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I am blown away by Donny’s Vocational Horoscope for me. He managed to reflect what really brewing within me that needs addressing, in order to clear my inner doubts and concerns to transform them into inner motivation and drive to go after what is really aligned to me higher purpose and fulfillment. I’ve learnt some astrology myself along the way, but am blown that he showed me a whole other side to my chart that am not aware of that REALLY tells the story of what’s going on. Would highly recommend him to anyone who seeks clarity of purpose and ways in how to get there!

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Thanks Donny so much for my Vocational Horoscope. I’ve been feeling stuck with cross-road choices of where to turn and you helped to really orientate me in a direction that helps to relieve me of all my doubts. As you mentioned, the post-2020 Era is a brand-new one and certain industries will be past its heyday, making way for the “Air” way of living our lives. I am so grateful for your enlightenment and will be in touch for yet another reading in another area of my life. Your techniques are bomb and I love the way you weave so many seemingly separate parts of my chart into a cohesive whole. Very Virgo indeed!

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Hi Donny! Thank you so much for your amazing insight for my Solar Return reading. There’s so much to digest, and to discover. Great interpretations and advise for the future as well. I’ll need to re-listen multiple times to uncover every single detail of this reading. You have empowered me to choose the right decisions for myself coming up! I’ll be back for follow-up readings for sure. So glad to have found you!

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It's been a privilege to have my Venus Reading with you! You have certainly exceeded beyond what I have bargained for; you really did an excellent job in analyzing my VenusStarPoint (VSP) for sure - it really hit so close to home! I must say that I feel naked whenever I hear a stranger discover that I was starved of nourishment or was not nurtured when I was young - that's my core pain. I don't want people to know about it. However, I am working on healing myself. I'll be back for sure for more readings with you - thanks so much! You were right indeed when you mentioned that: 1. that I do over self-analysis unnecessarily, having a tendency to be self-critical, 2. that I obsess with perfect looks ...

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I am so glad and grateful for my Venus reading with Donny, as he went above and beyond in dissecting my chart using the Venus Star technique. Was blown away by what he had to tell me from my natal tapestry: giving root causes and potential ways of coping with issues of depression and panic attacks since young; to the constant estrangement between me and my family. This is on top of my innate gifts and talents which I have to share with the world. From his reading, I now have a more helicopter view of why things are the way it is- helping me to be one step closer to have closure and move forward in my soul’s evolution. Again, thank you, Donny! Will be definitely back for more readings with ...

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Wow, Donny, thank you so much for your really in-depth Venus Reading for me! I really loved learning about my VSP (Venus Star Point), what a wonderful technique! It added so much depth (my VSP in Scorpio) to my self-knowledge, awakening, and as to why certain life events occurred for me; on top of innate tendencies that I possess. I can definitely say you were spot on with a lot that I DID NOT go into in my Bio, and am pretty relieved there are ways through these. I'm so happy you included many caveats/warnings and potential solutions/remedies in the reading for me. Can’t thank you enough! Will you be interested in teaching webinars on this particular topic? If so, I’ll definitely be signing ...

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I am blown away by the 30 Min Reading Donny did for me. As someone who has been and still is on my spiritual journey, I found Donny and Ian’s series on Psychic/Intuition intriguing since they cover from the perspective of an astrological lens, mashed together with practical how-to advice on how to spot whether I have clairvoyance, clairaudience etc … abilities. I bought a 30 Min Reading with him and it was so crisp an clear which are my “clair” gifts and talents. Since I can use those gifts in my career, his advice on how to push it further to combine the two is super useful. Am so much more reassured now that I’m not just crazy and delusional as I once thought! Thank you Donny, for ...

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My 30-minute reading with Donny completely blew my mind! I’ve got my 3 topics to ask him about, and he used my natal Venus Star (never heard of that before) to explain what is going on in my life currently, addressing all 3 of my questions for him in such a concise and direct manner! I’ll be back in the near future for his other readings for sure! He’s a gem of an astrologer!

