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Aquarius Sun or Especially Aquarius Rising people tend to have more problematic relationships than other signs.

The Plight of Aquarius in Relationships

The Plight of Aquarius in Relationships

Many people complain that they find it had to make a relationship with Aquarius person(especially Aquarius Ascendant) work.

This is due to the fact that for Aquarius rising, Leo- rules their relationships. Wherever Leo is, we tend to idealise, want the nobles, the highest! When Leo is in the relationship house, then the Aquarius native will idolize a perfectionist concept of marriage and deify the human partner.

They become quickly enamoured with the "star qualities" of the Other, and tend to rush into commitment, blinded by the light of the partner's apparent charisma, only to find out rather quickly that the partner is indeed merely human. This can lead to jumping from relationship to relationship, especially younger.

The Aquarius natives does not want to imagines the Kingly /Queenly Leo partner clipping their nails, slumping on the sofa, loosing their poise, being undignified...

No one can live up to such lofty expectations, as soon as the normal range of human flaws in spousal/partner behavior begin to emerge over the course of Time, the Aquarius Ascendant/Sun person begins to lose interest.

The partners of Aquarius also demands a lot of praise and admiration, but once the Aqua person looses their noble view of the partner, they can become aloof and detached, which will make their partner act out in a dramatic, Leo-like manner as a call for attention.

So Aquarius Aun/Ascendant natives can start out as doting audience and admirers of their partners, and if he/she does not live up the idealised Kingly/Queenly image of Auqa, then they loose the spark and might look around for someone else to put on a royal pedestal.


This is the reason that Aquarius natives are known for having unusual relationship arrangements(on and off, long distance, open marriage, living in different houses, affairs with unavailable ppl etc) because they can love and carry on glamorising their partners more when they do not witness the unsightly/ordinary/undignified sides of the chosen one on a regular basis.

But of course not all Aquarius Sun and Rising are like that, but all have experiences at least some side this. With wisdom and maturity one can really understand the idealisation process and correct this behavior.

I have also witness when the Aquarius native actually marries or is committed to a proper Kingly/Celebrity/Highly position/Centre stage/Magnanimous partner who answers to the idealised version of Leo.

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