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Why the Traditional Marriage is Falling Apart! Find out the spiritual reasons and the future of marriage

Marriage and Relationships in the Age of Aquarius. Why the Traditional Marriage is Falling Apart

Marriage and Relationships in the Age of Aquarius. Why the Traditional Marriage is Falling Apart

The foundation of our culture-the family unit, has been progressively falling apart for the last 50-60 years! Whooping 50% to 60% of marriages end in divorce, every second child is raised by a single parent! This is an unprecedented development in the history of human civilization!

What the deuce is going on? Are we getting worse at relationships? Are there no longer good devoted faithful partners around or is something bigger than us happening and leading us in this direction?

You will be surprised and maybe relieved to hear the spiritual reason behind this growing trend! It is not all our fault that we cannot stick it in marriage the old way!

We are on the verge of 2 changing cosmic eras! Every 2000 years approximately, the earth and human evolution transition from one astrological age to another. You have all heard of the age of Aquarius and how we it started in the last 100 years and how till be in full swing till 4000 AD approximately!

This happens when the rising constellation on the Easter horizon, on the day of the spring equinox changes! It takes 2100 years for each constellation to slowly transition backwards.

Since the coming of Christ till now, Pisces was the constellation giving the spiritual impulses for the evolution of our culture and consciousness. Jesus ushered the moral of Pisces(hence all Christians still identify with the symbols of the fish) and introduced the principles of humility, compassion for others, turning the other cheek and sacrifice.

No human sphere of life was excluded from the inflow of the Pisces spiritual impulse. Marriage and family, gradually, over the past 2000 years, incorporated the same principles of Pisces: merging of the wife and husband into one unit till "death do us apart" and sacrifice in the name of the family. Marriage had to be consecrated by the church(ruled by Pisces) the woman had to be subservient to the needs of the man and the family, while the man had to sacrifice his desires for polygamy and compassionately take care of the whole family. Personal interests of both had to be sacrificed for the ideal and codependency of marriage.(at least according to the leading spiritual believes of humanity). And the majority of our ancestors did this!

We see the legacy of the previous 2000 years of Pisces entrenched in our notion of love and marriage as sacrificing your interest for the merging of 2 into 1.

Before the age of Pisces marriage was different. From 2000 BC till 0AD(give or take a few hundred years) while it was the age of Aries, most cultures did not practice monogamous marriage. A man could be married to a few women, follow his desires for procreation and passion in a very Aries way- by conquest!

In that "age of Heroes", men were allowed to leave their women(Ancient Rome and Greece), have many concubines, etc.
Then Pisces came and the imperative need for humanity was for men and women to merge in an "indestructible" unit blessed by God and the church.

Of course, neither of these transitions happened over night! Many cultures of the old ways coexisted with cultures of the new age for hundreds or thousands of years--we are aware of places in the world now that still practice the Aries way-of conquering and taking by force.(they are some 2000 years lagging behind! They have not yet incorporated the receding Piscean spiritual impulses! But progress moves on!

Times are changing again!! The Age of Aquarius is dawning and the more progressive cultures in particular, are feeling it in full swing!

Aquarius is all about liberation, equality and freedom! Since the 20th century women have been gradually gaining the same rights and opportunities as men, the roles of the genders are becoming more interchangeable, marriage is no longer the scared Union it was meant to be in the past, we move from one relationship to another till we feel it satisfies our need for individuality and mutual purpose. This will become ubiquitous in the next 2000 years.

Aquarius spiritual impulse is about developing independence and it is abolishing the codependent morals of the last 2000 years of Pisces! The souls incarnating now, no longer want to sacrifice their individuality and goals and merge fully with the identity of the other partner!

Aquarius consciousness is about everyone becoming a unique independent person who does not need another to complete them(Pisces) but can stand alone as a whole individual taking full responsibility for his actions and decisions. Only from this perspective can humanity build stable and healthy relationships over the next 2000 years!

It is not a surprise that in Astrology, Uranus-the planet that rules Aquarius, also rules separations and divorce! But this is just the first stage of this process- total chaos and break down of the traditional family unit and relationship patterns until we incorporate the higher principles of Aquarius in interpersonal relationships.

We can no longer hope for a partner who will save us, make us whole, merge with us and sacrifice all for us! This is the old paradigm and it will be getting more and difficult to have such relationships!

The only way to happy relationships onwards is by working on our individual psychological complexes(Aquarius rules psychological complexes) becoming whole within ourselves and then attracting someone equally developed and independent as us with whom we can create a working system (family, marriage, partnership) as equally important members! The pre-requisite for healthy marriages will gradually be to first and foremost be friends with mutual goals and vision for the future(Aquarius) than sentiments, needs or some ideal of romantic love(Pisces)

Relationships based on one saving the other, one being subservient or fully dependent on the other will become less and less possible because the inner spiritual urges will not allow us to feel happy in such situations! Many of you are feeling this and making it a reality already!

Aquarius is the age of communities and people grouping up according to mutual interest and goals. We will see more and more communities springing up in which the family unit is not separated from the rest but is an integral part of the local society-it will not be the partner who saves us but the communal spirit of support and care for the underprivileged which the group provides.

Support groups(virtual or non) of all kinds are spring up around the globe, these will help us integrate our shadow side and become whole enough to contribute in a healthy way to society and personal relationships.

Of course this does not mean the demise of romantic love, because in new ages we build upon the legacy of the old ones. We just need to incorporate the new principles of emotional wholeness, independence, friendship and equality.

What a glorious future awaits us, despite the current chaos and confusion. It is just part of the adjustments till we integrate the new paradigm!


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