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Relocation Astrology

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Relocation Astrology

This reading will help you choose the most auspicious places to live in, work, find love or improve aspects of your life. It will also focus on what areas you should avoid if you do not want to encounter difficulties. Moving to a new country or destination can indeed change one's destiny, the ancient initiates knew this and they would move whole nations and tribes across continents in order to change their fate. In the same way, you can unlock sleeping possibilities from your birth chart, by moving to places which support the expression of these energies or avoid places which trigger difficult karmic and personality manifestations of yours. 

You can work with the astrologer by asking him/her to examine a few different places you have in mind(up to 3 for a reading) or by saying what areas of your life you would like to be improved. The Astrologer then will look at the best destinations for you to move in or make business with (if you cannot relocate) and make recommendations. so you can benefit maximally. 

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