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I know a little about astrology but even thought I asked for a reading with Donny just to try. a I was surprisingly amazed. He gave me this incredible reading, very accurate , very precise, and with all the details. It's so worth it because I realise that he really cares for his clients. Thank you Donny we keep in touch

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Thanks, Donny for the Solar Return/Birthday reading that I received. I've had many reports done before by other astrologers, and I have to say that I think he is one of the best ones out there that I've encountered, He's very precise and really bothers to give good quality predictions. He genuinely cares for the client as well with his warmth and sincerity. Definitely will be recommending him to others around me who are interested in engaging an astrologer to read for them - since he's the real deal! Worth every dollar I paid too!

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Thank you so much for your Solar Return/Birthday Reading!! OMG you are soo good! Unreal.???? I just quit my job, before I got your reading :). And I registered for a webinar financial astrology and ordered a book of Carl Jung last month ???? ... All of which you've touched on in my recording! I am officially spooked! Would highly recommend your services to one's around me. You're definitely worth every dollar ????. I still have chills listening to my recording!

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My Venus Reading was incredibly well-presented, thorough and insightful. Really enjoyed it. It was such an uplifting experience and a reading I will keep in mind for a while. Throughout the reading I felt like many different unconscious parts of my persona deep within me was brought to the fore, reinforcing what I've always wondered about myself. There was a lot of valuable, articulate information presented about my chart and upcoming returns, lighting the path forward for me. Donny was not only very generous with his time but also encouraging, empathetic and he clearly has a flair for what he does. Thank you.

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Your Solar Return (SR)/Birthday reading literally blew my mind and resonated so much with me! One of the things that you said that stood out to me regarding psychic ability/ paranormal activity over this period. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had this and I don’t know how to deal with it or control it. It’s not something that’s happening every day - it just comes and goes but recently it has come back. For someone who believes in the spirit guides and its realm, you also mentioned a grandfather figure I’m connected in spirit who will send me messages from above over this SR period – that will be my maternal grandfather! He’s the one who often sends me messages and clues. It’s ...

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Just received my Venus ♀ Reading from Donny. Thank you so so much! I appreciate all your meticulousness and patience in explaining things, insights offered, in-depth knowledge and of course the wisdom! It was so comprehensive and enlightening of a soul journey as I listened to the recording. Would highly recommend his services to people around me who are open for a reading.

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I would like to express my utmost gratitude to your joyful diligence in preparing and presenting my Venus reading. You have shown your great expertise in your field, and in addition, I can truly sense genuine compassion as you give elaborate, detailed and careful explanations to me. I felt as if I have known you and that you were explaining the chart to your best friend, i.e with care and kindness. I admire your professionalism and kindness! The content is not only that it is extremely helpful for me to view my life from a different perspective, but it is also very healing. I know for sure that I will view it over and over again, and take notes. I did take a lot of notes already, but not all ...

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Thank you again for another insightful and fantastic reading! I'm very interested to see how things play out. Till then, I'll definitely be back again to engage Donny for yet another reading in the near future - he's simply worth every single dollar ????! Thanks Lada for adding him to your team.

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Would like to take this time to thank Donny so much for the Venus Reading that I received recently. There's a lot of unconscious and subconscious topics in which he brought up during the delineations that I am right now seriously looking into to absorb more of Venus' rays into my life. Would likely recommend this speciality reading of his since I don't think I've seen one on the market (as far as I know) that focuses on the planet of harmony, love, relationships and self-worth in her totality that he covers. Worth every dollar in my books! Thanks again.

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Hi Donny, I just watched your Venus and Mars return video, Amazing! I wish you did chart recertification cause we really need Virgo's doing that work.

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I absolutely loved my Solar Return/Birthday Reading from Donny! It's clear, cohesive and right to the point on matters pertaining to how the energy will shift for me personally in the next 12 months! I also love the specific dates that he gave me to look out for in the year which is very helpful. Would definitely be back to engage his services again! His warmth, dedication to his craft and care for the client were all very evident and commendable - definitely worth every dollar that I personally spent. Thanks, Lada for spotting this talent of an astrologer!

