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Master Astrologer Tsvetemira Borisova, reveals the meaning of Venus-the planet of love. What it indicates in your horoscope and life and how to interpret it.

Venus in the Horoscope Part 1

Venus in the Horoscope Part 1

Venus is the planet which shows to what extent, the follow themes will be fulfilled in your life: Harmony, beauty, love, emotions and their expression, sensuality, gentleness, kindness, esthetic values, ethics, arts, all ways of bringing and experiencing pleasure , our ability to enjoy life, femininity, our attitude to all women, partnerships and love relationships. Venus shows what bring you pleasure and to what extent your desires will be fulfilled in your life. The ability to charm and win others on our side and to magnetically attract and keep the others is also judged by the condition of Venus. Venus shows how much will love be present to in our life and in what ways is, If we will have intense and wonderful feelings, and if they will be mutual. If this is not so, we can understand the psychological and outer reasons for experiencing unrequited love and how, if we can, to correct and improve these so we can make our life easier. A strong Venus gives everything with ease, without problems nor effort, in a very pleasant and generous way. Venus makes us delicate, diplomatic, peaceful and kind relationships when it is well placed.


From the position of Venus in someone’s horoscope we can understand how to win the respective persons heart and predisposition. Weather he/she appreciates a direct and demonstrative proof of the other’s love or maybe an expensive gift or a subtle look and touch. Weather his/her love passes through the stomach, or is enflamed by a long and intimate conversation. How does one understand love, and what outer manifestations of attention one needs to feel appreciated. On the whole Venus is the language we need to speak to another if we want to be understood and regarded well by them. But Venus is not logical communications. She does not regard facts and proofs. She just feels, senses and gives off emotions. Venus is not swayed by factual analysis. But it is exactly Venus which builds the foundations of our value system. Planet Venu in the Horoscope is the reason why in some situations we feel understood, appreciated and well-disposed, while at others detached, distanced, and unhappy. If we manage to interpret the influence of Venus in the birth chart, then the relationship behaviors, partnership patters and needs of the others and their inner motivations will no longer be a mystery to us but a clear and ordered message.

Venus Godess

Venus is one wonderful phenomenon, a delicate being carrying warming charm and magical moments in the life of people. Humble your self in front of the Gods’ will, open your hearts and souls, pay attention to the sounds of love, because it is love which moves life, brings fulfillment and joy-basically all the meaningful things which make life worth living. In Part II of this article we will look at Venus is each sign and what it means for your love life, ways of expressing love and joy and what you appreciate and bring you pleasure. To view the profile or book a reading with the Master Tzvetemira Borisova, click here

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