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I found this very accurate; especially the part about my motivation or lack thereof, how I prioritize when forming and committing to concepts of VALUE AND DEVOTION... that a REAL FAMILY for which I can give everything is more important to me than money. I've decided not to decide where to put down roots and REALLY "put myself out there", thanks for the reading.

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A while ago you made a report for me. I want to thank you again because I think it is the best advice I was given from any mental health professional or astrologer I came across

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I'm very grateful for reading of my baby boy's natal chart. The information was very helpful. Thank you

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I still read it (your last year's reading for me), from time to time, and every time I am amazed of how accurate you are. Actually, my life changed exactly as you predicted.Thank you for using your abilities to help others

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I just wanted to let you know that your prediction was accurate!  Your prediction about my mother was right at the end of the time period you mentioned... Thank you, Diana, I just thought you'd like to know.  I am very impressed by your knowledge and expertise and grateful for your encouragement through a difficult time

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Thank you for your reading. It saved my life. I went to see the doctor as you advised me and they found tumors that could have killed me. They took them out and now I am going to a fertility specialist. Your advice really helped...

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This is both a review and an expression of gratitude. The information that you have given me was both informative and useful in a practical everyday sense of the word. You have given more than I had expected, and you listened very well. You also took onboard my own personal experiences. I think that you are truly gifted and skillful. Your intelligence and insight into the human condition combined with your knowledge of astrology and numerology is an extraordinary gift and ability and I am glad that I was able to benefit from it. I am sure that you will be hearing from me again and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is looking for genuine and intelligent guidance. All ...

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Thank you so much for this reading. I feel like my life after reading this document makes so much more sense and I know what choices I need to make. I will be recommending you to everyone I know, again THANK YOU!

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Thanks so much for your hard work, and especially the extras you provided. Your assessment is extremely accurate, unnervingly so. Early childhood trauma of the type you mentioned has misshaped my life in the ways you described, contributing to the type of self-hampering behaviors you mentioned throughout my life… your predictions provide some much-needed light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel – thanks for that

said for Diana

What an amazing insight your report has. It is a huge inspiration to me and has definitely given me confidence to forge ahead with my career. It amazes me to read, the detail that you go into, it is comforting!... You have a beautiful writing style that makes the information you are portraying very easy to interpret.

said for Diana

I really like the way you combined the information with the advice. You made it make sense to me!!! You helped me realise that this is understandable and that I am not going crazy!!

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Your advice and insights into my relocation are incredible. I never thought such vision could be possible. And your results are most encouraging… Your analysis makes perfect sense… Thanks again, Diana. Thank you for listening. I;ll be back again for more of your services!

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Thank you so much for the Karmic Life Horoscope, Diana. It was very informative and detailed, and very beneficial to me. I appreciate your time and care with my reading!

said for Diana

Unfortunately, our affair came out into the public, exactly as you predicted… Now, I’m terribly sorry that I didn’t take your advice more seriously!

said for Diana

I feel so calm and happy! I recommended you to my friends… it’s really amazing to get both astrological reading and psychological advising in one.

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I’ve never thought I’d consult anybody. I didn’t believe in astrology at all. Still, you were known to be a good psychologist, so I felt I could trust you… Now, I’m a bit confused because it turned out exactly the way you told me [concerning a recent breakup]… How is it possible? I guess you know me better than myself…

said for Diana

Guess what! Do you remember what you told me about my father and my chances of fortune by inheritance? I can’t believe it, but he finally has admitted that he owns an apartment and that he is seriously ill… so, I guess it will happen anyway…

said for Diana

I can’t believe it! How could you know that?! I didn’t even mention anything about my brother. You’re so good! My brother really got married… so surprisingly… exactly as you said!

