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Thank you so much - you have a very kind and gentle tone. I hope to purchase more readings with you in the future, hopefully I will get some good news this year xoxo

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Than you Vili for this analysis! I would say it has 90+% accuracy, so that is remarkable.

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Thank you so much for your fabulous reading. May all of your dreams come true! With your Health in Mind

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Thank you for being so understanding about my past situation. And hearing that you went through a similar childhood, look how strong and amazing you are! it definitely makes us much stronger in life to face even bigger challenges. I saw your video on the youtube channel and was immediately drawn by your honesty and your insight. You truly are a gift from God and I'm so lucky to have had a chance to be your client!  I hope to get a prognosis soon, and will happily order through Lada's website. In the meantime I'm wishing you a very heartfelt happy Christmas and a very very happy new year. P.S. Thank you again for everything!

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Wow, I'm really shocked at how wonderful this is. It is one of the most nicest things anyone has ever done for me, so thorough and detailed. I cannot tell you how thankful I am. It took me a few days to read and reread this over and over again. I really can't thank you enough. This is amazing and it will take me some time to absorb all this information properly. I'm so glad that the future looks and feels so much better. I really want to use this knowledge to help me go further and better and to make everyone around me happy. Thank you also for speaking about past life issues, this is something I didn't know anything about, so it was fascinating to learn and connect with why I am the way I am ...

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Wow! You truly are a Christmas gift! I can see that you are the BEST at what you do. Thank you so much for the time and care you took with these prognoses! Wishing you health, happiness, blessings, and prosperity in the years to come. Merry Christmas!

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Thank you so much for your detailed reading, I really appreciate it. This also helps me make a decision about my next step. :) I will definitely be back for another reading. :)   

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Thank you so much! Such a wonderful chart you have created for me. Sending many thanks and blessings to you.

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Awesome, thank you so much! Appreciate your hard work and I'm very happy for your success!!

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I really enjoyed the analysis. I already knew about two fixed stars but I got to know more 2. A very useful analysis

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Your reading was amazing!!!! Loved it, seemed very personal not genetic! Love it Villy! Do you have a youtube channel?

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PROMO Villy Astrologer


My name is Velislava,

I have always been curious, a dreamer and soul explorer and after a lot of ups and downs in my love life and one specific extraordinary love story, I began to search for answers…

I started with Tarot but needed more and decided to go deeper in the unknown and that`s how I dove in the Astrology…

I attended 3-year training in Western Astrology in my home town Varna but I secretly studied from other places and sources as well.

Then I saw a beautiful woman on the cover of the Manager magazine and that`s how I met Lada and discovered her insightful knowledge.

She became my ever favorite Astrology teacher! She`s not only the best Astrology teacher I will always admire - she`s like an Astrology Encyclopedia to me!

By now I have been working only with clients in my country including celebrities and it will be a great challenge for me to start working internationally.

I am Sagittarius Ascendant so I like exploring everything that is foreign, different, new, interesting and far away.

I offer only written Horoscopes. If you are not sure which reading will match best your personal questions, it is advisable that you e-mail first for directions.

Remember that no matter what you are asking for, you need to know your correct time of birth or that of the person you are asking for.

For Relationship Compatibility analysis both date, place and time of birth are necessary.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

PROMO 6-month general and month by month individual prediction WAS $120, NOW IS $109 / 3-5 pages

PROMO 12-month general and month by month individual prediction WAS $230, NOW IS $199/ 7-10 pages

PROMO Relationship Compatibility analysis WAS $200, NOW IS $180/ 4-5 pages

Relationship coverage theme of two individual charts, extensive compatibility report by overlaying the charts on one another and exploring the potential for love and endurance of the partnership

PROMO Money potential analysis WAS $129, NOW IS $99 / 2-3 pages

Does your chart say that you are meant to become rich and how? Does it say that you will marry a rich partner or maybe you will win the lottery? Explore and have in mind that even if you are in a difficult financial situation at the moment – it might be temporary as soon as your money potential in your birth chart is positive

Extensive birth chart analysis $220/ 7 pages

I consider this as the most important reading everybody must have as it influences the whole of your life and it`s the basis for all of your questions. Lots of people nowadays struggle with self worth issues and have lost hope that things would get better but once they get in touch with their birth chart hidden potential – they change their minds and their life change as well

Extensive birth chart written Horoscope + what to expect within the coming year analisys $300 /10 pages

In these uncertain times it`s better to be prepared and know as much as possible

Answer to a question $99 / 2-3 pages

In depth analysis of one life theme or a specific question based on your astrology chart or on the one you are asking for (no lost object questions)

Relationship compatibility report + how it will develop within the next 6 month period analysis + tarot combined $250/ 6-7 pages

or just say hi

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