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Each sign has different pattern fo attracting abudance. This is seen from the 2nd sign from your Ascendant or Sun sign. If you apply the approach of that money sign, you will generate financial growth much faster!

How to Attract Wealth According to your Astrology Sign

How to Attract Wealth According to your Astrology Sign


In order to attract Abundance Aries should learn to be pragmatic and APPRECIATIVE of material resources. Taurus rules their money house, so they should cultivate Taurus qualities in order to attract wealth: utilitarian, nurturing, practical and steady approach to money. They can make lots of Money this way! They should strife for an organic and gradual amassments of money and not get rich quick schemes. But Goddess Venus is protecting their finances, so usually many Aries Sun or Ascendant people are successful financially.Taurus is the sign of self sufficiency, so Aries best approach to money is to make their own rather than rely on support from others. The more financially independent they get, the more they will attract abundance!

Appreciate Money


Gemini rules the Money house of Taurus. So Taurus have to apply Gemini qualities in order to attract more wealth. They should strive to have a few diverse sources of income and experiment with money making ideas. Be Adventurous with resources! Approach money plans as a game and play with these, have fun while doing! Using communications, information media and crafts will make them more abundant.



Cancer rules your money house,so in order for Gemini to attract more abundance they need to implement Cancer approach to money. They should expect their finances to fluctuate and work with this. They should launch new money ideas after New Moons and will usually have the best income around Full Moon. They have powerful intuition regarding money so they should always use it as it leads them to abundance! Living close to water can make them more wealth conscious. They should always have something tucked away for rainy days and nurture and take almost motherly care of their resources and possessions. If money is being problematic they should first tend to their emotions, put these in balance and once feeling better, they will surely attract more money making ideas.

Money House


Leo rules the money house of Cancer, so Cancer should cultivate a Leo approach to finances in order to attract abundance. They should first of all have total integrity and highest moral behaviours in money making or resources will be short lasting. They should have the constancy of the Sun and not give up. They should take initiatives in generating finances. The more generous they are with their money the more money they will attract, just like the Sun always giving but never draining itself!

Time and Money


Virgo rules the money house of Leo, so Leos should approach money through Virgo attitudes if they want to attract more. Leos should be very organised and practical with their resources. Unbalanced spending or inattention to financial details can cost them dearly sometimes. They should revise and plan their budget careful and never try to make money in any other way than through own work and service. Any trickery can backfire in the long run. The better managers and organisers they are fto their resources, the more they will attract. If they are not good at this, they should hire experienced professionals like accountants or financial managers! They should use their money for practical reasons and to help others in need, because if only for pleasure and fun, they will not attract lasting or any abundance.



Libra rules Virgo's money house, so Virgos should use Libra approach to money in order to attract abundance. This means no extreme spendings-a balanced and moderate approach. They can go for business ideas which are connected to beauty industry, women, fashion, arts or culture. Virgos should learn to cooperate and partner with others and this can bring them more affluence. They are usually very good business people, because Libra rules deals and negotiating-such undertakings can bring them money. They should never rush into making financial decisions: they should first evaluate the situation from all sides, consult a few trusted people and only then proceed.

Shaking hands

Libra and WEALTH

Scorpio rules the money house of Libra, so Libras should apply Scorpio approach to their finances. They can have access to others' resources so they should learn how to use this to their advantage. They should be more private regarding their financial matters(and usually are). Moments of upheaval, change or uncertainty are potential financial opportunities for them so when the going gets tough, they should be aware it is their golden opportunity. Crisis can drive them to abundance. They can often have access to hidden financial resources.

Financial Survivor


Sagittarius rules Scorpio's money house, so Scorpio should cultivate Sag approach to attract wealth. Scorpios should be generous with their resources and give to others. They should develop a strong faith that no matter how hard the situation, the Universe will provide. They should cultivate abundance consciousness first: that there is more than enough for everyone. Once they do, they can attract amazing abundance and wealth!



Capricorn rules the money house of Sagittarius so Sag need to approach money through Capricorn qualities in order to attract abundance. Sag need to be financially cautious and not take any silly risks. They can attract wealth through hard work, perseverance and taking a step by step approach. "Get rich quick" schemes can backfire on them in many ways: material, psychological, health, etc. They should have a good control over their resources, be pragmatic, reasonable and approach money and possessions with respect. Financial Excesses are not recommended. Asset amassment and managment gets better and better with age for Sagittarius. They should learn to save for rainy days and be responsible with money then finances really start to kick off!



Aquarius rules the money house for Capricorns, so Cappies should learn to approach finances through Aquarius in order to attract abundance. This means developing a detached and analytical approach to resources. The more emotionally stressed and worried they are regarding resources, the more they block these. Capricorns can attract more abundance by moving in the "right social circles", being members in clubs and organisations or through multi cultural and ethnic networking. They are more likely to have sudden big shifts in finances for better or worse when their mental paradigms towards money changes. Only Selfish desires for wealth will also delay money. Humanitarian, social and global incentives will take them to wealth fastest. I am talking Big Bucks!



Pisces rules the money house of Aquarius so Aquas need to approach money in a Pisces way if are to attract more abundance. Aquas can create great wealth if they develop abundance consciousness. The more fears or worries of lack they have, the more they deter abundance. Controlling, budgeting or planning their finances will not bring them wealth. Only developing a total faith that there is MORE than enough for everyone to around. Actually the more they let go of the idea of getting rich, the closer they are to getting there in a big way. Spiritual and non attached "let go and let God" approach to resources is their ticket to big abundance. The more they help others with resources, the more they will receive in tangible ways. It sounds counterintuitive but for Aquas, money creation can be a mystical process and a matter of faith!



Aries rules the money house of Pisces, so Pisces should approach resources through Aries if they want to attract abundance. This means taking actions! When resources are tight, it means you have not been initiative enough or you need to make new plans and act on them. Pisces are often full of new money making ideas(Aries is brimming with ideas) but they also take immediate actions for making these happen. Do not postpone, and have proactive attitudes to financial matters. Any new and exciting ideas can be a great source of income. Do not go for old and conventional or tested methods but hunt for fresh new ones. Collaborate with young people! Be adventurous with money and take risks, these can pay!


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