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Viktor is a spectacular astrologer!

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I've received readings from 3 astrologers and Viktor is the best. Some astrologers speak in a very complex, esoteric language that can be a bit frustrating when you need a straightforward answer or information. He answered my questions in detail in a way that's easy to understand. I went back and watched the video he sent from last year and it was very accurate. I will definitely be a return customer.

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Viktor is such a talented astrologer, he has a natural gift of pin pointing what is happening in ones life and not only does he provide you the best guidance but he is also such a lovely and kind person, giving advice above and beyond the expectation. I won’t ever use any other astrologer other Viktor again. Look forward to my future readings with him. Thank you so much Viktor, you made me feel so much more positive for the future.

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This reading gave me chills! Vicktor is among the best. His reading was scary accurate! He is thorough and very smart and will help you find the right path. I can't say enough good things!

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This is my third webinar with viktor I have learned so much. He is the best I have come across Lada you have a gift for bringing these people to us also he is a gift to you aswell Please do more webnars cant wait for the next one I could listen to you every second of every hour of every day

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I loved my reading for career and love with Simon, he was on point and surely could see my exact current position and predict my future- highly recommended! Worth every cent!

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 I was very moved by the recent reading I had with Viktor. He uses the whole sign system, and as someone who defaults to Placidus, the reading he provided was enlightening, and gave me a whole new perspective on my chart (which I had previously thought was crap). His interpretations were extremely accurate, and I was quite impressed with his methods. I am very grateful for the insights he provided, and am so happy that I decided to have a reading with him. I highly recommend his services!

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Victor you are just amazing

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I had a couple readings with Viktor And he is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING....he has been able to give me the answers I've needed in my personal and career I am so excited to start this journey in my life and I truly Thank Viktor for this ????...I highly recommend him to everyone I come in contact with...

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Victor is an excellent astrologer but more than that - he is a very good person. He really cares and understands the client and truly wants to help him. Brilliant and a rare astrologer ! Highly recommended. Thank you Victor and all the best.

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said for Viktor

Viktor's reading was very spot on! He was able to pin point things from my chart no one would know (for example my having a tendency to be wild but I hold back) No one would know that unless they really knew me. The whole reading definitely resonated with me. He confirmed what my intuition was telling me which allowed me to put things into perspective and on track (what to focus on). He is in tune with his calling and provided great insight into my chart!

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Viktor is a very insightful astrologer and I really benefited a lot from his reading. I already recommended him for two of my best friends. Thank you for an amazing and very valuable reading. All the best.

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I had my reading with Viktor today and loved it! He is a great astrologer, very professional, accurate, and a great communicator. I would definitely have a future reading with him. Thank you Viktor!

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Good morning Viktor I only want to sincerely thank you! You are right...I must truly find the strength to leave my troubled past behind... I must not let it define me. It's part of me but it doesn't serve me nor it is who I am anymore... And yes! I must think more positive about myself and my life instead of negative. Live in the present be less stubborn and rigid and change the programming of my thinking. I will forgive my parents so that I can heal... I have already had a very amicable conversation with my mother this morning and I believe it is possible... I spent the whole night thinking about what you encouraged me to do and though very late I slept like a baby after months! Thank you ...

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Victor is truly a gifted astrologer. He was spot on with details of my family history and personality. His demeanor is also very comforting, it is very easy to talk to him. I will wait to see if his predictions come true but he gave me very valuable advice that I will definitely take to heart. Thank you Victor!

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Viktor was incredibly accurate as far as who I am independently as well as in relationships. He could intuitively validate what my chart was communicating by the energy around my intention! I’m very impressed with his delivery! His reading has given me significant confidence and contentment with where I’m at in my life and what’s to come! Astrology has been such an amazing navigational tool for me and Viktor’s reading was perfect!! I’ll be looking forward to future readings with him! Thank you for all your time and effort in becoming so fluent and insightful in astrology to benefit others, Viktor! You really are a blessing!

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Viktor was amazing. He was spot on in a way I've not seen often very often. I would highly recommend him.

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First real astrologer I met personally in my search/diving into the subject. He could say many things about my past, showing me the great tools of traditional western astrology, by the way I'm a student and practitioner of vedic astrology since 12 years. Very accurate statements, and I felt to be empowered for the future to come. He is a simple person and hope to meet him again. Thank you Victor

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Viktor saw things others never did. He read me like a book -my blocks & issues -and offered concrete next steps. Very empowering. Highly recommended.

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Viktor Astrologer

Hellenistic Astrologer

Time of Delivery of Horoscopes: 3-4 weeks

My name is Viktor and I am from Hungary, but I have been living in London for 11 years. 
I have been doing astrology for 20 years. 
I discovered astrology just after my mum passed away and it helped me understand that she had left me to make me who I am today, to open up my horizon and seek for possibilities in life.

I started my studies in Hungary and studied from different people. I have always been drawn to Hellenistic and traditional astrology. I am a big fan of profection and zodiacel releasing and these techniques proved to be so accurate for me. 

When I was 17 I went to rent a video and I found a tarot reader's business card on the table. I didn't even know what tarot cards were, but i became curious and decided to book a reading with the lady. She made me draw a picture and literally she put my life on the table.... i was so fascinated that I wanted to start studying immediately.
She told me that she wanted to teach me free of charge as one day she could get into a history book of her being my teacher. 
She taught me how to analyse drawings and how to use tarot cards, kinesiology, touch for health and different types of healing method. One day she said she was not enough for me anymore and she recommended to go to study with one of the most famous astrologers in Hungary.
Thats when I knew astrology was going to become my path. 

I am an aquarius sun, pisces rising, my uranus in in conjunction with moon and Jupiter in 9th house. 

When you start studying astrology, you can never ever stop. I am currently doing some research on different types of time lord techniques such as fridaria, profection, zodiacel releasing

I hope I will be able to help you bring through your true desire with the stars:)

Please keep in mind that it takes a few days to answer all the emails!

Viktor will get back to you as soon as possible and contact you on your email with all the details about your reading! 





If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

12 Month Predictive Horoscope, 75 minutes $320

 I will help you highlight the upcoming year's topics and most important events.

30 minutes Skype horoscope $140

Choose 2-3 topics you wish to cover and I will enlighten you to the best possible way. Contact me from the contact form with your questions and details

Relocation astrology $260

60 minutes Skype horoscope $260

Choose a number of topics you would like to look into more and I will answer them to the best possible way. Contact me from the contact form with your questions and birth details. 

Vocational call / career report / business analysis - $355 / 75-80 minutes

Horary answer to one question $105

Answer to one question based on the time you ask the question and the positions of the planets then.  The questions should be as specific as possible to receive a clear answer: Where is my ring? Does he love me? Will we end up together? Will I find the passport? Will this event be successful? Should I apply for a new job and will I get it? Etc... Horary astrology is only for specific questions and not general life direction. 

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