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Diana Astrologer

Astrologer, Phd Psychologist, Numerologist 
Hello, my name is Diana. I am an astro-psychologist - a certified professional astrologer with a PhD in Psychology.
I am a Sagittarius Sun with Moon and Ascendant in Gemini.
I can still remember my childhood enthusiasm to draw different planets and stars, the Solar System and the Milky Way. I felt so irresistibly attracted to the cosmos and its mystery. As a result of some life changing events I spent a great deal of my conscious life in searching for meaningful answers of questions concerning the cosmic order and the humans’ place in it:
What is the purpose of our existence as human beings?
How are we connected to the universe, to ourselves and to each other?
How does the universe influence our collective history and individual life experiences?
Are our life paths predestined or free-willed?
How can we take back control of our lives in crisis times?
It is my philosophical attitude, versatile knowledge, continuous introspection and spiritual pursuits that have guided me so far. I guess they paved the way for my studies and career in both astrology and psychology. Combining these two “sciences of the soul” in practice provided unique insights and profound understanding of human nature in relation to cosmic forces.
I have specialized in the field of natal astrology, numerology, astro-psychology, synastry or astrology of relationships, karmic astrology or astrology of the soul, elective and predictive astrology. My readings synthesize the achievements of Western, Vedic and Russian schools in astrology, Cognitive Science, Personality Psychology, Clinical & Counseling Psychology.


Here are my services

In Depth Answer to One Question/ Life Theme $90

An in-depth answer to one specific question or analysis of one life theme. The question can be regarding anything, as long as it involves working with just one horoscope (from lost objects, to love life and choosing auspicious dates).  

30 Minute Skype or Recorded Astrology Reading $90

Work with just one birth chart. Please contact me from the form to schedule or send me your birth details, questions etc. 

60 minutes Skype or Recorded Reading with Diana $180

Please contact me from the contact form in order to schedule time and give birth details and questions. 

Relationship Horoscope $160

Compatibility between two people and the potential for their relationship; short-term vs. long-term relationship; the relationship pattern – sexual affair, romantic love, marriage, friendship, business partnership, parental, etc.; type of compatible and incompatible partners; guidelines for improvement of the relationship and for future relationships.  

12 Months Predictive Horoscope $ 170

Individual predictions and guidelines for 12 Months and for various domains of life: love and relationships; business and partnerships; education and professional orientation; job and career; money, earned income and inheritance, etc. Contact Diana via her contact form for further questions or orders

12 Month Business Horoscope with Diana $250

Contact Diana from her contact form for questions and orders 

Child Horoscope $150

In-depth, psychological and astrological profile of your child. Its strengths and weaknesses and how to help bring out the best of your child and their talents. How to approach and behave with your child in the most effective ways according to their nature. 
You are welcome to contact Diana via her contact form once you order or if you have any questions in advance. 

Relocation Horoscope $105

Astrological examination of up to 4 chosen places of relocation and their influence on your life. If no place in mine, Diana will help you find the most auspicious locations for different life purposes

Extensive Life Horoscope + Predictions $280

Description of one’s natal potential in different life domains: love and relationships, family and children, physical health and mental well-being, business and partnerships, education, vocation and career; real estate, earned income, joint assets and inheritance; traveling, mobility and emigration; guidelines for development and improvement of different life domains. Forecasts for the future. 
Contact Diana to schedule and give birth details and questions, from the contact form on this profile.       

Karmic Life Horoscope $150

Analysis of one’s natal potential in terms of karmic mission and life lessons, reincarnation and path of the soul, incl. guidelines for spiritual growth and self-awareness. 
You can contact Diana from her contact form to schedule and give birth details  

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