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Some people are incompatible on the energetic level--their physical and emotional predispositions  create an excess of certain energy and the couple suffers too much fire(anger), wind(instability) or water(emotions). Find out if you have this with your partner and what it means. 

Clash of Energies in Relationships. Astrology Tip

Clash of Energies in Relationships. Astrology Tip

Astrology looks to different elements that make up the basic energies of nature, and therefore our bodies and minds. People fall into different body/mind typings called "doshas." There are three primary doshas: Kapha or "watery," Pitta or "fiery," and Vata or "windy." The three different doshas are associated with distinct emotional and health issues. And these in turn affect profoundly how we act in relationships. The 27 different Moon Mansions (sub-signs called "nakshatras") are associated with these elemental energies. And the energy of your Moon nakshatra is the most significant in terms of how you are emotionally. One of the most critical things between you and a man in terms of your compatibility is just this - the energy of your Moon nakshatras. But here is the deal: you need to have different basic emotional energy than your partner if you want things to run more smoothly between you! When it’s the same, your emotional natures amplify each other and the balance is lost. 2 people with the same Moon dosha will have excess of that energy.

For example: both Moons in Watery nakshatra, then everything becomes too much of an emotional issue. The woman tends to become more teary and hyper sensitive. If Both Moons fall in Windy nakshatras there is an excess of wind that makes it hard to stay grounded and focused. This is when the woman usually starts feeling insecure. Both people with Fiery Doshas makes them react with more anger, frustration and impatience to each other. Same Moon dosha can be BAD for your relationship both emotionally AND physically! Then ancient books even warn about health problems! It's said that when you're both of the same element, however, you'll have both PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS just from being around each other.

Not only that - the more you spend time together, the more this can cause disruptions to your basic eating and sleeping habits - making it difficult for you to digest your food or get adequate rest. Interestingly - when this occurs, both people don't seem to feel it equally. Two fiery people cause the MAN to have more emotional and health problems... Two windy people cause the WOMAN to have the problems... And two watery people cause the WOMAN (yet again!) to have the problems... If you and a man are of the same energetic element, the advice is that you should sometimes sleep apart. This gives your systems the chance to rebalance. But no amount of self control will change how your react physically and emotionally to each other-it is all energetic and beyond your control. But at least you know what is going on and why you are feeling and reacting in such exaggerated ways! For example I had the same Watery Moon element with my ex husband! Gosh, I became an emotional mess around him and overreacted for the smallest issue! I never usually cry, but when I spent long time with him, I ended up crying even at commercials! I slept longer and had less energy and motivation. Excess Water creates a more phlegmatic, emotional and tired state!

No wonder I was unable to keep a work out regime for long, while I lived with him. Remember, when there is excess Water-the woman feels it more intensely! He does not seem to have the same reaction! So, the solution? Sleeping in separate rooms sometimes. Taking holidays and days off separately. The moment I spent a day or 2 away from him, I felt more energized and way less emotional! You can imagine what excess of Fire Dosha would do! Then the man would be the one loosing his temper a lot and suffering a big dis-balance and even health issues! The Windy Moons are more hurtful for the woman-making her feel ungrounded and insecure in the relationship. But remember, this does not necessarily make or break a relationship. The whole compatibility has to be looked at together with the doshas. For which you can check my teacher’s In-depth Compatibility Report for only $14.99 which analyses all these factors between you and a partner:

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So how do you find the element of your Moon’s nakshatra is. Go to My Birth Chart Calculator and enter your details-time of birth or at least approximate time of birth needed. Then go to the planery detail table and check the nakshatra of your Moon like showed below:


Then see what Dosha(element, your Moon Nakshatra falls in) : WINDY: Asvinni, Ardra, Punurvasu, Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, Jyeshtha, Moola, Shatabishak, Purva Bhadra Pada FIERY: Bharani, Mrigashira, Pushyami, Purva Phalguni, Chitra, Anuradha, Purva Ashada, Danishta, Uttara Bhadra Pada WATERY: Krittika, Rohini, Ashlesha, Magha, Svati, Vishaka, Uttara Ashada, Sravana, Revati Enjoy working these out for yourself and your partner!

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