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Who Brings you GOOD and BAD Luck?

Who Brings you GOOD and BAD Luck?

The astrology of who makes and who breaks us 


It is so hard to sleep next to your baby when her Jupiter (inspiration) actives your MC (career)! Every time I sleep with her(my husband and I swap boy and girl nightly) I end up waking up with a download of new ideas about career. They are not only new, but BIG and BOLD. And now I am at a stage of my life and technology is developed enough,  where I can actually create them (they involve a lot of amazing free tools, guys).

....but this jupiterian excitement keeps me awake next to Mila for hours, picturing the details, savoring the imaginative final result and how much people can benefit from it! 

I think high level, proper astrology is ready to be taken to the next level and made easy to use and understandable by the greater population. Well, at least this will happen at the great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius 2020! 

But back to Mila and her amazingly aspected Jupiter which fortunately falls on my Midheaven and since she’s been born, my career and confidence in my vision have taken new heights. Since her,  doors for public success have swung open and new career dreams and projects have been dancing around my head on a daily and especially nightly basis! 

I was never the person who believed I could make things happen. I believed (because this is what I saw in my life) that I could not do anything with ease and inspiration, let alone some lasting or significant success. (I have Combust Ruler of the 10th house-frustration and weakness in action and career)  

But when you don’t have the strength to do something alone, and if you have deserved it, God sends you a helper! Someone to boost your energy, ideas, faith, luck...

Just like Nikola Stojanovic said that carrying the natal chart of someone whose planets strengthen our own chart can so much influence your success. 

Here is the webinar her teaches this technique in: 

How or choose the right people in your life:

But having a real person in your life, who is constantly present will have way stronger influence for better or worse, depending on how their energy aligns with yours (astrology compatibility).


My husband was the first big career boost the universe sent me(his strong Jupiter in my 2nd house(resources) and trine my MC) and then Mila was the second one! So they boosted the career and financial field for me just by being around me.


Well both their Saturns fall in my 11th house of social life, so It has been pretty much non existent or mostly work(Saturn) related since they came into my life! But you can’t have your cake and eat it too! ???? 


And sometimes we get sent or allow people in our field who totally block us! Wether by will or not, such people would drain you, deplete your resources, inspiration etc. and sometimes we cannot remove them from our lives immediately, they might be family or a boss or a marriage partner. Sometimes we could be locked in that union because of circumstances, until the karma runs out. I have seen this countless times in my practice.


The wife whose’s husband activated her 6th house of illness with his Ascendant, Ketu and Saturn. 


They would have wonderful compatibility otherwise-respect, love, support, sexual chemistry, but from the day they got together till the day they separated many years later, she was sickly and battling a health issue.


The moment he was out of her energy field for a few weeks because of work or business trips she would start recovering. One day they broke up, despite loving each other stilll. She hurt emotionally but repaired physically! 


Or the girlfriend who has a sexual blockage and cannot enjoy sex because her bf’s Saturn falls in her 8th house (orgasmic potential). But also her financial situation would get more challenging or require a lot more effort (8th is a financial house).


Or a previous bf of mine whose Saturn (blockage) was right on my MC (career). That is when I tried to start my astrology business for 3 years and it never worked out. Failure after failure. And I got fired from many jobs! (Yeah, blame the other, right) But he gave me a good lesson on structure and not giving up. 


The point is not to blame the other person, if things are not going well. You have attracted them because they correspond vibrationally to your current life believes, actions and energy! Or they correspond to a lesson your Higher self wants you learn. 

Maybe you were too frivolous with resources in a past life. So now you have a child whose Saturn blocks or better yet, trains and disciplines your financial sensibilities. So money comes hard since he was born. Well if it was a friend or a boyfriend I would tell you to maybe consider some distance from them in order to allow more abundance.

It might take you a few years to get fed up with the situation till you decide to do it. 

But what do you do if it is your child? You can’t kick them out! 


Then you are locked in this situation karmically and you have to make a conscious effort about it! Prayers, visualizations, positive affirmations, studying and researching about this matter(money or health or whatever is not going well), gaining wisdom. And especially helping others with similar issues (by a word of advice, support etc). And of course responsible, wiser action in that area of life. It is for a reason that you have been paired with someone to create a blockage in some area so you can master it! 


And when you do, another person will appear, who raises your vibration there. They will correspond to your improved energy and attitude in that life area. They will be your gift from the Universe for a job well done! 


I used to attract always relationship partners who blocked my career and financial houses and planets. Until I learned the value of these areas, and worked hard to gain wisdom there with courses, trail and error, visualizations, careful analysis and action, etc. 


Now I am surrounded every second by my new loved ones who raise and make easier all these areas with their astrological imprints. 


So what people do you have in your life now? Check your family, friends? The easiest thing is to see what their Saturn activates in your horoscope (blockages, training, efforts) and what their Jupiter ( ease, wisdom, abundance, opportunities).


The most powerful tool is to check for Karmic ropes (between moon Nakshatras) for big Karmic blockages and it even shows you the nature of the blockage (children, money, inability to agree, career, health)


check out our report(written by my Vedic teacher Ernst Wilhelm) on compatibility which takes into consideration Karmic ropes.. Just $14!:

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