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How to Attract and Keep Mr Right

Rapid Transformation Workshop Webinar with Natalia 


Was Live 25th April 2020, NOW IS RECORDED! 



10 Mins FREE Preview from the previous Webinar:

Women often complain to me: "All the good men are taken! There are no good men left!" or " I am ready for Mr Right but all the men I attract only want sex and don't want commitment."

This is NOT true! 

There are GOOD, SINGLE, GREAT and SUCCESSFUL men everywhere who want serious relationships and marriage!

I remember when I was doing a live workshop in New York and the women there did not believe me. They challenged me to go out to a bar to prove me wrong. Within 15 minutes of sitting at the bar, there were 3 different men around me, one ordering me champagne, another holding my umbrella and the third was telling fully stories. I waved the girls over, introduced them to the guys and it turned out they were all single and looking for a serious relationship. 

We went out and the girls showered me with questions! "How do you do this? Is there a formula?"

There is actually! I will teach you all about it! It is SO much FUN! 

What are we going to do in this webinar?

We will do theory and practice exercises. 

As a practicing therapist of 15 years, I will give you the scientific background on how your brains work, how the brains of men work and how to receive from men what we want!

I am also a woman with lots of personal experience in relationships and I will give you practical tips which will help you attract a man who loves, respects and chooses you every day! 

In the work shop I teach you:

1. Subconscious programs that block men from our life 

-- You will find out how you DO NOT NOTICE men and their needs

--I will explain how you choose men and why you "come across" the WRONG MEN

--You will gain clarity if the partner you have right now is the RIGHT ONE for you

--How to change your focus and perspective and choose men in a new way (but first we will have to remove the subconscious programs) 


2. What man is the right one for YOU or how to know if he is Mr Right

--we will make a portrait of the right man for you

--we will become clear about the price you are ready to pay to be with this man

--what men are NOT the RIGHT ones for you and how to stop choosing and attracting them! 


3. Practical Internet resources for meeting good guys

--where and how to correctly meet and impress a man

--what websites are good for meeting the right men

--advice on what picture to use on such websites (please have access to your pictures on the phone)


4. Successful techniques in approaching and communicating with men

--what you should NOT say to men

--how to build trust with a new man

--how to clean our selves from the old men in our life and open space for a good new partner

--how NOT to repeat the old mistakes in relationships


5. First dates

--how to have a successful first date

--how to prepare for it: place, look, topics of conversation

--what to AVOID during first dates

--how to impress the man in such a way so it turns into a serious relationship 


6. Manipulations and anti-manipulations in relationships 

Someone might become indignant: "Manipulate men?!!" But there are types of men who need to be played with because if you do not  manipulate them, they will use you just for sex but will marry the one who knows how to manipulate them! Then you become just a toy of convenience for him. 

I will teach you how to play with man in a way that they fall in love with you. All of this can be learned: it is a matter of knowledge and special techniques, not something you are born with! 


I guarantee you that if you apply all the advice and practices, within LESS than a MONTH after the workshop you will meet at least 3 potential suitors! 

You will also start treating the current men in your life in a totally different way. 

This webinar is the right one for single women who are open and ready for a good relationship. It is also for women who are in relationships but what to improve them and learn about the psychology or attraction. 

Take the the reigns of relationships in your hands! 

How to Attract and Keep Mr Right


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