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Wow, you’re a genius! I must admit I’m a bit angry because I really thought my relationship with that guy would work out well… Still, I’m so grateful to you because you told me that it’s time to focus on my work and career instead… I feel much better now… at least as far as my income and self-esteem are concerned…

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Diana Astrologer

Astrologer, Phd Psychologist, Numerologist 
Hello, my name is Diana. I am an astro-psychologist - a certified professional astrologer with a PhD in Psychology.
I am a Sagittarius Sun with Moon and Ascendant in Gemini.
I can still remember my childhood enthusiasm to draw different planets and stars, the Solar System and the Milky Way. I felt so irresistibly attracted to the cosmos and its mystery. As a result of some life changing events I spent a great deal of my conscious life in searching for meaningful answers of questions concerning the cosmic order and the humans’ place in it:
What is the purpose of our existence as human beings?
How are we connected to the universe, to ourselves and to each other?
How does the universe influence our collective history and individual life experiences?
Are our life paths predestined or free-willed?
How can we take back control of our lives in crisis times?
It is my philosophical attitude, versatile knowledge, continuous introspection and spiritual pursuits that have guided me so far. I guess they paved the way for my studies and career in both astrology and psychology. Combining these two “sciences of the soul” in practice provided unique insights and profound understanding of human nature in relation to cosmic forces.
I have specialized in the field of natal astrology, numerology, astro-psychology, synastry or astrology of relationships, karmic astrology or astrology of the soul, elective and predictive astrology. My readings synthesize the achievements of Western, Vedic and Russian schools in astrology, Cognitive Science, Personality Psychology, Clinical & Counseling Psychology.


Please keep in mind that it takes a few days to answer all the emails!

Diana will get back to you as soon as possible and contact you on your email with all the details about your reading! 


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Predictive Yearly Horoscopes on Zoom / Skype $240

Individual predictions and guidelines for 12 Months and for various domains of life: love and relationships; business and partnerships; education and professional orientation; job and career; money, earned income and inheritance, etc. Contact Diana via her contact form for further questions or orders

Karmic Life Reading on Zoom/Skype $195

Analysis of one’s natal potential in terms of karmic mission and life lessons, reincarnation and path of the soul, incl. guidelines for spiritual growth and self-awareness. 
You can contact Diana from her contact form to schedule and give birth details  

30 Minute Skype or Recorded Astrology Reading $110

Work with just one birth chart. Please contact me from the form to schedule or send me your birth details, questions etc. 

60 minutes Skype or Recorded Reading with Diana $210

Please contact me from the contact form in order to schedule time and give birth details and questions. 

Answer to One Specific Question $110

An in-depth answer to one specific question. The question can be regarding anything, as long as it involves working with just one horoscope (from lost objects, to love life and choosing auspicious dates).  

Relationship Horoscope/Compatibility $220

Compatibility between two people and the potential for their relationship; short-term vs. long-term relationship; the relationship pattern – sexual affair, romantic love, marriage, friendship, business partnership, parental, etc.; type of compatible and incompatible partners; guidelines for improvement of the relationship and for future relationships.  

Relocation Horoscope $135

Astrological examination of up to 4 chosen places of relocation and their influence on your life. If no place in mine, Diana will help you find the most auspicious locations for different life purposes

Extensive Life Horoscope + Predictions $365

Description of one’s natal potential in different life domains: love and relationships, family and children, physical health and mental well-being, business and partnerships, education, vocation and career; real estate, earned income, joint assets and inheritance; traveling, mobility and emigration; guidelines for development and improvement of different life domains. Forecasts for the future. 
Contact Diana to schedule and give birth details and questions, from the contact form on this profile.       

Yearly Business Horoscopes - $325

Contact Diana from her contact form for questions and orders 

Child Horoscope $195

In-depth, psychological and astrological profile of your child. Its strengths and weaknesses and how to help bring out the best of your child and their talents. How to approach and behave with your child in the most effective ways according to their nature. 
You are welcome to contact Diana via her contact form once you order or if you have any questions in advance. 

Numerology Consultations - $110

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