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Who is your Karmic/ Secret Enemy?

Who is your Karmic/ Secret Enemy?

Who is your Karmic/ Secret Enemy?

The 12th house in astrology represents your secret enemies, people who can be nice to you at one moment but turn on you and backstab you in another, even without an obvious provocation. 

If someone’s Sun, Moon, Rising or other personal planets fall in your 12th house, then he/she can undermine you in some way, slander you, do something behind your back, or just take more than give back.

Like the woman with 12th house Libra who, whose husband has his Mars in Libra, in her 12th house and she discovered he had been doing some secretive sex activities behind her back.

Or the Denist with Cancer in her 12th house, who found out that her business partner who is Cancer Rising and Sun, has been taking her clients secretly and opened his own dentist clinic by stealing her clients

Or the naive woman with Sag in her 12th house, who had a married Sag sun lover for months before she found out he was married and despite of that carries on being with him and just giving love and support without receiving back much, till he eventually left her.

Or most of my few online trolls happen to have their sun, moon or rising in my 12th. They always start as  “friends” but turn around and start slandering... 

It is not an equal give and take, between you and people who activate your 12th house, and sometime this is just right! If it is your child, maybe it is ok to give more than receive. 

No matter who it is, often you do much more for them (those that activate your 12th house) because you feel strong pull to do it, strong compassion you can’t explain and you always keep forgiving them.

There is a reason for this. Because the 12th house is our past lives, our unpaid karmic “bill”. Maybe we hurt this same person in a past life and now it is our time to see how it feels to be mislead or hurt. Or maybe they helped us a lot and now it is now our turn to give back...

Despite the more complex relationship dynamics we have with such people, they are often our fastest gate to spiritual growth! 

Maybe because they are so vulnerable and trigger our compassion, giving and forgiving nature (12th house), just like I do with a friend of mine whose Moon and Venus fall in my 12th house: I always save her somehow: when she is too sad, out of cash in another country, in jail for drunken misbehavior, on and on... and I will keep giving and helping her when she needs, it is stronger than me, I feel a karmic duty to her...

Or they trigger our spiral growth because they hurt or betray us, all such things lead to burning karma and turning to a higher power.

Or maybe because they take us on a journey of addiction and vice (12th house) and that is one of the fastest ways to turn your life in a spiritual direction (anyone who has survived an addiction knows this). 

Or maybe because some of them are truly our guardian angels who activate this source of unconditional love in us (12th) no matter what way...

But the trick with people who activate your 12th house is to always keep one in mind, that the situation is karmic and often you can be on the receiving end of the hard end of the stick, but also to learn to forgive these people, they are playing their assigned role as your spiritual Agent Provocateur! 

Forgive them, but set boundaries and remove yourself at a distance from them, once you have done what you can you help them! 

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