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I really loved the work Donny has provided! I went for a Vocational Reading and his service was meticulously detailed, eloquent and generously explained, going into depth about the meaning of different astral placements in my chart. I have been job hunting for the past two years and he provided me with much clarity about this current situation, encouragement to look forward and explain what I need to integrate and work on in my journey of growth. He has been very supportive and listed many potential career paths that could match my energy and where I could find satisfaction and progress in. Since receiving his work, I have been journaling every week, and it is helping me a lot! I take his reading ...

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Donny Astrologer

Astrologer and Healer

Horoscope Delivery will be done via pre-recordings mainly to facilitate speed.

Average time for delivery of horoscopes: 2-3 weeks
During peak periods the average time for delivery of horoscopes: 6 weeks & above 

Who am I – actually?

Firstly, let’s start with some astrology. I’m Donny: Virgo rising, Gemini Sun and Taurus Moon with an emphasized 9 th house (Placidus). Prior to astrological learning and work, I was working as an engineer who progressed into logistics, training and lastly technical writing.

I’ve always been enthusiastically interested in looking to alignments in the sky for answers ever since I was a child, but didn’t pursue it due to early cultural and familial conditioning. It took the recent life-changing and paradigm shifting transit of Uranus - Pluto square in the sky to finally nudge me forward (and off the cliff!) to step into my personal power, honouring and subsequently developing them. My journey thus far included a highly structured diploma level program in astrological studies, online courses/webinars and also reading broadly whenever I can with topics ranging from cosmology, to alchemical healing, to inner guide meditation techniques just to name a few to have a holistic, broad-based view of things. 

Clientele work wise, I employ a mixture of astrological techniques from different lineages to delve in and symbolically decode your personal tapestry, and perhaps also provide certain answers you may be seeking for that inner peace of mind.

My astrological goal is to re-enchant the world - shifting perspectives, one at a time.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Vocational Horoscope ~ 60 mins $239

This service may aid you to better determine your life’s calling via guiding us into exactly what field of job/career would be suitable using the natal chart. Instead of working to live, you may start living to work instead. This is where astrology is applied in grounded, real-life ways. Please enter your birth details (day, month, and year, birth time as indicated in birth certificate/or rectified time and birth city & country) in the contact form below post- purchase.

Venus - What's your Fire, True Desire ~ 90 mins $350

This in-depth service explores encoded messages plus potentials in order to bring fulfilment, peace, beauty and happiness to yourself and others - from your Venus placement, her interaction with the rest of the chart and Venus Return(s). This reading includes other techniques like the Venus Yod and Star Points to help you grasp your special gift and unique talent that’s to be shared with the world. You may include a question of concern as well to be addressed during the reading, but it will need to be specific and only involve one chart at hand (i.e. no synastry/two charts involved). Please enter your birth details (day, month, and year, birth time as indicated in birth certificate/or rectified time and birth city & country) and the question of concern in the contact form below post-purchase.

Relocation Reading $199

This reading helps you decide the most auspicious places to live, work, find love or improve certain aspects. You may even unlock passive natal potentials encoded within via moving to places which support the expression of those energies and avoid places that may trigger potentially difficult karmic and personality manifestations within. Name 2 different places you have in mind for a session. I will then look for the best destination(s) for you to move to or target your business toward (if you can’t physically relocate) and make some recommendations to benefit you maximally. Please enter your birth details (day, month, and year, birth time as indicated in birth certificate/or rectified time and birth city, country) and the main aim(s) you would like to achieve in the new locality in the contact form below post-purchase.

30 Minute Session $169

This reading adequately covers a maximum of 3 topics while working with a single chart. Please enter your birth details (day, month, and year, birth time as indicated in birth certificate/or rectified time and birth city & country) in the contact form below post-purchase.

Birthday Horoscope (Solar Return Reading) ~ 60 mins $229

An in-depth look into your year ahead from your birthday.
If there is  a specific area of life that you need more clarity on for the year ahead, please include that in the contact form so that it can be included for the reading.
Please enter your birth details (day, month, and year, birth time as indicated in birth certificate/or rectified time and birth city & country) in the contact form below post-purchase

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