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The New Game of Leadership

Success with a Human Focus 

Insights on Personal Development, Success and Leadership from 14 top experts

Each challenge humanity has ever faced has opened the door to new ways of thinking and organization.

The past year saw existing business practices become obsolete and others that had been long time coming- became the new norm.

In a series of 14 webinars, we tackle aspects of personal and organizational leadership that can facilitate transformation and lead to success.

Here’s what some of the speakers say:

‘As we move through these strange times of Covid and we navigate the myriad of social justice issues being raised, no leader has all the answers. But that is okay. The good news is that your people know you don’t now. The bad news is that most of us continue to act like we are superheroes forging ahead alone. In this webinar, I will share the most successful and simple techniques my clients’ practice that you too can use for becoming a more approachable, intelligent, and informed leader that can get the best from your team. - Clifton Carmody, an Executive Coach and mindfulness teacher (Recently honored as an “HR Tech Outlook Magazine Top 10 Leadership Development Coach” in June 2020 and making Business Insider’s® “20 Mindful Thought Leaders to Guiding us into a Better 2021”.)

Video Preview:

‘Removing Resistance: Moving From Your Head to Your Heart is a webinar designed to get energy flowing again. Getting energy unstuck, moving forward and keeping it moving for a LIFESTYLE change, not just a temporary change.’ - Marcy Neumann – Heartshift Coach

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‘The mind! It is a superb instrument if used rightly. Misused, however, it becomes very destructive.
To put it more accurately, it is not so much that you use your mind in the wrong way. You don’t use it at all.
It uses you.‘ – Tolee Fotitzidis

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‘You are either the leader of your company, your community or your family, we all need deep connections. Creating meaningful connections rather than transactional ones not only makes you feel fulfilled but also advances you in whatever the intentions you set for yourself.’- Isilay Cabuk

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‘The most difficult task of any leader is balancing the emotions of their teams. Politics, gossip, and bullying can rip apart any workplace in a heartbeat. As psychologists, we know that these toxic patterns stem from unmet needs in childhood – we learn how to get what we want by any means necessary. While these childlike tactics may have worked when we were younger they have no place in a professional setting. In this seminar you will learn how to identify and address these harmful patterns before they become entrenched.’- presented by Marc Azoulay and Adi Avivi, Psy.D.

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Format: 14 recorded 1hour long video webinars with top experts in personal development and leadership.

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The New Game of Leadership. Success with a Human Focus

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