at her birth, depict perfectly well, the role she is born with, the feminine role so many women get out of touch with! The sign positions of the 2 female planets-Venus and Moon, gives more than enough information to start on the path of reclaiming your inner Goddess and having that spark in the soul, which any man would follow to the grave! For Example-I personally have both Venus and the Moon in the fiery and exciting Aries and Leo.

My inner Goddess is a passionate lover, centre stage performer, independent leader and inspirer. Trying to be a good wife and stay at home, make meals, tend to family, be in a co-dependent relationship or deal with practical matters like bills, holidays, security, our money is something which would totally kill my inner Goddess. Having tried to do it for years I would feel how my inner happiness would slowly dwindle, my spark would flicker, depression would follow. Once I decided to follow my fiery Inner Goddes—go and conquer, be a warrior, an achiever, dance in the middle of the bar, flirt outrageously, travel the world, have fun till my feet burn…this is when my whole energy turns around-I feel alive, more beautiful, more feminine and truly myself. This is when adorers of all sort appear, when my life starts rolling smoothing and opportunities come to be in hordes! But one woman’s paradise, would be another woman’s hell! Try and make my Cancer Venus and Capricorn Moon friend do this, and she would be horrified! She needs her security, family, children, belonging and being close to loved ones, she needs her daily routines and practical errands to feel valuable and peaceful—and then she starts to shine—with satisfaction and inner feminine glow, men and woman alike become attracted to her and want to be in her presence! She had tried having the fiery and unpredictable life style I love, and it totally aged her. While I start looking older, feeling stressed and neurotic! Some women are more of a contradiction.

They have more complex personality-made up of Moon and Venus of more clashing signs. For example Angelina Jolie—has a Moon in Aries and Venus in Cancer. 2 signs which have totally different needs. Her Moon in Aries gives her the adventurous, highly sexual, action and initiative oriented feminine appeal. While her Cancer Venus makes a natural at motherly, family and home nurturing roles. This way, some women are more complex and have more than one role which can make them feel alive and bring the inner Goddess out. But when these roles are very clashing—like the independent Aries and the sensitive security conscious Cancer, a woman might have to switch between roles to feel full fulfilled, which sometimes can be exhausting-especially when the roles are so different, but with age it is very achievable.

Finding the sign position of the Moon and Venus-your 2 inner Goddesses, is very easy, click on my birth chart calculator, enter your birth details and once you have generated the charts, look at the planetary details details and find the sign of your Moon and Venus, then read below.

ARIES Venus or Moon: You are a Goddess of Fire-your true and most charismatic femininity comes when you lead, conquer, inspire, succeed in your endeavours initiate, act directly and honestly, are spontaneous. You are most alive and attractive when you have independence, passion, sexual attraction. Constant changes make you blossom more and than stress you! Dancing till the morning, playing like kid, doing crazy spontaneous things, this is role you should never supress, because it makes you glow! Getting stuck at home, in too stable or unadventurous relationships or life situations for too long, can be a real downer on your youthful spirit and attractiveness!

TAURUS Venus or Moon: You are Goddess of the Earth-sensual, nurturing, patient and stable. When you rush and take fast decisions or change your life circumstances too much, when you lack material and emotional predictability and security in life, you start loosing some of your feminine attractiveness. Your appeal comes from your natural ability to enjoy and create the pleasures of the world-good food, beautiful clothes, exquisite smells, a sense of comfort and slow but lasting flow of affection. Which man would not love a woman like that! That is the reason both female planets—Venus and the Moon are extremely powerful in Taurus. Do not try to take on the world, do not try and be exciting, as your Aries sisters are. This is not where your power is coming from—it comes from your nurturing and soothing ability to provide comfort, to love and beautify your physical body and environment around—making these a temple of relaxation and stability!

