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The Master Astrologer, Tzvetemira Borisova reveals what it means to have Venus in the 12 signs. The sign of Venus in the horoscope determines how we love, who and what we appreciate and life, how much joy and romance we get in life. 

Venus in Signs

Venus in Signs


One of the top 10 astrologers in the world- Tzvetemira Borisova. My teacher and Mentor! Cilck here to see her services Psychological meaning of Venus: How we love, what extend we need love to, how we express love, will we be desired by others, will we be beautiful, charming, magnetic, what do we appreciate and like in relationships Events of Venus: Will we receive what we want from our relationships? Will we have more easy and happy events in life? How smoothly will we deal with life?

To find out what sign your Venus is in click here (time of birth not crucial)

Venus in Aries

The Native cannot control their feelings. If they want something, they have to have it now and at any cost, so they don’t compromise with anyone or anything on their path to the desired goal/object. They express their preferences and dislikes clearly, directly and openly. They can experience powerful and vivid feelings and love from first sight, but if they do not receive some confirmation for interest from the other side, their passions can quickly die out. Despite that, Aries Venus people, get bored with easy conquers, they are attracted to people they need to fight and try harder for,(as long as they feel the other one also shows mutual interest). In order to be happy, they need extreme, intense experiences which make them feel alive and challenge them! The monotonous and secure daily life, quickly bores them and sends them looking for a new love interest! Drama and highs and lows in love keep them alive. On the whole they have an intense and active love life, many relationships but more often on the surface.

Venus in Aires

Venus in Taurus

These people love beauty and strive towards it, mostly in its material manifestations-cosy environment, tasty food, refined drinks, physical attractiveness, security and reliability in the relationships and life. Venus in Taurus people are dependable and loyal in love. They slowly develop attachment to a person or object, they need time to realize and express their feelings, but once they do, they have hard time letting go. They need physical presence-to be able to often touch and caress the loved person. When they love someone, one can fully rely on the Taurus in Venus partner, in all respects. They are possessive, what is theirs is theirs, and this can occasionally become a more rough manifestation of the desire for possession of the partner.


Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini people do not get too attached to the things and people they love and like. They strive towards freedom, freshness and lightness in relationships. They are delicate in their expression of feelings and emotion and do not make a big difference between people-they will treat the same way the rich and poor, the famous and the ordinary person. For them communication with the partner is very important-they perceive the object of their love and desire as a personality, and they find important the moral and intellectual views of the other. Therefore love often starts through a friendship interaction. The mind always tries to control the feelings. Therefore such people will not be going through big amplitudes of suffering or exalted happiness in love. Common sense and rationality help Venus in Gemini people to adapt well to the less auspicious situations in love and life. But at the same time, these people can find it difficult to feel deep emotional attachments. They need constant change, something new fresh and diverse to activate their senses.


Venus in Cancer

With gentle emotional nature, these people have deep feelings and experiences. The main focus of their life, is whom they can share with, rely on and be understood by. The most important thing for them is not the outer beauty but the inner world and values of the partner. They have a deep need for own home and family. Venus in Cancer people, have a powerful emotional memory-they can suffer for and re-live something which has happened in the past for a long time after that. Such a person is really easily hurt and sensitive in relationships. But if you have a love connection with Venus in Cancer person, you will definitely find out what romance, warmth and care means in a relationship! These people are loyal and affectionate, they do not like changes, even though externally they often demonstrate changeable moods. This is so because they are very delicate and impressionable and react to every outer influence. They have a gift for understanding others-how they feel and why, but they themselves often remain hidden and misunderstood because of the complexity and great depth of their inner world.


Venus in Leo

These people have very powerful and emotional expression of their feelings, like and dislikes. When a Venus in Leo person likes something or someone, then everyone knows this. Despite their fiery emotional nature, attachments and feelings take time to develop and mature. But when they reach their peak, Venus in Leo people form loyal and lasting relationships. They do not like changes and feel like possessing their partners. They do not handle disappointment and rejections well-almost dramatically! For them appearance is very important! When they show up with their partner, others must be impressed and dazzled! They are attracted to the extravagant, glamorous and lustrous(people, places, partners) They always want the best and want to be proud with the person next to them! In their relationships, Venus in Leo people, feel happiest when they are complimented, adored, praised and looked up to. They love fun, pleasures, partying in all ways, and they can live it up larger than others exciting others around them with their liveliness and energy. Life looses its meaning for them without love and romance because they see love as a constant creative act of self expression.

Venus Pleasure

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo people are delicate and refined in their show of emotions and preferences. Often this is perceived by others as shyness, reserve or coolness. They always have a specific system of rules about how to behave with others and how others should treat them. There is a special time and place for everything. Emotions and passions are subjected to reason and practicality. They assess and measure the appropriate partner and choices too much. This is seen as a lack of spontaneity or shyness from others. But once they are clear about what they want, Virgo Venus people act directly and without beating around the bush. They strive towards beauty and perfection. It takes them time to relax with others, and it is rare that they are overpowered by emotions and desires, they usually do only what they consider proper and right. They tend to be loyal towards their partners because they feel a powerful sense of duty and responsibility towards the other half. They find it hard to leg go of someone who has been next to them for a long time, even when they are perfectly clear that the relationship is fully exhausted. They take very good care of all material and practical needs of the partner next to them-this is their main way of showing love. The need for physical contact is second in place, but also important. The physical and emotional purity and cleanness of the partner is of paramount importance for them.


