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Anya's amazing insights on Aries house cusps

Aries Through the Houses

Aries Through the Houses

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You know what it means to have an Aries Ascendant, but what does it mean to have the sign Aries on the other house cusps? You may not even know what the astrological term ‘house’ actually means.

Houses are areas of life experience. Think of it as a movie or a play: planets are the actors, and houses are the scenes where the actors perform. What happens between the actors is called aspects, and the way the players (planets) act depends on the sign they’re in. These are the four building blocks of astrology: planets, signs, houses, and aspects.

Here, I’ll talk about what it’s like when Mars rules a scene, or in other words, Aries is on the house cusp. Mars rules, or is the planet associated with Aries.

ARIES on 1ST HOUSE CUSP – Aries starts the zodiac, and with it comes strong energy to start anew. One of the most important houses because it’s angular or very visible, Aries qualities magnify here. First house is what and who you present to others, how others see you. You take initiative and lead easily – often physically fearless, you love to compete in any situation - in anything physical, most definitely. You have no fear of blazing new trails, going first where others fear to tread. Remember to check Mars position in the chart for the full picture.

ARIES on 2nd HOUSE CUSP – Second house’s scene it set around money, values, and sensual pleasures. Here, Aries initiative shows up in aggressive, bold money management. You can lead and be a pioneer in some new way of managing material resources, maybe starting a financial company on the cutting edge. Think a nothing-held-back Wall Street executive – you get the drift. Another way this can play out is in energetically going after sensual pleasures.

ARIES on 3rd HOUSE CUSP – Your initiative in 3rd house often comes out as pointed, forceful communication, sometimes bordering on aggression. You’ll always have plenty to say, and others may swear you spend all your time clued to your computer or phone writing the constant blog entries, articles, application manuals, and magazines – you’ll always have an opinion and you’ll defend it vigorously. You’re a leader in new ways to reach out to others, too. This position can mean arguing a lot with your siblings or the next door neighbor, too, but you often are the first to make amends.

ARIES on 4th HOUSE CUSP – This is the 2nd angular house, and anything in angular houses is more visible in your life than in other houses, meaning many things change, life happens. With Mars ruled Aries describing your home life, this is not a bed of roses within family setting. Quarrels at home, aggression, forceful males at home is one way for this energy to come out. The more congenial side of Aries here is a lot of energy put into home repairs, or making your home a place for competitive sports. And that forceful male can be a powerful protector.

ARIES on 5th HOUSE CUSP – Think of Don Juan or Casanova, and the meaning of Aries in 5th house cusp soon becomes clear. The house of romance and play gets extra energy with the passionate, charismatic Mars rulership. Much time and energy is spent on pursuing romance. Fifth house also describes children and creativity. You can channel your strong creative flow into expressive, passionate sculpture, painting, or creative words. The stage also calls, as do any competitive sports where you can shine.

ARIES on 6th HOUSE CUSP – With the planet of energy, Mars ruling your work life, you’re a fighter and leader at workplace. You’ll go aggressively after what you want at work, sometimes rattling up both co-workers and bosses. Becoming a boss is probably one of your goals, and depending on Mars aspects, chances are good you’ll get there, as most of your energy is directed to work. Sixth house also describes service and health – channel your passion into service related healing work, and you’ll feel your Aries energy flow evenly.

ARIES on 7th HOUSE CUSP – This house is opposite the Ascendant, and it’s one of the angles or major points in a birth chart. The Ascendant describes you, and 7th house describes others in close personal relationship with you. This is definitely your wife or husband or other long-term significant other, but also any partner you are closely related with in business or legally. Aries here shows something’s always happening with your partner, and that sometimes he or she may become a little combative. Much depends on Mars sign, house and aspects, as well as other planets in this house. If the general tone is good, then this can mean a strong partnership with a lot of energy and tender loving directed to make it work. Under difficult aspects, tension and fights with partners is in the cards.

ARIES on 8th HOUSE CUSP – This scene is ruled by Mars itself (as well as Pluto), so all things passionate and intense intensify. Passionate lovemaking, passionate emotional connections, intense financial negotiations about money with your partner, strong psychic intuition – expect all these with Aries ruling the house of sex, shared resources, and death. You may stand to inherit money at some point in your life. In any case, you’re likely to be a fearless pioneer, going where many hesitate to go physically, psychically, and mentally, to explore what life and beyond is all about.

ARIES on 9th HOUSE CUSP – You’re likely to stay mentally active all your life, always exploring new ideas of knowledge, never feeling too old to find out the latest in cutting edge scientific, spiritual or any higher education advances. Foreign cultures and lands also beckon, exploring these and traveling to places far away is one of your favorite pastimes. Strong attraction to males who are foreigners or even moving to other countries and marrying there can easily happen with Aries here. You can also start new movements exploring higher vistas in philosophy, higher education, or spiritual fields.

ARIES on 10th HOUSE CUSP – This is the 4th, and final angle of a birth chart, an important house for career and status (the other angles are 1st, 4th, and 7th). Aries here shows you’re very ambitious and willing to go after status and career recognition with vigor. Your aims are high in life, and you waste no time going after them. Depending on other factors, like beneficial Saturn and Mars aspects, you’re very likely to get there, or under adverse aspects, it’s harder. In any case, status is important, and something you’re willing to fight for.

ARIES on 11th HOUSE CUSP – Friendships and group associations are very important – you’ll spend a lot of energy participating in anything that involves many people. You can easily initiate programs that benefit the local charities or humanitarian organizations far and wide. In fact, you can become a fighter for the underdog, expending your formidable inner warrior in the cause of helping others. And you’ll enjoy partying with a group of friends, as well.

ARIES on 12th HOUSE CUSP – Things could get a little tricky with Mars ruling the house of ‘secret enemies’, because it can describe aggression from others although it’s not obvious. Anything in 12th house is hidden. As always, if Mars has good aspects, this can just mean you direct your energy into passionate artwork you create in seclusion, or pursuing a physically demanding spiritual practice. It’s good to be aware that things are not always what they seem, to observe how people behave to be sure of their motives with Aries ruling this house. As always, Mars aspects determine how the energy comes out.

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