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There are three types of psychic powers: The penetrating Plutonic ones, the empathic Neptune ones and the sudden insights of information which are Uranian in Nature.

3Types of Psychic Powers: Pluto, Neptune and Uranus

3Types of Psychic Powers: Pluto, Neptune and Uranus

These 3 outer planets are responsible for what we call psychic powers. If you have any of these close to one of the angles(Asc, MC, Desc or IC) or in a tight aspect with personal planets or if you have more planets in their signs: Scorpio, Pisces or Aquarius, then you can develop this specific psychic and extra sensory ability the easiest. Pluto is a penetrating planet- it can give x-ray vision, telekinesis (moving objects with mind) healing abilities, abilities to regress to past lives (one self or others) retrieve and heal memories from buries trauma (past or present lives) and medium abilities: ghost channeling, communicating with the dead. If your pluto is well aspects (trine sextiles, conjunctions) then these practices are safe for you, if your Pluto has more stressful aspect (oppositions or squares) then you still can access these skills and healing practices, but you need to be more careful because you can attract negative such spirits or the experience can be too overpowering/uncomfortable or invasive for others or yourself. Neptune (and Pisces) psychic skills include: clairvoyance, seeing auras, crystal gazing, dowsing, omen reading, and telepathy: basically the Neptune person is so empathetic towards the feelings of others and merges with them so he can feel their pain, know their feelings, see their past of future.

These people have to be very careful as their aura is very porous, it reaches out to merge with others, and they need to build powerful defensive and protection energy shields around them, because they easily absorb other's negative habits, feelings or states. Many psychics and mediums have powerful Neptune, but also some of the best of them have addiction problem as this is a way to block out the painful emotions and impressions from others. Uranus (and Aquarius) are not so much psychic in the conventional sense of the word but have such fast processor of information and impressions that it looks to others that they have Eureka moments of genius or extra sensory knowledge. Occult knowledge like astrology if ruled by Uranus, and some very good predictive astrologers have it strong--others might think they are psychic, but they just have the skill to mentally process so much information and possible combinations in the chart, and draw with lightening speed on what they have read, heard, learned over the years that it looks like they are psychic. They come to be knows as visionaries and have sudden insights of ingenuousness or information.

More advance Uranias can connect to the Akashic records--they have the clearest clairvoyant vision. To give you an example: the most famous psychic and medium of the 20th century was Edgar Cayce. He had all 3 types energies--Uranus was right bang on his Ascendant, Pluto next to his MC, and the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Mercury in Pisces- the sign of Pluto. He would go into a trance and retrieve information from the Akashic records, the past lives of the clients or in a direct communication with departed ones or other entities. So all three in one! What type of psychic powers do you have?

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