Venus in Libra

Beauty and harmony in combination, are the major concern in every life situation for these people. They dress very well, fashionably and with refinement. They can skilful enhance everything good and hide their weaknesses. They possess good manners and social ethics. They like comfort and peace and because of this they often can be aloof, cool, balanced and a reserved. Rough and powerful emotional outbursts are not typical for them. They choose partners who have inner and outer attractiveness and value. They can be loyal and faithful. They solve problems and issues calmly and diplomatically through conversation. Because Libra Venus people are quite delicate and refined, this can look to others like they are capricious or pampered. We should treat Venus in Libra people, in a civil, fair and well mannered way. This is the main thing they need. Despite the large number of potential partners which surround them, they find it hard to choose someone because of their high criteria. They can lack spontaneity because everything is measured and evaluated well. They can be really happy with someone who had similar values and mind set.


Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio people have very deep and intense feelings and attachments. The power of passion is at its extreme here. They either feel strong love or dislike, but always at its extreme. There is no middle or grey situation. Their inner world is really rich and they can feel the full gamut of possible emotions with all their nuances and shades. They insist on fully owning their partners-physically and emotionally. They can be possessive and jealous to the extreme. Sex and intimacy are of utmost importance for them, especially the women with Venus in Scorpio. If they cannot connect deeply sexually and physically with the partner, they can become seriously depressed and unhappy. But the physical and spiritual go hand in hand for them-they are not superficial in love! The moral and ethical principles are deeply ingrained in their heart-unchangeable and solid. If they have to let go of some habit, view or attachment of theirs or reassess a side of their life, they go through a total catharsis and crisis of the identity.They are interested in the material boons, but they look at them as a means for imposing their will in the life of others. They know and control their lower passions very well and use this artfully!


Venus in Sagittarius

This position describes one very expansive, well meaning and optimistic person. These people are very active, full of life and adventurous. They love to constantly live through a cocktail of emotions and experiences. They are very romantic, strongly attracted by the new, the different, the unknown. They can easily get bored though. When they are happy, they can be contagious with their good mood and they know how to genuinely and fully enjoy life. Because this position is more idealistic, these people can get disappointed easily by the reality, and then it is hard to comfort them-they either love everyone and the whole world or are unhappy and see others and the world in dark colours. Because of this specific quality, Sagittarius Venus people often look for partners with a good financial standing or from the higher circles of society with prestige and social standing. They like the luxury places, gifts and pleasures and the generous, spontaneous and open partners. They like all the good and refined things in life, not because they are capricious and selfish but because they like to see everything in positive light and colors. This is not the most loyal of positions, but there is nothing hidden and manipulative in their actions. They do everything in a large, open and honest way.


Venus in Capricorn

This is an extremely loyal, dependable and faithful position in love! These people get seriously attached and for long. They appreciate security and constancy in relationships and the benefit of these qualities. They prefer a small but tangible gesture of attention, than a multitude of empty love words. On the surface, they might look emotionally reserved and dry, but this is only because they do not like to parade and declare loudly what they feel for the other. There is not much gentleness or softness in their behaviour even towards their most loved being. Their appearance is a bit serious and forbidding so it is hard for others to know what they really feel inside just from their face. But this should not mislead you into thinking that Venus in Capricorn people do not need manifestations of love, attention and mutuality. Actually, they do more than most other signs! When they suffer or are unhappy they do not give free expression of their feelings and from outside it looks as if they are coping great with life, that they are strong and don’t need help or understanding, but this is not so. The father figure plays a big role in the forming of the moral and love principles of the person. From very young, these people observe that each happiness and joy should be deserved.


Venus in Aquarius

When it comes to love, people with Venus in Aquarius, can be very unusual and go beyond the social norms. They are attracted towards people and situations which have something different, new, unconventional. This is of utmost importance for them and they react very strongly to this. But this behaviour is expressed in a very intelligent and unobtrusive way. (the same matters for the object of their desire). Their understanding of beauty, harmony, values and relationships are often off the conventional mark. Therefore it is important for such people to find an auspicious environment of like-minded friends from young who understand and like them, otherwise they might feel isolated, lonely or misunderstood. They always strive for freedom and do not tolerate limitations. They communicate with a wide circle of people from different levels and social standing. They carry a spirit of lightness, intelligence and open-mindedness in relationships and are not averse to experimentations there. They appreciate in a partner, the ability to be open minded and unfazed by even the most unusual situations, to find a good side and something interesting in everything. Despite all this, Venus in Aquarius people get very attached to those they love and find it hard to overcome break ups and disappointments in love.


Venus in Pisces

This position makes a person extremely romantic, delicate and sensitive. Venus in Pisces people are a natural source of unending warmth and gentleness. Their emotions are deep, multi-layered and complex. Love is manifested in the life of these people in its most pure exalted and beautiful form. In their relationships with others, these people are very loving, giving, willing to compromise, understanding and devoted. There is no one who can understand and feel your soul essence better than someone with Venus in Pisces. There is definitely a similarity with Venus in Cancer people, but in Pisces one has way more depth and nuances. These people love beauty, harmony, peace, rest, retreat. They look not only for the outer beauty but way more for the spiritual inner nature of the person, which is the leading and determining consideration for them. Compassion, sympathy and self sacrifice are real manifestations in their lives when they love. It is imperative that they focus their attention to high and pure ideals and people in their environment, because Venus Pisces people needs wonderful refined and lofty dreams to aspire towards and get inspired by. Romance is their strongest forte! They can have platonic loves. All this makes Venus in Pisces people easily hurt because life offers rougher and less perfect realities. They can be disappointed on account of this and it takes them time to recover. If the character of such a person is generally weaker, then they can end up used by others, because the ego is not strong, and Venus in Pisces people find it natural and even need to sacrifice themselves for someone or something.

venus in pisces

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