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Psychology of influence. Manipulation and anti-manipulation

How to learn to influence others?  

webinar with Natalia Kobylkina

WAS LIVE 12th February 2021 


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The human brain is able to be programmed quite easily if you understand exactly how you can influence it. Scientists have long ago found a way to understand if someone is lying to us and exactly how and when. Body language speaks much more than words. Intonation, eye and eyebrow movement, supposedly random words… All this is a huge resource of information.

Most of us use it unconsciously and are even more influenced by others without realizing it! So often we feel cheated and used.

We can change that!

What will we learn?

- How to find out if someone is lying to us and at what point it happened

- How to quickly and easily inspire confidence and predispose people towards us

- How to recognize if someone is manipulating us and how to deal with manipulations and lies

- Anti-manipulation techniques and how to apply them

- What does it mean if someone provokes anger, guilt, fear in us and how to deal with it

- Mature and immature communication with other people

- How to stop toxic and destructive relationships in an environmentally friendly way - Boundaries in relationships

- Fear of telling the truth (even if you feel that you are being played)

- Mature communication at an adult level.


This webinar will allow you to establish a brand new communication level, getting out of manipulative and immature relations.

- 30%

Psychology of influence. Manipulation and anti-manipulation

$71 $49.7

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from: 2021-01-21 till: 2021-02-12

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