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Fated Relationships. Past life connections. 

Karmic Relationships. North and South Node in Synastry. Rahu and Ketu in Compatibility

Karmic Relationships. North and South Node in Synastry. Rahu and Ketu in Compatibility

The nodes of the Moon are the most misunderstood points in modern astrology and especially in compatibility. They were known as Rahu and Ketu in ancient Vedic culture and were considered as important as the visible stars and planets. They have such a profound and mystical energy! These are the points at which the Sun, Earth and Moon Align and cross each others' ecliptic. The nodes merge the energy of the 3 most important astrological factors! That's the reason they are said to be the purpose of every person incarnation. The are the “plot of the play”, while the other planets determine the “settings”. If you solve the tasks of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope, we can say we have fulfilled our earthly mission. It is becoming pretty clear that close conjunction between one's Nodes and another's planets or angles will be a huge karmic indication! Those relationships are not casual, they carry massive magnetic charge, based on past lives, soul contracts and mission. When comparing 2 horoscopes look only at conjunctions within 10-15 degrees between the nodes and other points.

Let's examine what Rahu relationships will be like. When a couple has close North node connection(s) with the other's planet(s), then this relationship will carry strong Rahu energy. This is the karma we come to create in this life. Rahu shows where we are hungry for more, insatiable, gluttonous! We can get obsessive when it comes to Rahu! This will translate into the relationship-one or both of the people can get totally obsessed with the other! And they will feel like it is never enough! But Rahu is an immature energy-it shows an area of the psyche we have not developed in past lives, so in order for us to learn and grow now, the Universe gives us powerful desire in regards to Rahu. This way we dive in, take risks and are willing to go to extremes with whatever Rahu connects or indicates and usually get burnt a lot! But what better way to learn!?

Rahu relationships carry this same energy-exciting, new unexplored territory, exotic, alluring, powerfully seductive, but also dangerous, risky, forbidden and taboo breaking! We are willing to go to extremes with someone who triggers our planets with Rahu or vice versa. Most powerful Rahu connections are between One's Rahu and another's Venus, Moon, Sun, Ascendant or Ascendant Lord. (The most powerful self factors). So these relationships can be the most intense, powerfully bonding, insatiable-the longer they are together the more hooked they get! But at just like a moth to a light, they can really burn both involved, because of the risk taking and uncontrollable desire energy they generate.

And remember we said Rahu is immature-imagine leaving a child in a chocolate factory without control! It will overdose! Rahu cannot control its desires, not does it have any awareness of consequences! It is the reptilian, animal brain in us, which has to be tamed in this life. So such Rahu relationships can be very wild, take us on an emotional roller coaster, awaken the sleeping animal in us, give us lust for life, trigger the desire and buzz switch in us, but if left to run rampant, they can create havoc and total out of control experience! They can turn our life around! That is the main reason they usually come, to awaken us from slumber and open our eyes to new exciting and unexplored horizons, but if we have little self control, they can become our addiction and eventually undoing. Phew, what a ride!! But isn't that what many of us crave to experience at least once in life? To be swept away? The danger with Rahu relationships is first of all lack of control and second predatory inclinations. The person acting out Rahu does not need to be an immoral human being in life, just this Rahu trigger, switches on the animal hunger and desire in one and he/she can become predatory-taking and taking, more and more, forgetful of the consequences on the other partner.

