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If you happen to have Aries ascendant Sun Moon or Venus or are in love with some with a strong Aries, then this post is for you.

Aries Relationship Problems

Aries Relationship Problems

The most common problems in love for Aries come from the impulsive and desire driven nature of Aries. Relationships need objectivity and balance, but Aries is all about the hot passion of the moment. Lust and infatuation is often confused for love and leads many Aries to hasty commitments and relationship choices before having really gotten to know the partner and established the level of compatibility.

Because the desire of the moment is very potent for Aries, they often "jump without looking", proclaim their devotion and passion early on and sweep their love interest.
But Aries feelings are desire driven, so they burn bright and fast like a shooting star! Desires expire quickly once they are satisfied and assuaged. Once the initial thrill is faded, Aries can feel lackluster and without the fires of passion can quickly feel bored and start looking for the butterflies in the stomach someplace else.

In order for the butterflies and high passions to be present for long, some sort of a challenge or frustration need to be present. The nature of passion is such that it entails some suffering or lack. The word passion comes from the Latin work suffering (like in the "passion of Christ"). And as we said Aries is all about the passion rather than the familiar content of marital closeness.

So often Aries can subconscious choose relationships in which they suffer is some way- there is some challenge, something which cannot be attained, like love triangles, emotionally unavailable partners, complications, having to fight for something, etc. This way they keep the fires of passion burning and think this is love! But indeed this makes them feel alive! An Aries in love is like a midnight conflagration!! Full of excitement and idealism! But the price of keeping this fire is very high-drama, obstacles, challenges!

The moment it all calms down, they receive the object of passion fully or what they craved and dreamed from the relationship, the moment when they should really be happy, is when Aries can actually start feeling empty and uninspired! The passion has been assuaged! Now what? Few Aries have the patience and desire to explore the calm but deep waters of settled commitments. They either stir the mud with sporadic dramas or start looking for new exciting opportunities.

The big lesson for Aries is to realize that committed relationships are not about fireworks and butterflies and that the grass is not greener on the other side. Whenever you receive the object of your desire, passion weakens, but there is a more profound and mature level of love through which one discovers deeper and newer faces of the partner- it can be even more exciting than hopping superficially around. Every person contains the whole Universe within, Aries needs to learn to be patient and this journey will become an unforgettable adventure!

Aries should also learn not to rush into relationships as soon as they hormones hit them! Many times I have to remind myself this, being an Aries Venus and Sun! Get to know the person first and then make decisions!!

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