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How to Predict Marriages from the Moon sign!

How to Predict Marriages from the Moon sign!

How to Predict Marriages from the Moon sign!

Many people write to me that when they listen to their Moon sign predictions, they find them most correct! Why is that?


The Moon was the most important planet in ancient astrology! We have forgotten its significance in modern times, overwhelmed with asteroids, newly discovered planets and so on!


But ancient astrologers would interpret your whole life just based on the Moon!


If you met someone 2000 years ago at a party, and you asked them what their sign was, they would tell your their Moon sign!


In fact vedic astrology still based most of the horoscope and life forecasts on the Moon’s sign and constellation.


They use the Moon as the start of your Horoscope! And especially after 50, they say you should only use your Moon sign as the start, because by then people are less connected to the physical and ancestral karma (ascendant ) and more to their own soul path (Moon)


Ancient astrology recommends you check all your planet positions from the Moon sign!


Say you see Saturn in the 3rd from Moon(using whole sign house system): you can bet your socks that this person will have some social or communication anxiety/inadequacy) in the first part of life! Actually it will be even more prominent then from ascendant sign, because it directly connects to one’s inner world experience, while positions from Ascendant sign are more connected to the qualities we inherit from our ancestors, family.


Or you can have Jupiter in the 4th sign from your Moon, and this immediately means that you will have easier capacity for happiness(4th) and more positive emotional predisposition, even a bigger, more palatial property and a big family!


It is especially telling looking at your Moon sign when it comes to relationships!

Say your Moon is in Virgo, then you attract spouses/ partners will Pisces soul qualities (7th sigh from the Moon).


The profession of your spouse even is way better described by the Sign opposite of your Moon, and any planets there and the house the 7th from Moon falls from natal ascendant.


Like my Moon is in Leo in 7th, and my first husband was an Aquarius sun, with 4 planets Stellium in Aquarius and was super independent and initiative (the 7th sign from my Moon falls in my 1st house).


My second husband is depicted by the 8th (the death and rebirth of marriage) from the 7th from Moon. lol Getting complex, stay with me!


That would be Virgo (8th sign from Aquarius) and the 8th house (8th whole sign house from 1st house).


My second husband’s talent is stock markets, mutual funds and investment (8th house) and he deals with all our accounts, taxes and finances (Virgo 8th house) and I am drawn to him because of powerful sexual chemistry and love for discussing the occult (8th), even our relationships started secretly (8th).


The easiest way to check for spousal description is:


first spouse: the 7th sign and house from natal Moon


Second spouse: the 2nd sign and 2nd whole sign house from natal moon


Third spouse: 9th sign and whole sign house from moon


4th spouse: 4th sign and whole sign house from natal moon


Of course the 7th is always most powerful as it indicates the 1st spouse and general emotional pull to others, but each consecutive important life partnership or marriage will be described more specifically by the following signs and whole sign houses as showed above!


But this is just a small drop in the ocean of what the Moon is all about!

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