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YES, I will marry you!

….or how to get your long-awaited marriage proposal?


Webinar with Natalia Kobylkina

WAS LIVE ON 24th November 2020 


Price WAS $99, IS $69


Why don't men want to get married? Why doesn't he strive for a serious relationship?

Why doesn't living together become a formal marriage? Want to know the answers to these questions?

Then we are waiting for you at our master class!

Master class "YES, I will marry you! or how to get the long-awaited marriage proposal?” is your chance to marry the man you love and create a happy family with him! In this training we will develop the archetype of the "Queen".


What is this training for:

Marrying the man you love - one of the most important wishes of every woman. As a child, we dreamed of a gorgeous white dress, a beautiful bouquet and a prince who brings us into his home. But, alas, in reality - on the road to ‘Will you marry me?’ many obstacles appear. How to overcome them? How to turn from a lover into a wife and from a girlfriend into the one?

This master-class is for women who:

  • Are tired of relations leading nowhere;
  • Constantly fall back in situations where men lose interest and don’t want to change a thing;
  • Want to work on the reason blocking them from getting married;
  • Are ready to change their behavior so as to receive the marriage proposal.

At the seminar there will be:

• Information about what prevents men from proposing.

• Dealing with the fear of “being chosen” and fears of losing your freedom in marriage.

• Express-constellation technique according to the method of B. Hellinger.

• Search for a resource to help change the situation and reach the dream goals.


Thanks to this you will learn:

• 100% working marriage algorithm.

• Receive a marriage proposal and long-awaited spouse status.

• Make your dream of family and marriage come true.

• Make your significant other truly happy.

Thanks to the master-class “YES, I will marry you! Or how to get the long-awaited marriage proposal” you will find our why up until now nobody asked you to marry him and how you can change this drastically!

Find out how to marry your loved one and find happiness in your personal life! 

- 30%

Yes, I Will Marry You!

$99 $69.3

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from: 2021-04-27 till: 2021-04-27

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