So these is always the danger of lack of balance and perspective with such relationships. But if the 2 people learn to develop that area of life in a more mature way, they can transform the Rahu karmic relationship into a stable but long term passion generating bond! Rahu connects us to what we find most foreign and unfamiliar! But this is what fascinates us to! So often Rahu Synastry creates big sparks between 2 very different and even incompatible people! It is exactly this difference that magnetizes the couple and hooks them up! Like in:“wow, I am so fascinated with this quality of yours, it is like nothing I have ever seen before!” But can you see the problem here already? Yes, Rahu latches on to one or few specific material or character qualities but does not grasp the whole essence of the person. So one gets obsessed, infatuated... And it does feel powerful and like true love...but True love is more spiritual-it loves the soul of the person. Rahu is an immature and very outward, material energy-so it falls for such things-the mind blowing sex, the amazing smile, the great achievements, the wonderful conversations, the chase, etc etc. So with Rahu relationships we have to be careful, because often they can be infatuations or passion based only. But being in our life, obviously we are learning something from them! And it is so hard to get unhooked from a Rahu relationship! Many people get addicted to the roller coaster emotions and excitements of Rahu relationships. Lessons about self control and restraint are the major ones here.

Poor Ketu, it fades in comparison to the “Gone with the Wind” Rahu relationships! The south node is all about out previous karma-what we have experienced before, where we have been, what we find familiar and comfortable but as exciting as your old pair of slippers! But of course sometimes we feel much better and happier in pajamas and comfy slippers at home than on a drunken night out with glamorous strangers! (Ketu/Rahu).

So Ketu indicates things we often feel a bit detached about-been there, done that, bought the shirt! Such relationship can feel very familiar from the start! As if you are picking up from where you left. And indeed, if you have close Ketu interaspects between you and someone else, then you have past life karma to complete. Such which has been interrupted or needs resolving! Ketu-Venus-you were married or lovers in a past life, but something separated you before you were ready to let go, your souls wanted to complete experiencing each other, so once you meet now, you might instantly recognize each other, have a feeling of coming home, quickly settle into a routine, like a long married couple. Aspects to this conjunct of Venus and Ketu will show how successful and content you will be at doing this. Mars with Ketu-you were likely in a conflict, competitive situation or war together. Or one hurt the other in some way, now is time to resolve the enmity(or pay back, unfortunately).

Each planet indicates a different past life connection and each horoscope with reveal the specifics of the relationship. For example I had a client with Ketu conjunct Her partner's Saturn in the 2nd house in Pisces. Saturn is a planet of poverty, 2nd house material resources, Pisces-spiritual environments. I asked them if they had financial problems and she said-only when together-the moment they get together-the money dries us. A picture of them being in a monastic order and giving vows of poverty emerged in my head. I told it-the lady confirmed that this is exactly what she has been seeing in her meditations.

Of course Ketu is about resolving past life karma, so once they were aware of this, the broke the oath with a little ceremony and things got better. But once ketu's past life mission is complete, the relationship can also dissolve. The 2 partners usually start drifting apart emotionally, they feel more disconnected. Often Ketu relationships start out strong but feel less and less exciting. For older or more spiritually minded people, A Ketu relationship can feel way more comforting and pleasant than a Rahu one. They will see the spiritual essence of each other and love the God within the other. They will feel like their relationships is a sanctuary from the predatory world outside.
But for younger or more passionate people, a Ketu relationship will leave them flat, bored, unstimulated or lonely. Often the most important relationships in one's life have a mixture of Rahu and Ketu interaspects!

One awakens in us desires in one direction, while helping us let go of detachments in another area of life!
Even if you do not have close Rahu /Ketu conjunctions with another, theirs and Yours Rahu will fall in some house in the horoscopes! For example: if someone's Ketu falls in my 8th house of other people's resources, then they are in my life to help me detach from dependence on outer sources. Their Rahu will be in my 2nd house, so they are here to stimulate mire material ambition in me and help me find and utilize my personal resources. Or in a past life(Ketu) they were an agent of big reversals or crisis in my life(8th house) in this life(Rahu) they are here to help stabilize and ground me(2nd house). This is just a small window into the amazing insights astrology can give us about why someone is in our life, the karma we have and how best to approach the relationship! In my Astrology of Love and Compatibility Course, I explain in depth all possible karmic inter-aspect, show you how to analyze separate horoscopes and see if someone is relationship material or a heart breaker, how to forecast how sustainable the relationship is, and much more! 30+ hours of videos!

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