GEMINI Venus or Moon. You are A Goddess of Air! Your feminine powers come up when you communicate and share your opinions and ideas, when you move, travel, experiment and explore different options. When you become curious about the world around you, take a vivid interest in the what is happening and speak about this, you start sparkling with that magical feminine energy which are few men can resist! Getting stuck in the same place/situation for long, communicating with the same old crowd of people only (or even worse, isolating yourself socially), not developing a wide range skills and interests, can age you, make you miserable and less in love with yourself. So the main way for you to unfold your inner goddess is to learn new things, meet new people, explore new options and routines, travel, and share these impressions/skills with others!

CANCER: Your are a Goddess of Emotional Depth (Water). If you run only after career, achievements or material success, and neglect your inner emotional needs, forget to spend time alone in the sanctity of your home, have disconnected yourself from your roots, forget to honour the Cancer imperative of family closeness and comfort, then you will start withering within and without. Have long baths, walk by the sea, cook, nurture, create comfort and care for your loved ones and yourself, go away with your family or your “tribe” where no one can reach you, explore your feelings, wait till you feel better before trying to make things happen for you, create a safe and stable home environment, even if you are single, and then your Inner Goddess will awaken and attract amazing opportunities and people! Showing your vulnerability, weakness, sharing your deep emotional concerns and feelings, will make you way more attractive and genuine, than trying to play it cool!

LEO: You are a Queen of Fire! You are not a mare mortal! Your feminine grace comes from your unique dignified presence and ability to stand out, lead and inspire others, have a majestic, magnanimous and noble spirit, which incites respect and admiration from others! If you have allowed to be humiliated or put down in some way, to be bossed around or disrespected, if you have compromised your integrity or honour in some deceitful or undignified actions, then your whole soul is crying out, your feminine power is sucked out! You are someone who should be always keep up to the highest of standards morally and to the most noble and generous actions---like a queen who everyone is looking towards for inspiration, leadership and example! Tough job, I know! Of course you can also fall down, but you need to find ways to forgive those who have humiliated you, and to generously embrace the weaker and lead them with your heart of gold! Be a boss, be a leader, be a Queen, put on high heels and a glamorous outfit and go dance in the poshest club! Having controlling or bossy partners or people around you, can be very draining on your feminine power!

VIRGO: You are a Priestess of Purity! Trying to be too outgoing, in your face, too glamourous or dramatic in order to attract attention, can actually turn people off from you, because Virgo is an energy of purity, order, neatness, humbleness. You will feel times better slipping into a demure but high quality outfit, after having ticked off all the errands and responsibilities of the day, had a productive planning of your future plans, and going to a place of elegance and class, where there is order and civil behaviours. Unfortunately, many Virgo Venus or Moon women, can go in the other direction—becoming wilder, louder, overtly sexualized, by rationally deciding that they should act like the current media roles models and ignoring the inner intuitive voice of purity and humbles, which is their biggest asset! , This creates a lot of chaos in their inner world and robs them of their feminine spark. Virgo Venus/Moon women should have regular daily routines, takes care of their nutrition, keep themselves organized, serve and help others with their skills, arrange their practical matters, and then they will start glowing and attracting the right circumstances and relationships in love!

LIBRA: If anyone should know how to be socially graceful and appealing, these are Libra Venus or Moon women! If such a woman has started neglecting her social life, if she does not have meaningful communications with partners or friends, if her interests have become directed only towards matters of survival or practical nature, while ignoring human relationships, then she starts to feel disconnected and miserable! You should always make time and space for one to one relationships or interactions, go do things with a partner, share with someone on the phone, go to a cultural event, art museum, concert or any place harmony are and beauty exist. Allowing yourself some degree of luxury and self pampering on a regular basis, is a much for the blossoming of your feminine charms. Others would be attracted to you, through you cultured manners and knowledge, good communication skills, ability to see all sides of a matter and be fair, refinement of taste and diplomatic approach! Loose these, and you loose the key to your feminine happiness. Prolonged stay in environments of strife, can totally shut down your inner Goddess!

