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Love and Awakening

How Uranus Turned my Life Upside Down and Set me FREE.

How Uranus Turned my Life Upside Down and Set me FREE.

You have heard of stories where everything changes out of the blue-inside and out. These stories make us shiver, some with excitement and disbelief that such miracles happen only in movies, others with fear and horror that our own careful constructed lives can also crumble at the blink of an eye.

This is the story of a client of mine-who went through a rare Uranus transit to her Sun and Venus-which lasted 2 years, and who experienced such sudden Uranian reversals in life.

The story is initially daunting, then becomes, surprising and finally inspiring.

“I was the envy of my friends-a career I loved, married to a successful and kind husband, a lovely grown up daughter, beautiful home, big future perspectives, money in the bank. It was picture perfect on the outside. But within I was had been slowly dying for years. My closest friend could not understand why I was so ungrateful, would cry and drink myself to sleep secretly and just feel like I am waiting for life to begin-as if I was in some kind of limbo. I was slowly self destructing with bad habits and guilt.
I was racking my brain as to why I felt this way-I had everything every woman dreams of, everything my parents and society told me would make life worth living. Why did I feel like I do not want to wake up or even live? I had been trying to find that for years-praying, doing therapy, reading all the self help books, attending seminars. All this would give temporary relief but not deep healing.

Then I gave up and just accepted my state. After all I had a stable, successful and predictable life-this is what all people strive for!

And when I gave up and even started enjoying the daily humdrum, all hell broke loose! Little did I suspect what was in store for me! In one hour my life was turned upside down. I had decided to go see my friend who lived a few hours away. On the way there, I got a flat tire. I stood outside the car despondent, because I had never changes a tire a before. And then Fate stepped in. A black Mercedes stopped next to me and a tall handsome man came out and insisted to help me. I have heard about falling in love from first glance, but I thought it was a myth, just like the notion of soul mates or all this hippy, New Age believes. I had always been a practical woman, with rational expectations and reasonable attitude towards relationships-we are in them to divide responsibilities and have companionship.

At the second when I glanced at this random stranger—I felt a jolt through me. My whole body and soul felt like-"You are my Soulmate". I shivered visibly and tried to shake off this overpowering irrational impression.

The stranger changed my tire in 5 mins, said a few funny comments on which I laughed like a school girl and left. I had to sit down on the ground and take my breath and recollect myself. What the hell happened?! How was I able to feel more overflowing love and connection to a total stranger in 5 minutes, than I had ever felt towards the real partners in my life?!

And like that with the suddenness of a heart attack or lighting my whole inner being and perspective on life changed. I did not know if I would ever meet this man, or anyone who made me feel that alive but I knew with absolute clarity gained in just one brief moment, that I could no longer continue to live with the half spark of my current life. Once you taste truth or divine awakening, it is impossible to go back to semi-consciousness.

In less than I week, I filed for a divorce, quit my job and moved out. I knew I looked selfish in the eyes of others—hurting a wonderful man, shocking my family, throwing everything I had worked for out! This is what society punishes-changing the status quo, rocking the boat rebelling against the norms, defying the survivalist mind! But despite the desperateness and pain of it all I had to go, something bigger than fear was moving me!

Love. It was not specific towards that stranger. It was ubiquitous. It was love for life. That stranger happened to awaken it in me with the suddenness of an iced water and allowed me to see reality from a totally different perspective. The strangest thing is that I did not mind if I would ever see him again-he was the catalyst, but not the reason. I had this love in me.

I felt such a lust for life, that I had to follow its call. I did not allow regrets or fears stop me from looking for my own truth!

It was like suddenly shedding a heavy metal armour of guilt, regrets, shame, self-blame and relationship hurts, which I had been dragging for years-they have been killing. I was at awe at the suddenness of it all—as if God has said-enough, you have paid your debt and learnt your lesson, now you are free. Divine Grace!


I went on a year around world trip—at 43, it felt as I was 18 and just out of high school—full of wonder, hopes and ideals!

I met wonderful strangers from exotic countries, I braided my hair in folky ways, I learned yoga, I started surfing, I tried and loved dozens of hobbies and crafts, which had appeared so dull to me during my settled but sad stage.

All my friends were saying I was crazy, I was having a midlife crisis, I was reckless, I was too old to hope for a decent man, because all the good ones were already taken. This would scare me somewhat, but the lust for life and novelty was bigger than me!

This is when I got into astrology too. I found your videos on youtube and started watching them to understand what is happening to me. Then I bought your transit course, which teaches us to predict and see the planetary influences and how they affect us emotionally and on the outside. I was stunned! What I was experiencing you were describing word for work in your Uranus transit Sun Video-I checked and say that Uranus(awakening) made its first exact hit on my Sun(true identity) the week when I met the handsome “soulmate” and left all my life. The second hit corresponded with my going to a world trip and just like you said in the video—“people will think you are crazy, but you will feel alive like no other time in your life”.

Then I saw from your birth chart calculator that I had another Uranus transit to go through—Uranus transit Venus—I watched the video from the transit course, and it said sudden new love, love from first sight, feeling in love like a school girl again, big change in relationship status, in values, very fast and sudden developments in relationships, etc.

I was like: “I had just gone through this already, probably it will be like a linger consequence of my previous actions.” But oh boy, I was in for a bigger shocker! Around a month or 2 around the exact first hit of Uranus over my Venus, I got opened my facebook account and I who do I see-an invitation for friendship from the man who changed my tire!

How was this possible!?! He was from another city, I never gave him my name or said where I worked…

To make long story short—he is my soulmate indeed( I never thought I would everbelieve in such soppy romantic notions) because the moment he saw me, he said he felt the same jolt of recognition and sudden love. (surprise, surprise, when I checked his horoscope turns out he also had an Uranus transit to his Venus when we met).
He said he could not shake off this overpowering feeling for months, but resigned himself to the idea that it must have been one of those eerie moments. Months passed by, and then suddenly he saw a big poster of me (I sometimes model) advertising the services of a consulting company. He contacted the company and asked if they could tell him who the model was. They gave him my name and thus he found me!

Within 2 weeks of contacting me, he was on the plane to join in me in Australia, where I currently was.

A year later we are still together and have not been apart a single day. I had never believes that such love would be possible or existed! I am pregnant at 45 again! Miracles DO happen!

Thank you for helping get me through this rollercoaster period and not thing I was getting nuts and that it was Uranus trying to set me free and help me find my authentic happiness and self! I also learned from you that being an Aries, I was not meant to live a stable and predictable life---it would slowly kill me--like it did-I have to have adventures, excitement, new beginnings, take risks! This is exactly what I did and I keep doing daily, and I had never been happier.

I would recommend your services, the Transit Course and the Free Transit Calculator to anyone who is going through a big shift in life!

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