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Horoscope Patterns in the Birth Chart and Succes

Horoscope Patterns in the Birth Chart and Succes

Did you know that your horoscope can show which part of your life will be busiest. For example having most planets below or above the horizon, will give 2 very different lifestyles and age of fulfilment of one’s potentials!

Usually planets below the horizon are more hidden, they manifest later in life, while the first part of life might have been more difficult, complicated or unfulfilling. It is like an incubation period of your talents, which will manifest later in life. Such people are usually more introverted compared to those people with most planets above the horizon, who come into the public eye from early on, are more extroverted and seem to be so busy with life! But those with planets below are deep people, who need time to assimilate the powerful outer impressions they receive, internally, make them their own and then produce something of importance later on.


Or some people are meant to spend the second part of their life in a very different environment and with much more different people and circumstances than the first part. Such people usually have the so called Danda Yoga—most planets in the secotor of completions and endings in their horoscope. (Ascendnat to MC). They might end up disconnected from early family values, friends etc and even live in a totally different environment and country. They have to complete some important work in this life time which takes them to a very different place than the original birth environment and legacy of the family (Ghandi). In the second part of their life often find themselves in different careers, social status, country, missions etc, than what they started with. As if they closing a whole chapter in life.


Some other people have the so called Shakti yoga, when most of the planets are in the 7th to MC area of the horoscope. These people are known to be restless, always busy, following from idea and activity to another (Shakti means power) but it often creates problems in marriage and relationships, because the person is constantly on the go or looking for the next thing and the next goal (Moving from Descendant to MIdheaven) Other people might have most of their planets in the shape of the Half Moon(taking about 6 consecutive signs from end to start). It is called Chandra yoga, and indicates such people are very receptive in nature, they usually have to first wait out and see what opportunities to come to them and then respond, rather than try chasing after something which the universe has not yet aligned around them. For example : instead of going to the bar or on dating webiste with the intention of finding a partner, wait and the partner will find you or invite you. Basically for such people the formulate for success and happiness is to learn to be more receptive and reflective like the Moon-waiting for the Sun(God) to send them the right circumstances and responding to these.


This is just a glimpse of the powerful tools that me- Astrolada and Mariana teach about all the possible configurations in the personal horoscope and what this means for your whole life and purpose! We go through dozens of configurations and shapes—grand squares, grand trines, kites, mystic rectangles, yods, bowls, buckets, locomotives and much more! You will sure recognise your horoscope shape in one of these!

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