SCORPIO Venus or Moon: You are a Goddess of Mystery and Tantric Sexual powers! There is no woman as magnetic as a healthy Scorpio Venus/Moon woman! The healthy Scorpion energy is the most sexually attractive one, because Scorpio rules the Kundalini energy. Such women are born to be intense and totally devoted lovers in deep and meaningful physical relationships. This is when they shine. Relationships without passion or desire, without profound emotional and psychic connection, can slowly drain their energy and power. But often Scorpio Moon or Venus women have to go through extremely transformational and painful relationships or life situations, because through these they awaken the powerful kundalini healing energy they have. Usually in later age, after the big ups and downs, they become probably the most sexually alluring and emotionally strong women, who can hold any man in the palm of her hand! Mystery and intensity is your biggest strength—do not throw it away by trying to be easy going or an too outgoing!

SAGITTARIUS Venus or Moon : You are a Priestess of LIGHT! You are here as a woman to spread optimism, light and inspiration to others and especially to your partners! You should be the light of their day, the laughter and encouragement everyone needs, the wise teacher who sees reality from a higher more positive and meaningful perspective, the open-minded, accepting and forgiving woman! If you have become petty, too material, generally disgruntled, nagging or depressed about life, then your pushing your away the good things waiting for you, which your naturally magnetic feminine energy would have attracted to you! In that case you need to go travel some place, explore foreign cultures, communicate with people from different countries or social background, pre-qualify, study something new! You will be most happy when you have ideals, long term goals, some philosophical, moral or spiritual belief system which inspired you and gives you meaning. Getting stuck at home or at the same place for too long or being in relationships which curtail your freedom is soul sucking for your feminine charms! Go travel the world, be independent, learn new things, inspire others, have many spontaneous adventures and you will be a true Goddess!

CAPRICORN Venus or Moon: You are a Goddess of Earth and Stability! Trying to have a highly excitable or adventure filled life, will be an emotional and physical drain on your beauty and inner happiness. Yours is the path of building or securing stability, gradually climbing the ladder of some goal you have, proceeding step by step and cautiously, rather than trying to get to the top at once. Social status, positions of authority, material achievements and respectability are important for you, so do not try and deny yourself these, it will make you look and feel unnatural. You become and more more desirable and feminine with age and your relationships improve dramatically after 30-40, because Capricorn is the sign which ages most gracefully. Achieving your ambitions and practical goals one by one, is what makes you glow and be happy as a woman! Throwing caution to the wind, choosing risky ways, over tried and tested, acting or trying to look younger, pretending to be free from practical considerations, all these things can rob your inner Goddess powers.

AQUARIUS Venus or Moon: Your feminine power and attractiveness start to shine when you are truly independent and free! This does not mean you have to roam around the world and never settle down, just the opposite-Aquarius is one of the most loyal signs and likes fixity, but you need to feel that you have space, that you can explore different options, even just mentally, that you can have your independent social circle, that you can be a unique individual! Being in overall co-dependant or controlling relationships, can clip your wings and feminine power! You can impress others with your natural objectivity, winder breath of knowledge and superb mind, open minded ideas about the world, and exceptional friendliness. Your fashion sense might be quirky or very original, but this is exactly what will attract others towards you! Being a house mouse, with no social circle will kill your feminine spark! Being too ordinary and predictable will do to! Trying to force yourself to be a perfect house wife rather than a progressive, trendy and futuristic visionary, will also steal your true feminine power!

PISCES Venus or Moon. Goddess of HEALING! Unless you have some powerful fire signs to compensate, you don’t have to go there and compete with the men, in order to be more appealing and blossom your magnetic power of attraction! Actually allowing yourself to be vulnerable, showing your sensitive and more romantic side, asking for help and advice, tending to the feelings and emotional well being of others, is what will make way more genuine and attractive! Your feminine strength comes from your feminine fragility! Showing your compassion towards others and yourself, forgiving, just being present in the moment with your powerful healing energy, without the need to prove yourself or do anything, is the fastest way to your Inner Goddess and the lasting devotion of others. Do not deprive your inner goddess from soul music, long baths, often moments of contemplation and time alone in a quiet environment. Creative endeavours of any sort have a highly rejuvenating influence on you and should always be a companion in your life, if you want your feminine power to blossom!

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