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Late Bloomers in Love

Late Bloomers in Love

Some people(more then 40% of Humanity) are not meant to be in settled relationships till later in life, if they marry or try to settle before that they end up unhappy, burdened or heart broken. Some of these can even get a bad boy/girl image, skipping from relationship to relationship, or just the opposite -a shy daisy reputation with little romantic action until much later. Better yet, most of the late love bloomers are just men and women, who tend to have more heart breaks or love disappointments in their 20-ties and even 30-ties and start worrying they will never settle or be happy in love! But there is hope, if you are one of these-it is just that you are meant to settle later after a few lessons! Find out if you or your loved ones are such!

Some people are not meant to settle down before they turn 30, 40 or even 50, 60. Most of the marriages in the world are happening when couples are in their 20-ties but more than 40% of people are usually latebloomers in love according to their astrology charts, which means that should they marry or settle before certain age, they will most probably separate due to being unhappy, restless or pained in those relationships.

Sometimes you can be the most loving and caring person, but if your chart indicates that you are a late bloomer in life, you might end up hurting and leaving the people you are in relationships with or they doing the same to you, till your love Karma and Lessons run out!

There are a few astrological indicators for people who are late bloomers in love and will be much happier in relationship later! Here what to look for!

Now go to my birth chart calculator and enter the details of your birth.

For some of the techniques birth time is important, I will tell you for which.

Time sensitive techniques:(you need correct time of birth)

1. First check if you have Saturn or Rahu in your 7th house

the wedge of the chart which holds the number 7. If Sa or Ra are there, then you will have delays in settling down or difficulties in the early years. Saturn is a planet which shows the karma we have to pay back because we have made mistakes in past lives or because we have suffered too much pain there so we first need to heal and learn to be detached and accepting, and when it is in the 7th house of relationships we need to have patience when it comes to finding the ONE.

Earlier marriages/relationships will usually end up hurting us, making us unfulfilled, feeling a bit starved. But once Saturn matures from 30 to 35, after that you will be able to find someone for satisfying settled love life. If there are more delaying factors it might take even longer, sometimes after the 2nd Saturn return at 57. 

Rahu(north node) is the planet of the lessons we need to learn in this life—being in the 7th house it means that we were not really experts in relationships in past lives and in this life we are a bit of novices when it comes to sharing out lives with another, so it will take time till we learn the tricks of the game, the correct rules and the right behaviors. With this position one can be wilder and more experimental in relationships and getting faster bored when in one or even subconsciously sabotaging their relationships due to not knowing the right way of being in a partnership.

Such people will need to have a fair share of relationships before they can find the golden middle and learn to compromise, share, be in equal or honest give and take relationships. Usually late 30-ties , early 40-ties is a much better period for finding mature and lasting love which can make then feel happier. The first part of life they might attract more predatory or even dishonest partners, since they themselves are not clear about what they want in a relationship and not honest with themselves and partners about their true feelings and needs. Rahu acts unconsciously, so the person is not intentionally trying to hurt partners, it is just part of the process of learning about relationships from a point of inexperience.  

2. Check if you have Leo or Cancer Ascendant-

if so then the 7th house of relationships will be ruled by Aquarius or Capricorn which are the signs of Saturn—the delayer.

3. Now check if you have Rahu or Saturn in the same square(sign) as the Ruler of your 7th house.

Just see what sign is in the 7th house where the number 7 is.

If Ar(Aries) then Mars(Ma) is the ruler
If Ta Venus (Ve)
Ge – Me

See the sign in the 7th house and check where the plane which rules it is. Once you find the planet see if either Rahu or Saturn are in the same wedge (sign) as it. For example look at this chart below. Pi (Pisces ) is the sign of he 7th house(in the same square as VII(7). From the table above you see that Jupiter(Ju) rules Pi so you find where Ju is in the chart and you see that the sign in which is it situation also has Saturn(Sa) in it—so this is someone who will also be a later bloomer in love—not as powerfully as when Saturn is directly in the 7th house but still.

Love Delay

4. Now check if the planet ruling the 7th house is in the 6th house of delays and paying karmic debts.

If for example you have Ar in the 7th house, Mars will rule your relationships and marriage and if you see Ma in the same square as the number 6,  then you will also be a bit of a late bloomer in love, finding happiness there later, but 6th house improves with age—the older one gets the better love life they will have—usually the first half if life brings more problems for these people’s lives.

5. See if your Venus which naturally rules relationships and love is in the 6th house of delays

(Ve being in the same sign (wedge) as 6-means it is in the 6th house).

6. Venus in the same sign (wedge) as Saturn or Rahu (you do not need to know exact time for this one)—as we explained already, Venus is the planet of love and relationships and Rahu and Saturn delay, so if you see this combination it will also indicate the person is a late bloomer to settle in love happily, they will first need to work on some issues and have some testing and learning in love.

7. For those who are more astrology savvy, you can also check if you have Saturn close aspects to your 7th house cusp—only the opposition and square coun
Basically if you have Saturn in the 1st house—it can also delay happiness in relationships till after 30, 35. Or Saturn in the angular houses—in the same square as 1, 4, 7, 10  –angular Saturn makes one a late bloomer overall in life, which usually includes relationships as well.

8.Also If you have Rahu in any of the angles(in same square as 1, 4, 7, 10)

If you see more than one of the above showed positions then you will definitely know not to hurry up and marry, or if your love interest has any of these, you can be sure that she/he will be harder to please or keep in a relationship before maturity comes.

I teach all these techniques and much more in my 30 hour "Astrology of Love" , one of the most extensive online courses on compatibility and assessing relationship potential.  

But some people will always be hard work when it comes to relationships and no amount of waiting for them will help them mature or learn to be content in relationships!

Many women believe that they can change a man with their love and keep attracting bad boy types only to end up hurt and exhausted!!

Check the Male Relationship Capcity Report to find out if he is such a type or just has some issues which can be worked through and how. Also if you are a woman, and have been having consistently painful loves, then checking your own Female Relationship Capacity will help you gain a perspective on where the issues are stemming from: the $14 report is wonderful at pointing the deep psychological reasons for one’s problems in love and lasting commitment. Even if you have low capacity for happy relationships the report will give you methods and advice for overcoming these consciously.

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